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Lesson from Shanann Watts Facebook Life & Videos




All About Shanann Watts Facebook Life

The case of the Watts Family Murders is a sad and sinister real-life story. One that beats all fiction and immensely contradicts Shanann Watts Facebook life. It is disconcerting to comprehend the limits of insanity that humans can reach when cases such as these surface. Shanann Watts Facebook videos presence was a strong one, from the moment she met her husband, Chris Watts, to the third and final pregnancy she had. It all went on her social media timeline and looked unsuspectingly normal. In fact, the love she would share for her husband felt like family goals. Unfortunately, the reality was far from it.

The man titled “The Most Loving Husband” and “The Best Father” was a monster in disguise. Chris Watts killed his wife and kids with no remorse what so ever and attempted to get away with it by pretending he is worried about his missing family.

The crime took place back in 2018, but the story was recently brought back into the light with Netflix’s documentary

“American Murder: The Family Next Door.”

Many viewers were totally new to the case, so it gained a lot of attention due to the startling nature of these murders. As the incident is brought back in relevance, it is an appropriate time to learn something useful from real-life horror. Some readers may find this article disturbing.

The gruesome murders are making people sick to their stomachs, but this is where we look back and reflect on the delusions of social media profiles. For a clear picture, I will draw comparisons to what Shanann Watts was posting on her Facebook profile, whereas what was really going on in her life. The idea is to understand that what people share on their feed can often be misleading and far from reality. Therefore, never compare and contrast your life with the life of social media influencers and seek your own happiness instead of chasing theirs.

The Chris Watts Shanann Watts Beginnings

In 2010, Shanann just moved from Passaic, New Jersey to North Carolina. One day, Shanann received a friend request on Facebook (yes, it all begin from social media) from a guy named Christopher Watts. According to a video of hers, she accepted it thinking she is never going to meet the person so why not. But it ended up as the first step to their eight years-long relationships. Shanann just got out of her first marriage, and turned out that Chris was the soul-mate she couldn’t find in her first husband. It was a bond formed out of Facebook conversations, an idea Shanann never expected or intended to work out.


During this time, Shanann would post regularly on her feed about her daily casual encounters. All run of the mill social media influencer content was brightening up her Facebook wall. Things were also looking great with Chris Watts, and after separation from the first husband, Shanann was finally getting close to the happy life she would portray online. Or so she thought.

8 Years of Happiness

Chris and Shanann Watts family came into existence after the two admitted their love for one another. Fast forward eight years of their lives together, the couple now had two daughters. During this time, Shanann frequently posted videos and pictures of the couple going on vacations and celebrating childbirths. Chris also appeared in many videos with Shanann and seemed like a normal loving husband.  Due to the sheer amount of chemistry they displayed on the internet, they would usually garner comments like “couple goals.” Little did people know this ideal couple was going to have a terrible fate.

Now on the flip side of this happy marriage on social media, Shanann and Chris’s parents never met the eye to eye, and the two had arguments on this problem. It was later disclosed that Shanann called Chris’s mother “evil” and “stupid” when she fed her two years old daughter nuts despite knowing that the child was allergic. Chris Watts’s mother would also call Shanann “over-protective” for her kids. Shanann was never happy with her parents-in-law because of these reasons and even called Chris’s mother unsafe and father unloving towards their grandkids.

What Happened in the Morning

Chris never negated his parent’s behaviour. He would agree with Shanann as far as the texts between the two are concerned. Shanann Watts parents always liked Chris and were proud of the love between their daughter and son-in-law. What happened was extremely shocking for Shanann’s family. Her parents told 20/20 in an exclusive interview that Chris was a loving husband and father. It is the reason they would scream at God, wondering, “Why?” he did what did.

They told them that Chris always showed immense love towards their daughter. She had lupus, and she would struggle to sleep. One night, she fell asleep in Chris’s lap while the couple was watching television. Shanann told her parents that he didn’t move for four hours so he could let her sleep peacefully. Their love seemed inspiring, and even the way they handled being parents. Shanann’s father said that the only way he can make sense of it is that Chris must have snapped out on her; otherwise, the lack of “why?” is soul-consuming.

Chris Watts Motive Is Still Unknown

“Why” is indeed a soul-consuming question in cases like these. It is not just Shanann’s dad who has asked this question but absolutely every other person who is familiar with where things were and how they ended. Chris Watts motive was not even identified in the 2020 documentary on Netflix. Because even he himself doesn’t know it, based on his confessions, he was not thinking when he committed the murders. The court deemed it as a senseless crime as well.

It seems like he always had this twisted personality inside him that he was hiding from the whole world. After all, he never even shed a tear for his family. Being so devoid of emotions, he pretended in all those Shanann Watts Facebook videos and even in real life.

He was selfish; he fell out of love with his family when he started an affair with his co-worker and made an excuse to kill them in his selfishness to have a new life. Sadly, he could have done it in a humane way by just divorcing Shanann, but he was sick-minded. It concludes that there is no “why?” with sick-minded people; they are simply a pathetic excuse of an existence.

Chris Watts Affair & Happy Father’s Day Post

At the announcement of the couple’s third pregnancy, Shanann recorded Chris’s reaction at informing him of the pregnancy. A normal Chris enters the frame smiling with a look of surprise on his face. He kisses Shannon and notices the pink color on the pregnancy sign. He doesn’t express any negative emotion but emphasizes strongly on pink as an indication of a ‘girl.’ Shanann can be heard convincing him that it’s just a pregnancy test, meaning it does not confirm the gender. According to Shanann Facebook posts, Chris wanted to have a baby boy if they had a third child.

The marriage was still in a good place. However, things started to really change when Chris Watts met Nichol Kessinger, who was a co-worker. Kessinger would later become his mistress. It was the month of June 2018, Chris started talking to Nichol and lied to her about being in the process of separation from his wife. Whereas, Shanann posted a heartfelt Father’s Day message for Chris on her social media. You can still view that post on Shanann Watts Facebook profile, which is still public today. In her post, she wrote that she was incredibly blessed for having a caring husband & father like Chris. His braveness is the reason she agreed to have a third child.

It was a tribute post that looked perfect to her followers. She posted a picture of her unborn baby’s ultrasound and wrote that her husband is the “best dad us girls could ask for.” But in reality, Chris was initiating an extramarital affair with his colleague. At the end of June, they started dating seriously when Shanann left with the kids on vacation to North Carolina. She wanted to see her parents and let her kids spend some time with their grandparents. Chris was now all by himself, and he used this time to become more involved with Nichol, which he did.

On July 10th, a text message exchange between the husband and wife showed that tension began to grow. Chris was growing distant in each conversation the couple would have, and it Shanann could feel him slipping away. Later he went on dates and semi-nudes with Nichol Kessinger. Chris Watts lied to investigators in 2019 about the visits he and Kessinger had with each other. After dating Kessinger for the whole month of July, Chris left town to join his family in North Carolina.


Instead of a happy reunion, the couple got into an argument the moment Chris Watts reached his in-laws. The fight took place on text messages, which Shanann later forwarded to her close friend. In that conversation, Shanann Watts sent long texts to Chris, venting about the cold behavior of his parents towards her and the kids. She accused Chris of failing to stand up for his family. The always happy Shanann Watts from Facebook was upset about her mother-in-law’s behavior towards her. She told Chris that his mother was evil, and she when she exposed their daughter to nuts, she was risking the kid’s life to get under Shanann’s skin.

Due to the nut allergy incident, Chris’s parents did not come to the younger granddaughter’s birthday. Shanann again found it very insensitive and sent another long message to her husband, telling him that she and her kids will not see his family anymore. Chris had no response to that long thread, and he only replied that he loves the kids.

Chris was preoccupied with Kessinger, so he would not open up to Shanann anymore. This troubled her to the core, but she could not figure out why Chris was behaving that way. Tensions between the couple kept escalating, and beginning of August, they started arguing more frequently. Chris even told his wife that he does not need the new baby (at 24-weeks of pregnancy).

Shanann Watts Facebook profile had no mention of this, just smiles. But she told this to her friend Addy along with the fact that Chris had not even touched or kissed her all week. During her ultrasound on August 9th, he would not hold her hand at the gender reveal. He was completely cold to the wife he once loved so much that he did not move from his seat, fearing he would wake her up from sleep.

Disappointed and angry, Shanann Watts, once celebrating everything on Facebook, canceled the gender-reveal party. The same night she had to fly to Arizona with her friend on a business trip. She texted her friend, informing that they just had the “best talk yet.” They were having a ‘boy’ as revealed by the ultrasound. So, there was progress but Chris was still very distant.

While she was out of town, Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts went on another date to a sports bar in Erie. In Arizona, Shanann had prepared a handwritten letter for Chris to mend the broken wedding. On August 13th, Shanann came back home, and instead of clearing the air, the couple had a fight. This was the terrible night when Chris Watts strangled his wife in anger leading to the death of her and the unborn child she was bearing.

His daughters watched him cover Shanann’s dead body in sheets and dragging her to the truck. He loaded the body, took the kids, & drove to an oil site of his former employer.

Chris buried his wife’s body in a shallow grave as daughters watched at him sit at truck bunch.

He then proceeded to smother the young daughters & dropped the dead bodies in the oil containers.

Strangely enough, he went straight to his work from there while listening to Metallica. It was like nothing horrible happened in the middle of that night.

 After a long search and investigation, Chris Watts became the prime suspect due to stacking evidence, failed polygraph test, and inconsistency of his statements. He finally broke in the interrogation room and confessed the murders. Shanann Watts autopsy revealed death by strangulation, and the body of 4-years old showed signs of struggle before death.

Chris Watts was charged with five life sentences, and three of them have no parole. Chris Watts is in federal prison now, serving his sentence. To this day, Chris himself has not been able to answer why he did what he did. In 2019, he told investigators what he thought might be the reason. He had pent-up anger for his wife due to her offensive attitude towards Chris’s parents. He also blamed Shanann for driving a wedge between him and his parents. It began way back when their relationship started and kept growing in hindsight.

When in reality, it was he being dishonest in the marriage and never taking a stand for his wife and kids. Chris Watts now holds in federal prison serving life sentences. The life that looked so appealing and happy ended in such a tragic fate that no one could have ever suspected. Shanann Watts Facebook life was not her reality. This is a lesson for all of us to stop increasing our expectations by what looks like a perfect life on social media. Certainly, don’t compare yourself to the internet influencers; find the perfect state of your own life. What they have might not even be there. Netflix Thriller Stories

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