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Southern US to be Impacted by Hurricane Eta




Where is Hurricane ETA going for?

Understandably, all the eyes are on the election results right now so Where is Hurricane ETA going?. Still, we need to be paying close attention to what is happening across Central America with the remnants of Hurricane Eta. It is because it could directly impact what is happening here in the United States, specifically around the Gulf of Mexico into Southern Florida in the weekend and coming week. There is a tremendous amount of precipitation across Honduras and Nicaragua.

It is no longer the wind threat, but it is the rainfall potential in this region, already washing up bridges, roadways, and homes. This system still has some life in it, it has got 35 miles per hour sustained winds according to the National Hurricane Center, but it re-emerges into the Caribbean Sea’s open waters.

Remnants of Eta may have South Florida

It has the potential to impact Cuba before reaching the mainland of the United States. By Sunday and Monday, it will, for sure, enhance the rainfall potential across Southern Florida. The potential here exists for over a foot of rainfall over the next couple of days into that region. So, the flood possibility has started to increase in and around the Miami region, perhaps the Key West as well. We are not quite sure of the details as of yet, but we will have them soon.

The emergence of Hurricane Eta, very likely to be a tropical storm by the time of Sunday and Monday, approaches the Gulf Coast and into Southern Florida. Now what you need to know about the weather across the U.S. is that it is reasonably tranquil, with a lot of warmth and sunshine.

The Pacific-Northwest is the only region where we can really see the weather pattern change in the next couple of days. It is 90 degrees for Los Angeles and 71 degrees for Atlanta, and upper 60 degrees for the Big Apple all the way to the United States Capital Washington D.C. But the seven days temperature trend map shows the cold air advance of the western U.S., and we also do have a lot of snow in the forecast by CNN.

In Honduras, more than 2,000 locals were evacuated due to the impending havoc Remnants of Eta as per the reports from the Permanent Contingency Commission. It destroyed fourteen roads, more than three hundred homes, and five bridges. For now, Hurricane Eta has slowed down, but the projections indicate that it will re-strengthen when it hits the waters once again; there is still a lot of uncertainty about the intensity and magnitude it will have this time.

However, the expected track of the storm is in our sight, so the residents of the U.S. living in the predicted regions should make necessary safety adjustments to their houses and any outdoor properties. Although we are all busy in the heating debates of the Election 2020 but don’t let it distract you from staying safe.

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