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Social Media can be the Key to Reelect Trump Again?




Online voting is already in hype due to t the ongoing pandemic. Which has gathered a lot of attention already and social media is all set for its online distancing advantages for the election 2020.

social campaigns are already fired up with the opponent’s ongoing situation. But one of the social media hubs has withdrawn its role in the campaign’s strategy. Facebook has declared not to be the part of this heated up scenario. Just to clear the air of not letting frauds messing up the social media campaigns.

Trump’s 2016 campaigns to win the election were about making America great again. Which led him to win the race. But what’s he up to now? he now making focuses on pandemic which has gathered much of the attention already. Moreover, he is also pitching for bosting the trading system, providing new jobs, and making the economy grow more than ever.

2016 campaign strategies were up to some extinct the reason for Trump winning but now the tables might turn around as there has been started a war already. Where Trump is sending messages indicating that twitter and Facebook are being unfair for limiting his posts.

This year Trump is all set to be all republican in the 2020 election. He is more into law and order and he is somehow reminding people of Ibrahim Lincoln. Trump is playing the strategies to go with the white people and gaining their trust.

Trump has also dug into crimes cases just before the election in the Roger Stones case.

This time Trump is in opposition to social media as he sent executive orders that targeted the social media platforms. But somehow it was dismissed. But the discussion goes on.

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Trump states that he is not happy with the ongoing situation on social media who have been against him.

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