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An Ultimate Guide To Stardew Valley Board Game, Rules and Tips




Game Specifications

Playtime: 45 – 200 minutes

Number of players: 1-4

Ages: 13+

Time per player: About 45 minutes per player

About Stardew Valley Board Game


Stardew valley board game is a supportive board game of friendship and farming that is based on the video game Stardew Valley by Eric Barone. In the game, the player needs to work with fellow farmers. It is essential to work together because the player has to save the valley from the despicable JojaMart Corporation. So, to save the valley, the player needs to farm the land, fish, become friends with farmers, and search all types of resources that are essential to fulfil the goals of Grandpa. It is also essential to search for resources for the restoration of the community.

So, in the game, you have to search various types of items, raise animals, and search the mine. In the game, you have to gain powerful skills and upgrades to protect the magic and charm of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Board Game Rules

Following are some general rules to play this game. It is essential for every player to know these rules before starting playing.


Basic Components

First of all, the player needs to place the game board in the middle of the table. Then place Stardew Dice, Spouse Pawn, and Animal Dice beside it. Shuffle the decks and place them along with the stack of Joja Tile following facedown.

Tile Tray and Resource Bags

Now the player needs to place the Tile Tray near the game board. The Tile Tray contains resource tiles for animals, crops, and more. Now put 2 bags (grey and blue) near the Tile Tray. Keep Fish Tiles in the blue bag and all Minerals and Artifacts in the gray bag. Thus, this is the place where you’ll draw Fish or Minerals and Artifacts from when needed.

Plant Your 1st Crop

Take a Spring Crop (Parsnip) from the Tile Tray and put it in the second field slot. Here the player needs to remember that the crop has two sides; one is the normal front side, and the second is the backside of quality. So, the players need to plant the crop from the normal front side up.

Place Forgeable and Trees

 Mix almost 11 Spring Forgeable tiles and plant in each Foraging Spot with 1 face down on the board. Place almost 4 Spring Tree Tiles with leaf side up onto the Tree Spots. Now place the rest Trees and Forgeable and nearby for use in future.

See Seasonal fish

 Now the player has to draw almost 5 random tiles from the blue Fishing Bag; after drawing, put 1 fish in each fishing slot on the Fish Track. Make sure to fill empty slots first by starting with the rightmost side of the empty slot.

The Mine

The player has to sort the deck of mine by numbers in a way that level 1 comes at the top and level 12 comes at the bottom. Now shuffle the card deck of the map and draw 1 card randomly. Place that card on the board face-up in its space and beside the Mine Levels.

The Season Deck

According to this rule, the player needs to build the Season Deck. After building it, place it face down on the board in the season space. If it is your first game, the recommendation is that you should use the Standard Season Cards.

The Community Center

Draw 1 random Bundle for each Community Center Room. The bundle should match the room. Make sure you do not look at it. Now place each onto its matching room facedown. The remaining cards are of no use so place them aside.

Grandpa’s Goals

Draw 4 cards after shuffling the Goal Deck and. Place these on Grandpa’s Letter faceup at the top side of the board.

Animals and Buildings

According to this rule, the player needs to create 2 stacks of Animal Tiles. Create these stacks near the left corner of the board. These two stacks should be separated by type Coop animal or Barn animal. Place the Coop animal Building Tile on the top edge of the Coop Animal stack. Similarly, place the Barn animal Building Tile on the top edge of the Barn Animal stack. Now randomly draw 2 more Building Tiles and place them beside the Coop animal and Barn animal.

Player Setup

Each player of the stardew valley board game selects a Player Mat. It is important to select to define their Profession and get the matching colored pawn. After that, each player selects which Starting Tool Deck they want to claim. The tool deck includes the Hoe, Watering Can, Pickaxe, or Fishing Rod. After selecting the deck, the player needs to place it with Level 0 face up on their Player mat on top.

The Starting Gold and Pet Token

 Whoever suggested playing the game selects the Starting Player. After selecting it, they give the player the Pet Token. It is the choice of the group to decide which pet they prefer. They can choose a dog or cat. Then players cooperatively start the game with a total of 3 Gold.


Stardew valley board game has 2 types of objectives or goals. The first is Grandpa’s Goals, and the second is Community Center Bundles.

Among various Grandpa’s Goals, four are exposed at the start of the game. So, it is essential to complete all four goals in order to win. These four goals can be any of the following goals:

  • Each player should have Gold
  • Reach Level 12 (bottom level) of the mine
  • Each player donate 2 items Artifacts or Minerals to the Museum
  • Have 2 animals and 3 friends per player
  • Each player catch 1 Legendary Fish
  • Build 1 Building per player
  • 2 times up-gradation of Starting Tools per player

Community Center Bundles

The Community Center Bundles includes the Crafts room, Fish Tank, The Vault, The Pantry, the Bulletin Board, and the Boiler Room.

  • The Crafts Room needs materials and forgeable found by searching around the Valley.
  • The Fish Tank needs certain types of fish found by fishing at the River, Lake, or Ocean.
  • The Vault involves Gold donations.
  • The Pantry wants Farm goods from animals and crops.
  • The Bulletin Board needs different types of Heart Tokens as well as goods gained by giving assistance to villagers.
  • The Boiler Room entails mine resources like Minerals, Ore, or Bug Meat.

How To Play The Game?

The main goal or task of the game is to fulfill Grandpa’s Goals by gathering various resources that are available in the form of tiles in the games. In addition, you will restore the community from these tile’s resources. You have a static number of turns in the game to complete the task. The game is like a Season Deck of 20 cards. You have to draw one card if you want to trigger the next event. So for each event, you have to draw a card.

The players decide mutually about each game turn where they want to focus and pay attention individually. To play the game and visit various locations, the players need to use various actions. There are various actions that the players can use in the game to collect the resources and to move to a certain place. The actions include: trying to catch fish, watering crops, rolling dice to discover the mines and many other actions like this. When the players exhaust the season Deck, it means that the game has ended.

The player needs to follow these steps in each stardew valley board game round.

Season Phase: First of all, draw a season card, then follow its instructions.

Planning Phase: in this phase, players discuss their plan. Then they place their pawns at any board game location.

Action Phase: Opening with the Starting Player. Each player of the game takes a turn.

Once one player’s turn is complete, the player needs to place his pawn back on the game Farmhouse.

Complexity Of The Game

The game is not easy for everyone to play. As a buyer of the game or as a player of the game, you need to know and understand Stardew Valley. If you are thinking about this board game as just like a quick casual game, it is not like this. So, before playing the game, you need to know its rules. After knowing the rules, it will be easy for you to play the game, but at the same time, it will be challenging. So, you need to learn about this stardew valley board game with experience and depth. The average time per player is 45 minutes, so it is necessary for every player to play the game for not less than 45 minutes. But, if you have a family or game group who likes to play for less time, this game is not the right fit.


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