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Tabby Cats – Your Next Pet from the City of Bagdad!




Let’s add one more to your calendar to celebrate and cherish i.e. National Tabby Day. Got excited what is special about this day and when is it celebrated? Every year April 30, is set aside to celebrate some unique creatures. Hold on started thinking about extra-ordinary unique creatures from some other planet such as aliens. No, we are not going to celebrate any alien’s day; this day is dedicated to the wonderful pets – Tabby Cats. We have may have a pet like a cat in our homes or in our neighborhood, bit never focused on their breed. Tabby’s cat personality is so appealing that no one can stop bring to their after reading this article. No doubt most of you have heard about them even seen may have seen them too. But do you know from where does Tabby cat name come from and what kind of patterns they have? Tabby cats prance their pattern all over the globe however, we all human beings similar yet unique in some ways.

Thus, once you get to know about these cats, you would find nothing dull about Tabby kittens ever.

What is a Tabby Cat? Tabby Cat Name, Origin, and Breeds:

If you are thinking that it’s a special breed named as Tabby Cat breed, but let me it clear to you it’s not a cat breed. Tabby Cats are named after the pattern of a special coat. However, Tabby cats won’t let you easily let themselves be jam-packed into the definition. You get to see them in different colors and sizes, whereas exist across many breeds wearing different pattern coats.

One of them remarkable able is the Mackerel Tabby cat which has long narrow parallel strips running up and down on the sides resembling a fish skeleton. Besides, it is believed that this pattern was the original Tabby Cat’s pattern. However, the most Tabby Cat you would get to see is a with wider stripes that tend to curve and form circular patterns along with three large strips running from the shoulders to the base of the tail.

Whereas, the next two types of tabby cats you get to see is a spotty tabby cat and ticked tabby cats. Spotty Tabby cats have distinct round spots against the lighter colored fur in the background would also a faint necklace line. In contrast, ticked tabby cat showcases hardly any stripes or spots.

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Furthermore, Tabby’s cat’s name by compared to the silk from ‘Attabiy’ that is a district in Bagdad. In the 14 century, the Middle French term for it was mentioned as ‘Atabis’ which become ‘Tabis’ that to eventually got the English name ‘Tabby’.

Talking about Tabby cat lifespan, they are perfect to suit you as your pet. They would live long for about 10-15 years with you if provided all the required conditions.

Where is Tabby’s cat found? Tabby Cats for Sale availability.

Tabby cats exist as old as the mother earth in this world. If you have to visit any part of the world other than your homeland, tabby cats are seen everywhere. In addition, there are tiny strays also roaming along with Singapura breed as the stray cats on Cypress, streets of Rome, and the canals of Venice. Moreover, these cats are found in their origins in the following countries:

  • American bobtail
  • Maine Coon
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Javanese ( Tabby points)
  • Rex
  • Persian
  • Scottish Fold
  • Siamese
  • Somali
  • Turkish Angora

However, these are very few of them that have accts to accept perfect tabby pattern.

How to recognize the original one from different Tabby Cats colors?

If you want to clarify that it is a Tabby cat, then the ‘Magnificent M’ you definitely help you out. These special cats have a magnificent “M” in the center of their forehead just above the eyes. It is the stuff of legends:

Many people think that they are something not as unique as they are seen everywhere. Whereas, those of us who have them in our house realize their presence and think of their royalty, befitting roots, and lots more.

Tabby Cat Personality: Affectionate and Intelligent Creatures:

Tabbies are perfect to be your pet in many ways. The most attractive fact about Tabby Cat Personality is that they are quite good at expressing feelings. They would let you know very easily that they are sad, angry, happy, or playful. When you bring home a Tabby Kitten, it would get nourishment in your families and be trained very easily. These cats are very social and love to participate in family activities along with thriving around human families and other cats and pets in your home. Besides, tabby kittens especially demand lots of affection in form of cuddles and attention.

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Whereas if you are in search of ‘ Mouse Exterminator’, then a Tabby Cat would be quite friendly with you in this matter. Tabby cat breeds are hunters by nature; they can’t defy the buzz of chasing down and hunting rodents. Thus, it indicates the intelligence that these cats have to spot and react to everything.

Amazing Facts of Tabby Cat Colors and Patterns: Most famous Orange Tabby Cat:


As mentioned above, Tabby cat’s pattern is their coat, not the breed. The size, boldness, and brightly colored coats that the Orange Tabby cats have truly made them a perfect star. Whereas from the total number of orange tabby cats have 80 percent of the males and only 20 percent of them are females. Tabby cats’ patterns aid them in their camouflage property that helps them to hide in wild. Most amazing those tabbies are so much responsive that seems as if they are talking to humans.

However, mainly Tabby cat color and patterns categorize them into five basic categories as follows:

  • Classic Tabby Cat
  • Mackerel Tabby Cat
  • Spotted Tabby Cat
  • Ticked Tabby Cat
  • Patched Tabby Cat

It’s time for you to bring home your tabby cat and grow your family with a lovely and sweetest creature in the world.

baby-tabby-cats orange-tabby-cats tabby-cats-rest-mode tabby-cats-playing pet-tabby-cats tiger-tabby-cats


Tabby Cats - Your Next Pet from the City of Bagdad!
Tabby Cats - Your Next Pet from the City of Bagdad!
We are not going to celebrate any alien’s day; this day is dedicated to the wonderful pets – Tabby Cats. The next two types of tabby cats you get to see is a spotty tabby cat and ticked tabby cats.
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