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Surprising 10 Reasons Why Aquarius is the best Zodiac Sign




Do you know which Zodiac sign is best known as “The House of Friends, Hope, and Dreams?” Aquarius is the best Zodiac sign of the Zodiac calendar made of people born from January 20th to February 18th. As the sign symbolizing positive energy and purity, Aquarius is represented by the water-bearer symbol. Why Aquarius is the best Zodiac sign on the calendar? Aquarians, possess many unbelievable powers like a heightened sense of intelligence. Thus, all these extra-ordinary skills make them highly specialized in every field of work and life. You’ll rarely come across to any such Aquarian whom you can forget easily, even though the meeting was brief yet you’ll be impressed. However, all the zodiac signs in astrology possess a blend of positive and negative personality traits. Moreover, a person’s zodiac sign verily impacts the best and worst sides of life as well.

No worries, if you ever had a bad experience with an Aquarian ever in the life. This is the chance for you to learn the Aquarius zodiac sign in depth. Get to know who is Aquarians compatible with, what are Aquarians good at, and why are Aquarians so smart?

What are Aquarians good at?

Aquarians mostly don’t talk much, but their words are undoubtedly attractive to people. Moreover, you will never feel Aquarians taking over their feeling on what is right. They readily agree with others if they’re right. Aquarius is the best zodiac sign as you get blessed with great leadership qualities by birth. Meanwhile, they are extremely loyal with relationships build around them. Besides, you can call Aquarius to be the sign of socialized people as they love handouts with a large group of people. At the time if you fall into a problem where you have to make a decision, prefer consulting Aquarians. Because they’re known to be very intelligent and often best at whatever they choose. What sign is Aquarius attracted to? Aquarius itself is the most attractive personality. Furthermore, they never run behind crowds, they only do what they want and they like. So, want to be attractive to an Aquarian, then learn to appreciate eccentricity.

Whenever a bad time comes to your life never lose hope as Aquarius is the best helping hand. They will make sure they’re the first ones to respond to you with kindness.

Who are Aquarius compatible signs?

Want to look for your sign compatibility with Aquarius? Note the Aquarius compatible signs are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. On the other hand, the least compatible signs with Aquarius are Taurus and Scorpio. However, comparing sun signs just give a general idea about the compatibility.

Moreover, there is a zodiac compatibility calculator which allows you to check your compatibility with a specific sign. Libra or Gemini, or any other sign you can check your compatibility with Aquarius with help of this calculator.


So, now you can best match for Aquarius man and Aquarius woman to have s successful relationship ahead in their life.

Aquarians are quite independent and set others free

Are you tired of people who choke you and fusional relationships, isn’t it for you? You will find your happiness with an Aquarius because, unlike others, they always remain independent. They also give their partner a lot of space, but they also hope to get the same in return.

They are never jealous.

If you don’t give them a reason to be jealous, Aquarians are not going to poke you into fits of jealousy or be all possessive just because you go to dinner once a month with one of your boyfriends (girls)!

Their honesty is truly second to none

Even if it happens to them sometimes to lack tact they are recognized and loved by others for their unfailing honesty. On the other hand, it’s a bit like their fairly independent side; if you really want to please an Aquarius, you have to be as honest and frank with him as he is with you, which is not always easy to do.

They are very easy going

They like to go on an adventure once in a while, but Aquarians are just as happy with their daily routine. Unlike other astrological signs, they do not have an explosive temper at all and rather rarely get angry. Since their jealous side is non-existent and they like to leave their partner as free as possible. Aquarians are often people with a very good temperament! but Aquarians are just happy in their daily routine.

Even if they are not very demonstrative, they are quite sensitive

Their black animal often displays affection the expression of their feelings. Aquarians tend to protect themselves by looking freaky and quite distant. But the more time passes, the more easily they open up to people who share their lives, and the more they show them their sensitivity that does exist.

Aquarians are very intelligent

As we say here, these are not two of spades. Since they are quite bright people bright, Aquarians can talk for hours and hours if the topic interests them and stimulates them a bit people.

They also like to be in charge and are hardworking daily.

It’s clear that they let their partner decide once in a while, but Aquarians like to have responsibilities and be in charge of the organization, as a couple of outings to a restaurant. Except if he/she wants to be fine with you and let you decide for once, you’ll never have an “I don’t care, decide” from them if they’re genuinely interested in you.

They are very charming people

Are you the kind of person who has a natural charm? Well, this is somewhat the case with Aquarians who are rarely aware of the attraction they sometimes exert on their loved ones.

Aquarians avoid routine in a relationship

If they have no problem with their daily routine, they are not the type to let the flame that animates their couple dies out (yes, yes, I know it was way too cheesy, but that’s still what it is). As soon as monotony sets in, Aquarians will do anything to fight it!

They are also very generous and helpful

As soon as a loved one is in trouble and would need a helping hand, Aquarians volunteer and help them out.

If you are one of them from compatible signs with Aquarius, then you’re going to enjoy the happiest life with them. Moreover, if you already have Aquarians in your circle, then try to observe and find whether they possess these qualities or not. Aquarius is the best zodiac sign holder as they use their creativity and innovative skills everywhere in their life. Thus, they will get the things done in unlikely and offbeat ways without letting you know how it happened. In short, Aquarius aims at making a difference in the world and this is exactly what they will do.

If you are an Aquarian or have an Aquarian best friend, we’d be pleased to hear your experience with this Zodiac sign.

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