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Smokes Of Wildfires In America Now Heading Towards Europe




  • After Clackamas evacuation, wildfires not stopping its way and now Europe is the next stop
  • Scientists have shown to track the evidence of smoke in Europe.
  • Wildfire breaking the records of 18 years, from California to other parts of the United States and now Europe.

Wildfires in America has already broken the history of 18 years. No such destruction has been recorded in previous incidents that took place in the whole country. But now it’s heading its way to Europe and scientists have confirmed it by wildfire activity.

The activity was about the whole world wildfire circumstances, which resulted in showing heading towards Europe.

Washington and Oregon are severely affected during September by wildfires. Monitoring scales are measuring the intensity and smoke circulation which are giving the results of effecting Europe this weekend.

The atmosphere has been populated with the fumes producing a lot of carbon which is said to be the highest level in California. CNN news USA has also given headlines about the densely polluted areas in America due to smoke.

The fire is slowly being vanishing in few areas but the effects of smoke from last months till now are being recorded to be severe and smoke particles are scattered in the atmosphere.

The bad news is that the intensity of wildfire this time in more intense than the average results from 2003 to 2019. Which has affected several states in America and still not stopping at all? Threats and precautions are carried out to the nearby states, California was the starting point, Clackamas County, where thousands of homes were evacuated, I snow burning under fire with a loss on many casualties and domestic animals. Becoming the largest wildfire in world history.

Wildfire in 2019 has still not succeeded in the count of wildfire 2020.

Current wildfire burning is More than 200 active wildfires are still burning in America where California wildfires are the highest County has still one wildfire to go.

Global wildfire statistics have calculated the 2020 wildfires count and compare to 2019 wildfires that burnt 4.2 million acres area was 35,386 wildfires.

National interagency fire center has been helping by sending firefighters. But that’s not even enough as four new wildfires were reported on September 16, 2020. Even soldiers have been called out to help.

Global forest fire statistics have been worse. The wildlife has been drastically disturbed by the fire. Forest have been burned down. threatening the co system. Forest fires have spread along the way.

Weather Facts

The weather condition has been supporting the fire to spread widely. Thunderstorms are continuously rushing its way giving a boost to wildfire.

People have captured the fire view from their homes that is not so far away. Social media has been uploaded with many scary videos of wildfires in America. The effect on climate has changed the influence of weather thus resulting is disastrous feedback.

Wildfire Facts Of America

Most of the wildfires in America are started by humans. But this wildfire has more to do with weather and that is due to the lightning strikes particularly. It takes 2 to 4 years to rebuild a forest, but here we are not expecting any stop in wildfires. What else can be worse than COVID-19? Wildfires in America.

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