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Something Unique about Me – 10 Unique Qualities




Moving ahead in life, we realize that our liking, thinking, and desires are not at all same for everyone. We know that none of the human beings to exactly the same as the other one. There is something unique about me, as well as you too. However, this factor of real-life also causes many conflicts until we understand the characteristics that shape the personality of a person. Thus, we can be at peace acknowledging the fact that everyone is unique and special in their own way. Every individual is unique in their own ways, but what is something unique about me or you? Based on which we can relate and conclude these characteristics of my uniqueness.

What is something unique about me or you? What does it mean?

The fact “something unique about me” proposes to be a unique person that you’re one of a kind and no other person is the same as you. Moreover, this uniqueness partly comes from within you and is exhibited in your actions and behaviours. Something unique about me examples can be quoted as you may admire the fashionable way your friend dresses. Even you can buy that same clothes and other accessories to copy his/her look, yet it won’t give you identical look. Although identical twins look alike they own different personalities, mannerisms, temperament, intelligence, etc. No matter what are our desires and who is our ideal, there is something unique in everyone.

10 Qualities to find out Something Unique about Me or Yourself:

That are many qualities that make you unique from others. Everyone possesses characteristics that are dissimilar to the other and make us unique. Here are 10 qualities to create something unique about me.

Human Genetics:

Every single individual differs one from another with their genetic make-up. The DNA that human beings possess comes from their parents and ancestors. So, our parents have received unique DNA from their ancestors, similarly, we’ve got it from our parents to make us unique. Whereas, our DNA differs from our siblings too even though they also receive different copies of chromosomes.

Physical Characteristics:

You might have noticed that even identical twins have some differences in their appearances. This is the fact that everyone has something unique in their physical attributes as well. Other facts that affect the difference in physical attributes are our race and nationality. Thus, human beings are a melting pot of colors and each complexion has different shades from dark-skinned to fair-skinned. Similarly, we are built differently in height and weight too, from small to tall, big-boned to small-boned. Furthermore, our eye color also differs; someone has blue eyes, it can never be the same as any other. Therefore, these physical attributes that are something unique about me and you, are used for identification and security purposes.

The personality of Every Individual:

The day a person cries for the first time starts to build their personality which included character, temperament, talking style, behavior, etc. However, every success and downfall of life experiences both good and bad. It’s a person’s knowledge and observation that mold us into the human being we want to become. We may get several inherited beliefs and morals, but our beliefs and ideas will never be the same to anyone.

Positive or Negative Attitude:

Something interesting about everyone is our attitude. We all possess a distinct attitude that is the way to feeling and thinking about people or things. Our attitude greatly affects the reaction to several things. Everyone possesses various attitudes either pessimist, negative, optimist, or positive. A person builds their attitude from their surroundings which can be infectious as well as dangerous.

Habit/ Manners:

When does someone ask what is something unique about you? The first thought that hits our mind is the uniqueness of our habits. We might build our habits or may subconsciously acquire them from our family, friends, or gatherings. You’ll find something interesting about the people that they might be good at exercising, reading, practicing piano or brushing teeth. Simultaneously, along with good habits, we’ve some bad habits like biting nails, interrupting, eating junk food, sleeping a lot. A person develops a habit if he/she continues to practice that activity for more than 40 days.

Intellect Level:

Each one of us has a different intelligence level. Some people around us are found to be extra-ordinarily smart that no one can beat their IQ level. However, you can also say that everyone’s degree of intelligence is the source of their success in this world. Therefore, where you fall in “something unique about me” relays on your intelligence level too.

Goals / Aims:

We all have some goals and missions to achieve in our life. Our destination varies from other and so the path to that destination is also not the same. Yet, there might be some divisions of paths that may be similar to others but won’t be the same for long. Someone might be striving for success, fame, fortune, or family.


We all go through several ups and downs in life, which teaches us thousands of lessons. We all have different experiences at various moments of life. For someone, a moment can be an adventure or may seem like a nightmare for them. At times we experience lots of love and at times we’ve to give away our most precious thing. In these cases, some might have a strong heart to tackle things where some might require some special spirit to recover from the loss. No one can understand our condition, nor we can understand what the other person is experiencing. Thus, each situation demands different behavior as well as different temperament.


You might find some people extraordinarily executing things, whereas, some might not be able to perform well in that. As everyone has specialized characteristics and interests in a specific field. We’ve different professionals around us and all of them are experts at their job. It another great quality you can mention when asked something unique about me. This can be either baking breed, dancing, singing, painting, building something with your hands, writing, etc. Some of us are also “Jack of all trades”. Yes, it means that are they’re not only specialized at one specific thing but when it comes to creativity they kill the waves through. Whatever creativity is demanded, we all do something unique and present it as our intellect level also varies.

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The gateway of interaction with others greatly affects personality. Our mode of communication may be enthusiastic, louder, softer, containing flowery vocabulary, decent and simple, full of emotions, laughter, sorrow, etc. The first thing on basis of which a person judges something unique in you is your way of communication. Communication is an activity that continues till the death of a person. However, how we communicate depends on circumstance, our attitude, mood, and manners. All the sub-factors are also unique which in result uniqueness in communication. Therefore, always remember that a person concludes “something unique about me”, instantly from your talking style.

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