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Taurus Compatible Signs – Most Versus Least Good Matches




Whenever the term ‘sincerity’ or ‘loyalty’ comes into our minds, only the Taurus personalities being associated with this. Taurus is the best zodiac sign concerning the ‘earth’ symbol, started from April 20th to May 20th. They bear positive traits and negative as well. They seem stubborn and impulsive but at the same time, they have a unique attribute too. They are denoted by a contemptible ‘bull’ symbol. If you are living in a circle full of Taurus personalities then you will never need to become afraid of anything. Heading towards Taurus Compatible signs we are enlisting some facts below:

  • They sign with these humans are free to take decisions and do whatever they want. They survive independently and concentrates on self-reliance. They try harder to achieve success and continue to get opportunities throughout life.
  • They are very loyal to their partners. They create the surroundings of eternal love in real terms. Though the glamorous person is offering them a date, they simply refused them without thinking anything. However, Taurus is the humans you can trust them blindly.
  • They are very kind-hearted and down-to-earth. So that many people asked them for their help. They try their best to make others satisfied. Moreover, they are known by the terms of generosity and caring within their social circle domain.
  • Taurus is the person on which you can rely at any time. If you are a little bit depressed, they provide you their shoulder and listen to your problem thoroughly with patience. Then strive best to help you out. They can never reveal your deepest secrets although whatever the situation will be.

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Why Taurus are so attractive?

Taurus’s compatible signs and positive traits leading them to have a life full of peace because they avoid creating dramas and messy situations. Whatever the conflict will be, they try to approach it holistically and genuinely. That’s why Taurus is so attractive.

Are Taurus and Aries being a good match?

Well, Taurus and Aries seem less compatible with each other. Taurus and Aries create a stable trust relationship. They both rely on the honesty trait. None of them get scared from facing challenges. They both form open agreements based on conditions of honesty and trust.

Taurus with Aries trust ratio is 85%

Taurus and Aries both are strongly stubborn by nature but in different ways. one remains silent and the other gets irritated in this way. When any misunderstanding happens, Aries preferred to shout on Taurus, whereas Taurus chooses to remain silent. This entire situation produces irritation for Aries. Aries continues to scream and Taurus even does not say a single word and preferred to not letting go of the conviction.

Who can stay silent and even don’t respond when others are screaming at you or scolding you? Oh yes, Taurus can do!

Taurus with Aries Communication ratio is 40%

Both the Stars oppositely presents their emotional bond. Aries preferred to show their emotions loudly in an open way whereas Taurus choose to show their emotions slowly and quietly. Aries doesn’t give much time to their loved ones whereas Taurus shows their love and care through cooking any yummiest dish or keep touching with their loved ones or saying any kind words towards others. The conflict arises because all these affectionate acts were considered bore or fake by Aries.

Taurus with Aries emotional-bonding ratio is 60%

As their core values are similar, they performed their objectives at the same time. So, they have understanding traits among each other. They both love to acquire a materialistic world.

Taurus with Aries core-value ratio is 90%

They both shared their quality time by sitting together at the same palace but enjoying in different manners. Aries like to take part in energetic activities such as ready to run or fond of traveling whereas Taurus wants to stay in calming mode and in this way, they keep on gathering their energy. Let’s suppose if they both had a coffee, Aries drink it quickly and start getting bored whereas Taurus drink it slowly along with enjoying surroundings, then both preferred to have a slice of cake. Well, a walk in the park will be enjoyed by both the stars.

Taurus with Aries sharing activities ratio is 40%

Both the stars have an in-depth relationship with personal challenges. As both want to live together, they just need to hang-outs, develop patience and humor in them and gain enough education. Both of them should have to listen and understand each other.

Taurus with Aries overall compatibility ratio is 63%

Are Taurus and Gemini being a good match?

Well, Taurus and Gemini are a good match to some extent. Both the stars have high trust issues. As Gemini gives excuses to make clear his position and Taurus is unable to understand his/her point. Taurus will feel something is happening wrong with them and Gemini try to clarify their imposed obligations. This will involve both of them in huge conflict and the situation ends on their break-up.

Taurus with Gemini trust ratio is 10%

Taurus with Gemini goes with the flow in their activities. They both when together have a quality time of funny activities, silly jokes, and art of conversation. In other aspects, if Gemini forgets to have lunch on time or sleep for a couple of hours then Taurus should have to care about these factors. They must provide their Gemini’s with better care services. In this way, both the stars have good communication skills.

Taurus with Gemini Communication ratio is 60%

Falling in love with each other among both signs be like Taurus has a high understanding rate while having a relationship whereas Gemini behaves much likely childish. Gemini wants to keep them free from all the emotional obligations.

Taurus with Gemini emotional-bonding ratio is 35%

Taurus wants to have static and holistic activities. Whatever they are performing they want to finish it. on the other hand, Gemini likes to perform active and energetic physical activities. They have sharp mind-developing innovative ideas. They both shared their activities in a way like Gemini presents their idea and Taurus tries to apply it practically.

Taurus with Gemini sharing activities ratio is 25%

Though from starting point they both have trust conflicts as their interests and activities are different but if Gemini provides their wings to Taurus to fly, they both become compatible with each other.

Taurus with Gemini overall ratio is 23%

Are Taurus and Cancer being a good match?

Yes, Taurus and Cancer is a good match. They both have a high trust compatibility ratio. Their honesty creates the relationship of a strong bond which will be very tough to break. When they started their love relationship both depends on the same goals-love, family, and home. They love to share their secrets as well.

Taurus with Cancer trust ratio is 99%

They both love to understand each other’s silence as both of them are not capable of speaking much. Their conversations are acute but intellect-based. Without saying a single word, they both become aware of each other thoughts and perceptions. They try to communicate their mutual interests leading an in-depth conversation.

Taurus with Cancer communication ratio is 80%

Cancer always tries to share the love and care towards their Taurus and in return, Taurus gave them back a sense of affection in terms of physical soreness, material protection’ and particular aspect of touch that every Cancerian desire. When this happens over again and again their relationship starts getting stronger day by day.

Taurus with Cancer emotional-bonding ratio is 99%

Both value their bond by focusing on peace, family, compassion, understanding, and bliss. The only diversity originates when Cancer values the sense of emotions to optimum whereas Taurus focused more on financial stability.

Taurus with Cancer core-value ratio is 80%

They both share activities and interests based on other’s choices. Though having walks together or simply having dinner at home, they love to spend time with each other. Most probably they just want peace in their lives.

Taurus with Cancer shared activities ratio is 80%

Taurus is the most compatible sign with Cancer. They shared their standard quality time based on values such as compassion, care, family, understanding, trust, and many more. They both try to lead a happy and peaceful life together. They support each other in their hard and tough times by staying calm.

Taurus with Cancer overall compatibility ratio is 92%

Are Taurus and Libra being a good match?

Yes, Taurus with Libra is a good match and can be compatible with each other. Taurus with Libra’s trust gets destroyed because Libra can made themselves a mode of attraction for everyone and staying busy in flirting most of the time. Due to a lack of sincerity trait, their relationship will not stay longer. They have a high number of faith conflicts among them.

Taurus with Libra trust ratio is 30%

While having conversations they most of the time indulged in miss-understandings. As libra focused more on deception methods when spending time with Taurus and Taurus asked for clarifications which lead to further miss-conceptions.

Taurus with Libra communication ratio is 5%

Taurus doesn’t give enough space to Libras whereas Libra’s always relies on faultsThey started their relationship with exciting phases and end up not giving time to think for each other.

Taurus with Libra emotional-bonding ratio is 25%

They both value each other’s preferred aspect to some extent but still lack in various faith concepts as Libra wants to value itself having seriousness sometimes and Taurus needs emotional attachment most of the time.

Taurus with Libra core-value ratio is 40%

They both spend good quality time as they don’t get bore having each other’s company. If Taurus wants to visit any art gallery Libra will provide a realistic company and if Libra wants to have a walk-on muddy beach then Taurus fulfills his/her wish.

Taurus with Libra shared activities ratio is 65%

Taurus with Libra compatibility is not much strong as both lacks to understand each other’s capacities. One could not provide others with enough space and other deals with flirting features. If both gain optimum faith values and shows sincerity towards each other then they can survive with each other.

Taurus with Libra overall compatibility ratio is 33%

What is the best match for Taurus?

The best match for Taurus is Scorpio. They both have trust in each other. The only fact needs to keep in mind is that Taurus should have to speak all the stuff, that Scorpio wants to listen and Scorpio should accept that stuff by heart. Scorpio builds trust in everyone they just need a strong sense of security in this aspect.

Taurus with Scorpio trust ratio is 80%

They are opposite attracting signs but still have unique, challenging, and confident long-serious conversations in between them. Scorpio shared their deep views on life and Taurus will listen to this with patience.

Taurus with Scorpio communication ratio is 75%

They are very sticky to their love emotion showing towards each other. Their bond needs something to be deserved. When they once decided to stay with each other, they try hard enough to make this relationship real, based on the concept of eternal love.

Taurus with Scorpio emotional-bonding ratio is 99%

They both can adjust according to their Partner’s nature. They can understand each other’s perspectives and values beliefs. This ties them together for the whole life.

Taurus with Scorpio core-value ratio is 99%

They both shared their every activity with static and inert conditions. They are more like to enjoy intimate relationships most of the time. This could be a common pleasure activity for both of them. They made the fusion of each other’s energies.

Taurus with Scorpio shared activities ratio is 85%

Taurus sign is most compatible with Scorpio as their relationship is focused on deepest physical pleasure. They are the only ones who can fulfill each other’s sexual desires. The best match for Taurus is Scorpio.

Taurus with Scorpio overall compatibility ratio is 89%

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Are Taurus and Sagittarius being a good match?

No, Taurus and Sagittarius are not a good match at all. The break of trust between them simply leads to end up their relationship and they even don’t have any regret about this. Trust attributes in their relationship never be questioned or analyzed, otherwise, this will also become a reason for their break-up. Hence you can say that Taurus is less compatible with the Sagittarius sign.

Taurus with Sagittarius trust ratio is 5%

Their relation is having both good and bad communication skills like when they both are having a conversation on weather topic; they end up calmly but they both when involved in any controversial conflict they started the fight or get angry at each other. Even without listening to Taurus’s complete sentence, Sagittarius will leave the room.

Taurus with Sagittarius communication ratio is 50%

Taurus and Sagittarius started their relationship with friendship bond fluctuated with an emotional bond but not stays long. Sagittarius does not react with many emotions as they are static and think this is a boring fact whereas Taurus preferred more to have deep emotions. In general, Sagittarius believes in temporary love.

Taurus with Sagittarius emotional-bonding ratio is 25%

They both have a diverse range of interests. The common thing they shared is food. Though both want to spend this eatery time in different ways still they enjoyed the taste together. As Taurus after finishing their food wants to take bed rest and Sagittarius as an energetic compound wants to do some physical activity after having food.

Taurus with Sagittarius shared activities ratio is 20%

They both need to build strong bonding without making many expectations from each other. They both need enough patience with deep insight communications to lead their lives staying in peace. They both have to give time and enough space to each other so can after viewing current scenarios they able to make the right decisions.

Taurus with Sagittarius overall compatibility ratio is 31%

Taurus is a strong vigilant featured sign, seeking many aspects within the relationship as being romantic and platonic. If you are thinking that offering love to Taurus can instantly involve you in a relationship with them, then you are thinking wrong. Because they take enough sweet time to think and made decisions with patience so that afterward they won’t be able to regret it. They only strive for loyalty, stability, commitment, and intimacy in their relationships which they can get from scorpions. In other words, you can say that Taurus’s most compatibility is with Scorpio. Well, Cancer is also a good compatible option for Taurus persons. If going for more elaborations then Taurus compatible signs are most with Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, and Pieces.

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