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Species in Danger, Will Elephants Continue the Legacy of Mammoths?




Animal extinction has been a huge loss that no one can recover. More then a million years ago the extinction took place where the largest specie, dinosaurs disappeared. The animals are disappearing due to their big size, just like mammoths. Mammoths the second largest mammal after dinosaurs disappeared around 10 to 12 hundred years ago. Though the exact year is not confirming as mammoths are still seen in Siberia after their extinction. Later they were found nowhere. Mammoths are the ancestors of elephants that somehow carried the legacy of being the largest mammals on earth. How did elephants evolve from mammoth? It is believed that their ancestors share the same were split into different species while they had the same ancestral bondage.

But after the evolution, they were two species with their respective names. Although they still share a lot in common like mammoths had trunks, elephants have it too. The body structure somehow also resembled and they both classified as mammals.

The difference is not so visible as the fur on wooly mammoths were not present on elephants. They had long tusk curved up while elephants were not that curved an long. Besides this, the size also matters a little was the size mammoths were very large and due to the fur on their body made them look huge, it was particularly due to the cold weather they had to survive.

Due to many similarities and their ancestors, elephants are believed to be the legacy of mammoths as there are no other species that would support anyone of them. Elephants still exists and we cannot deny the fact that mammoths are extinct species and cannot evolve.

But why did mammoths disappear? And why are elephants now in danger?

Mammoth Weight, Size, Age, Extinctions:

Due to the discoveries, scientists came to know a lot about the extinct mammoth species. After they were gone, Woolley mammoths were the last kind of mammoths to be found in Siberia which was believed that few of them existed there.

Size and Weight

These huge mammoths are believed to weight over 6 tons and the size is believed to be 4 meters tall. The most interesting feature of mammoths that provided the difference between elephants was their fur. Their body was almost fully covered with fur and that fur could grow up to 3 feet keeping them warm in cold weather where they were usually found. Even their ear was covered with the fur.

Their habitat was in an ice-cold area near-Arctic ocean but there are other beliefs as well. They migrate to different places where they were first originated from a warmer place. Elephants and mammoths both were found in Africa and later they were also found in Siberia and Canadas areas.

Ice age and Mammoth

During the time of ice age, mammoths were found and they did survive the ice age and eventually they started migrated. Although many of the mammoths were lost during the migration. Their survival was due to their changing in the body that kept them warm. They fed on herbs and leaves. They were almost at the age of 60.

Elephants the present specie in danger?

Elephants the largest mammals present on earth are in danger as their number has decreased and their population is limiting day by day. How many elephants are left in the world 2020?

Africa being the biggest habitat for wild animals, elephants exist up to 415,000 but their habitat is decreasing. Male elephants exist in Africa wildlife usually alone or forming herd with other male animals. Female animals make a family pack survive. Elephants were 50 % in danger many years ago. Are elephants endangered by 2020? The percent has decreased up to 15% till now and now elephants are endangered species. And they are decreasing each year.

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Elephant Weight Size, Age:

The normal size of an elephant is up to 13 feet till they are fully grown. Elephants weight up to 5 or 6ouncesand they can live up to 70years. They reach adulthood at 17 years. But Why elephants endangered?

The extinct period usually comes after a drastic change like mass extinction or ice age period or any other severe drastic change washes out most of the animals and end up in extinction. But this time the reasons are largely based due to human activities.


Elephants are hunted down by humans to protect themselves but instead of killing them down it would be better to provide a safer place for them and shift them where they are out of the reach of humans.


Theyare not captive animals. They need to breathe in their habitat where they can live and expand their generation. the biggest threat is isolating them from their herd which is the direct way of disappearing their species.

Ivory Usage

the ivory trade is an illegal and causes a decrease in the percentage of elephants. Not only elephants it has threatened other animals like hippopotamus, walrus. The ivory is used in many ways of trading which included a large number of African and Asian elephants.

Climate Change Effect

Climate change effect is a world-threatening problem. Which will not only disturb the environment but the species living in that environment. How elephants are threatened by climate change? Due to severe heat, elephants are unable to get the suitable temperature they can walk miles in search of water which results in their death on the way.

Habitat Destruction

Humans are building factories or houses for their convenience but they are forgetting about the animals that live in that habitat. This way habitat is being disturbed which is affecting a large group of elephants having nowhere to go.

How to save their, aura?

Although the extinct mammoths cannot be brought back to life their ancestors should be saved from disappearing completing. We still have hope and we can increase the number enormously by doing these things.

  • Ivory trading should be banned
  • They should be kept in a safer place to survive
  • Climate change should be controlled
  • Forests should be built I large numbers to provide food for animals

Can mammoths be reborn by any means? There is no way now but we can save the ancestral legacy by saving elephants.

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