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Squid Game Business Card | What It Means For Your Company




The Squid Game Business Card has swept the globe. While there are lots to criticize about the show (social criticism, the battle to the death, creepy robot), let’s take a look at it from a business perspective. From this perspective, squid Game also teaches an intriguing (though unexpected) lesson regarding business cards.

The ‘Squid Game’ Business Card Is Here!

The Korean series, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, tells the narrative of Lee’s Jung-character, Jae’s Seong Gi-Hun, a gambling addict. Compete in a horrifyingly violent game with the chance to win about USD 38 million with other heavily indebted participants. Gi-Hun is contacted at a train station by a mystery guy (The Salesman, played by Gong Yoo) who offers to pay him if he plays and wins a simple childhood game. He ultimately succeeds after numerous attempts and failures. The Salesman also provides him with a plain 18pt Brown Kraft Business Card in addition to the incentive money.

The Modest Significance Of Business Cards 

The insertion of such a modest element may appear insignificant to the general audience. But it’s a significant thing for design crits, printers, graphic designers, and other business card fans. Since we all have smartphones, the significance of utilizing a business card to transmit information is highly uncommon in today’s environment. As a result, using one in such a large-scale production on a major streaming platform like Netflix may resurrect the Squid Business Card Industry.

Companies print the back and front of the business card with a plain black design. Despite its simplicity, the card contains no information about the game or The Salesman’s origins. Hence, it keeps the wonder of what would happen next alive. It is, however, decorated with the outline of a Korean Childhood Squid Game that we are exposed to in the series’ first few minutes.

The Business Card Boom Of The 2000s

Business cards grew popular thanks to a prominent role in Mary Harron’s 2000 hit picture ‘American Psycho.’ Patrick Bateman, played by a young Christian Bale. He sits around a boardroom table and brags about their business cards in a famous three-minute scene from the film. The men, dressed in various shades of white – bone, eggshell, and pale nimbus – stock with various printing procedures. Also, they proudly display their newly produced business cards, much to Bateman’s chagrin.


Following the publication of “American Psycho,” print shops worldwide were inundated with Requests For Business Cards on bone material with the fictional typeface “Silian Rail.” People developed a fresh interest in possessing business cards, offering them to others, and creating them in fashionable and elegant ways. Business card manufacturing had been booming for years until the emergence of the smartphone, which put it on the verge of extinction. According to several industry analysts, the Covid-19 pandemic put even more burden on the business card, which was already on its way out.

However, we hope that reintroducing business cards to a new, younger audience through ‘Squid Game’ will revive the creative means of self-promotion.

The Function Of The Business Card

The plot of the series revolves around Squid Game business cards. You can use Squid Gamecards for nefarious purposes. Also, the show provides a clear example of why business cards are still useful in today’s technologically driven society.

So, what can Squid Game business cards teach us about the importance of business cards in today’s world? And how can you apply? Also, what have you learned to better advertise your company, establish brand recognition, and engage with customers?

Squid Game Uses Business Cards For A Reason (& Not Emails Or Texts)

Squid Game cards are used in the show to attract players who are all deeply in debt into a game. Here, they must fight to the death for a chance at a large financial reward – around USD 38.6 million.

With that arrangement, it’s interesting to investigate why the show chooses to use business cards instead of digital tools like email or SMS to recruit players. There are several reasons why business cards were the ideal way to communicate with players. All of the cards apply to any real-world company trying to engage with customers:


A Great First Impression Is Made Through Business Cards

As the adage goes, you only have one chance to create a good first impression. Thus business cards allow you to do just that. A well-designed, on-brand business card is considerably more likely to impact potential consumers than an email or text message. People might become consumers if you make a good first impression.

You Have Control Over Your Branding With Business Cards

The Salesman In Squid Game distributes plain kraft business cards with minimalist aesthetics. As a result, it helps keep the game’s cryptic, clandestine branding. You can do the same with your business card. Hence, you will be able to take charge of your brand and ensure that it represents you and your style. To express your brand’s appearance, feel, and messaging to potential clients, you might experiment with different paper types and size or design elements. The elements include different logo designs or font choices.

Secondary Marketing Opportunities Are Created Via Business Cards

When you give someone your squid game business card, you’re immediately promoting it to them. The marketing potential, however, does not end there. Business cards can act as “little billboards” for your company. Therefore, every time someone else sees your card (for example, a customer’s friend or colleague), it’s an additional marketing opportunity. One of the characters in Squid Game recognizes the branding on a Squid Game business card. Hence, it causes him to inquire about the card and its representation. That’s an illustration of how a potential consumer can see your business card.

Business Cards Provide A Concrete Takeaway 

Nowadays, it’s become very easy to get lost in the world of digital communications. However, business cards help you keep you in front of your clients’ minds. As fresh communications arrive, emails and texts are pushed down. Also, the messages might get buried in a flood of notifications. However, when you hand someone a business card, you’re handing them a physical image of your company. Furthermore, business cards aren’t as prevalent as marketing emails or texts. Moreover, your card won’t be competing with hundreds (or thousands) of other firms’ messages.

Advantages Of Squid Game Business Cards

While email and text are more common, Squid Game recognized that business cards still have advantages over digital interactions. Depending on the situation, they can be a better, more successful technique to interact with your target audience. You can also use them as loyalty cards or Appointment Business Cards.

Obtain A Squid Game Business Card

As with all trends, we anticipate an onslaught of requests for ‘Squid Game’ style business cards. If you want to make a comparable style of a business card, there are a few things that you can consider:


Unlike Patrick Bateman’s rich, premium stock in ‘American Psycho’ and many other films, The Salesman in ‘Squid Game’ uses something a little easier to get people into the game. This business card is printed on 18pt Brown Kraft Paper.

Design & Ink

Classic black ink with a simple design is the finest option for brown kraft business cards. A black design with crisp lines complements the texture of the kraft material well, as shown in the series. The card has a stamp-like pattern on both front and back. it may be present in a circle, square, and triangle on the front and a phone number on the reverse. (Fun fact: the phone number is real and belongs to a regular person harassed by calls.)


In squid games, what is the business card?

Secondary marketing opportunities are created via business cards. One of the characters in Squid Game recognizes the branding on a Squid Game business card, causing him to inquire about the card and what it represents. That’s an illustration of how a potential consumer can see your business card.

In the Squid Game, what kind of paper is used?

The ‘Squid Game’ props department kept it basic by using 18pt Brown Kraft paper for the infamous business card.

What is the meaning of the squid game’s logo?

The circle represents the letter “O,” the triangle represents part of the letter “J,” and the square represents the letter “M.” This is OJM, which is the Korean abbreviation for the squid game – Ojingeo Geim. Squid Game is currently accessible on Netflix. Like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook for all the latest Netflix news, drops, and memes.

What is the charm of the Squid Game?

“Squid Game’s” popularity stems from the fact that it “exposes the reality of South Korean capitalist culture.” However, in other words, “it is a world where only money matters—a hellish misery.” That is, of course, oversimplifying the Squid Game; it is far more than a basic horror show.


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