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“Tekken 7” Full Character Look, A List of Background Stories




The story of “Tekken 7” mainly revolves around the hatred between Mishima Ichihachi and Mishima Heihachi, staged a “father-son feud”, and several characters in the game will die forever, so it is called the series “Final Battle”. The following is a list of “Tekken 7” full-character books and a background story introduction! To get all the official updates of Tekken 8 2021, keep an eye on our site.

Kazuya Mishima / Devil Kazuya

  • Nationality: Japan
  • Age: 49
  • Genre: Mishima Ryuu noisy empty-handed

Character background:

Heihachi Mishima’s son and one of the demon gene owners, because he was tortured and thrown down the cliff by Heihachi as a child, he was at odds with his father.

Yiba is the protagonist of Tekken 1. After defeating Pingpachi, he was defeated by Pingpachi in Tekken 2, and Pingpachi threw him down the volcano to cut the grass and roots (this father is amazing). However, it survived the disaster and was resurrected by G company’s genetic technology. When the Tekken forces attempted to destroy the G company, the Tekken forces defeated them all by themselves! And then participated in the Tekken 4 contest, vowing to take revenge and seize the Mishima. Chaebol. But people are not as good as the sky, and Yiba and Heihachi are both defeated by the demon-shaped Kazama Hitoshi.

When he woke up, he found that Hepingba was surrounded by a large number of Jack-4 troops (sent by G company), so the father and son experienced the only time they joined forces and severely damaged Jack-4 troops, but in the end, they betrayed his father and threw Heping into a group of jacks. -In the 4th troop, it turns into a demon form and flies away when the dojo explodes. 18 is determined to avenge those who betrayed him (G Company) and continue fighting for the Mishima chaebol.

After being defeated by his son Hitoshi Kazama in the Tekken 5 tournament, 18 returned to the G company, and successfully seized the leadership, and became the world’s main force against the Mishima chaebol, and he offered a huge reward to Kazama.


Heihachi Mishima

  • Nationality: Japanese of origin (now separated)
  • Age: 75
  • Genre: Mishima Ryuu noisy empty-handed

Character background:

The head of the Mishima chaebol, the organizer of Tekken 1, 3, and 4, the initiator of all conspiracies.

Heihachi is an ambitious man who dreams of obtaining all the wealth and the strongest power in the world. He is cruel and cruel to achieve his goal at any cost, and he is also aggravating his father, son, and grandson. He is a completely negative role. And his behavior has become a thorn in the eyes of most people, but it is not easy to get rid of him. Heihachi has not missed any Tekken competition. He appeared as a boss in Tekken 1 and Tekken 4 and mixed with a protagonist in Tekken 2. In Tekken 5, he was involved in the blew attack of the G company’s JACK unit. It turned out to be miraculous. Survival shows how difficult this role is to deal with. Moreover, after the demonization of the Mishima family, it seems that he is the only one who has not turned into a monster, but he has a more evil heart than a monster.

After the Tekken 5 contest, Heihachi was chased by the Tekken troops. When he learned that Kazama had gained the power of the Mishima chaebol, he vowed to retake the Mishima chaebol in the Tekken 6 contest…

In NAMCO’s other 3D weapon fighting game “Soul of Sword”, Mishima Heihachi also appeared as one of the operable characters.


Lars Alexanderson

  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Age: 28
  • Genre: Iron Fist Special Forces Fighting Technique

Character background:

The Mishima chaebol who declared war on the world, due to the growth of the G company (18 is the leader behind the scenes), has intensified fighting around the world. At this time, the special forces and the iron fist that the Mishima chaebol is proud of have a large number of rebellions. The mastermind in this matter was Lars Alejandroson. The young Lars relied on powerful force and a clever mind to become an officer of the Iron Fist. He not only took the lead in fighting on the front line of the cruelest war but also was straightforward, so he was highly respected by his subordinates. However, the fact that Mishima Heihachi’s blood is flowing in his body is unknown to no one except him, not even Heihachi himself…

Japanese-Swiss, half-brother of Mishima 18.

Lars found Alyssa in the petri dish while attacking the Mishima Chaebol Research Institute, and together they repelled the attack of G company Jack-6. Surprised by Alyssa’s combat effectiveness, Lars incorporated the amnesiad Alyssa. Later Lars joined his friend Tougou (later killed by the 18th company G) to find his father Heihachi Mishima. On the way, Lars met Wang Jinglei again, and Wang Jinglei reminded him of Mishima. Alyssa, who came out of the Chaebol Research Institute, is a dangerous person. After finding Heihachi who was living in seclusion and plotting to retake the Mishima chaebol, Lars originally planned to kill him. After being dissuaded by Alyssa’s statement that “your father should not be killed”, the father and son became allies.

In the battle after finding Li Chaolang and Kazama Ren, Alyssa, controlled by Kazama Ren, put Lars into a crisis. Before Alyssa ran out of electricity, he said to Lars, “Walk with you. I feel very happy.” Then Zafina appeared and told Lars and his line of prophecies about Asazil. When they found Asazil, Asazil threatened to cleanse the world and make atonement for the world. However, the negative emotions released by the attacks of Lars and the Iron Fists can only make Asazil stronger, and finally, Kazama Ren appeared in the incarnation of the demon to single out Asazil…


Asuka Kazama

  • Nationality: Japan
  • Age: 17
  • Genre: Fengjianliu ancient martial arts

Character background:

Hitoshi Kazama’s cousin made her first appearance in Tekken 5. Before he became sensible, Kazama Asuka had followed his father to study the ancient martial arts of Kazama Liu in his dojo. Therefore, although she was only a 17-year-old girl, she had extraordinary skills. Asuka is lively by nature and has a strong sense of justice. She often “sees uneven roads and draws swords to help each other”, so she is quite famous in Osaka where she lives. One day, Asuka had just returned home, and the student at the Kazama Dojo brought bad news to her. Not long ago, a Chinese man (Feng Wei) came to the dojo and injured Asuka’s father. Asuka’s father was sent to the hospital. . A few days later, after learning from Lei Wulong, a Hong Kong Interpol who was investigating the incident, that the man would participate in the Tekken Contest, Asuka also signed up for the conference. But Asuka tried his best and finally failed to defeat Feng Wei.

Unexpectedly, I met the demonized cousin Hitoshi Kazama at the conference, and she also can influence the demon power of the Mishima family-like Jun Kazama. In Tekken 6, she competed again. In addition to continuing to challenge Feng Wei, she also had to give her cousin Ren Kazama a headshot. She can change the cursed fate of the Mishima family.

The character of Asuka Kazama is the same as Jun Kazama except for his personality, but it is the rebirth of this classic character in future games.


  • Nationality: Monaco
  • Age: 16
  • Genre: Street free fighting technique (or “I flow”)

Character background:

The daughter of Monaco, the only daughter of Monaco’s oil king, has a new role in Tekken 5DR.

Four years ago, a group of gangsters attempted to kidnap her for a high reward. In a hurry, the young lady was furious and knocked down the gangster. After that, she realized the pleasure of knocking down people and became fond of fighting (Khan). However, because Lily’s most beloved father is a good person who doesn’t like disputes, she often has to stop fighting because she doesn’t want to disappoint her father. Lily feels distressed about this. Whenever she felt unable to suppress herself, she would use travel as an excuse to take her plane to a foreign country to enjoy the fun of street fighting.

One day, she found an invitation letter for the Tekken 5 competition from the opponent she defeated. When Lily discovered that the organizer of this event was the Mishima Consortium that had caused her father’s headaches, she thought that as long as the Mishima chaebol would help her father, she decided to participate in the competition. However, he was defeated by Feng Jian Asuka in the competition.

After returning to China, her father knew about her participation in the competition, and Lily was put in “confinement”. But soon afterward, the oil field owned by his father was taken by the Mishima chaebol, and the company fell into chaos, and his father, who was too late to deal with it, became overworked and fell ill. Lily, who was worried about her father’s body, immediately went to the Tekken 6 Contest, first to help her father regain the oil field and make her father’s condition better, and second, to find the wind to see the birds and shame.

Lily, formerly known as Emily Rochebert, is a character created by an athlete.


Alisa Bosconovitch

  • Nationality: Russian
  • Age: 17

Character background:

Deep in the dense forest, there is a heavily guarded research facility. The director of the institute named it Bosknovich Institute. This is an important facility for the Mishima Chaebol to research and develop combat robots, and the JAKE series of combat robots were born here. The deepest part of the institute is the most important security area. In one of the rooms, the transparent sealed cabin quietly fell asleep thinking that a girl, her name was Alyssa Posknovich… In the beginning, the director DR Persia One of the most important reasons why the producer of Knovitch is willing to work hard to create a killing machine for the Mishima chaebol is that he wants to resurrect his dead daughter.

After the end of The king of iron fist tournament 3, although DR. Posknovich got the blood of the god of war, he failed to save his daughter (the ending of “Tekken 3” Ji Guang holds DR. Posknovich After rushing out of the research institute, the mouse who was chasing after he was hugely transformed by the blood of the god of war.) Therefore, there are various signs that the steel girl covered with equipment is the daughter of DR. Bosknovich.

As a robot, Alyssa is full of thrusters, not only can fly, but also can turn freely in the air. But she seems to have some memories of Bosknovich’s biological daughter, such as familiarity with Jack’s model robots. After leaving the institute, Alyssa will usually go to Mishima High School like a normal person. Like normal people, she has mood swings. She is smart, kind, polite, and sensitive, and doesn’t like killing. Denying that she is a robot, insisting that she is a real person.

When he was in the Iron Fist, he was a companion of Lars’s rebellion, and once prevented Lars from drawing a gun and shooting his biological father Pingba. But because Dr. Posknovitch was under the control of the Mishima chaebol in terms of funding, Kazama could control her terminal thinking, so Alyssa became a traitor who ambushed Lars. When the battle between Lars, Kazamajin, and Asazil ended, Alyssa was sent to the nursing home by Lars and woke up on a sunny morning…


Ling Xiaoyu

  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Age: 18
  • Genres: various Chinese boxing techniques such as Baguazhang and Piguaquan

Character background:

A Chinese little girl attending a high school affiliated with the Mishima Chaebol, Wang Jinglei’s granddaughter and apprentice, and the owner of Panda, a high school student who is determined to save the Mishima family. She respects Mishima Heihachi as her brother and even…

Ling Xiaoyu made her first appearance in the Tekken 3 competition. At that time, she was innocent and only wanted to win prizes to build a playground. In Tekken 4, Ling Xiaoyu was rescued by Ji Guang from Heihachi’s evil plan. He told Ling Xiaoyu the history of the Mishima family. Upon hearing this, Ling began to believe that the root of all misfortunes in the Mishima family was the cruel education of Pingba to 18.

When she learned of the death of Mishima Heihachi, Ling Xiaoyu was very sad. To change this unfortunate fate, Ling Xiaoyu was determined to participate in the Tekken 5 contest, hoping to win prizes to build a time machine and go back to the past to change history.

When he got the news that Mishima Heihachi was still alive, Ling Xiaoyu felt much more relieved. However, Heihachi Mishima became the target of the new president of the Mishima chaebol, Hitoshi Kazama. To stop this incident and save Kazama Ren, who was walking towards the abyss step by step, Ling Xiaoyu decided to participate in the Iron Fist 6 Competition.

The relationship between Ling Xiaoyu and Feng Jianren is extremely ambiguous.



  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Age: 9
  • Genre: Pingbaliu Xiong Zhenquan

Animal background:

Panda is Ling Xiaoyu’s pet, Ling Xiaoyu’s bodyguard, and the target of Kuma the bear.

Panda has been with Ling Xiaoyu since she was born. As long as the owner is happy, Panda is willing to do anything for her. Panda followed Ling Xiaoyu to participate in all competitions after Tekken 3. It was afraid that the owner would be in danger and stayed with Ling Xiaoyu all the time. Panda, who cares about his master, doesn’t pay attention to Kuma, who is so dedicated. It thinks Kuma is too old.


Bear (Kuma)

  • Nationality: Unknown
  • Age: 10
  • Genre: Pingbaliu Xiong Zhenquan

Animal background:

Kuma is Mishima Heihachi’s loyal pet, defending his owner and the Mishima chaebol to the death. He is a pair of mortal enemies with Paul and is crazy about Ling Xiaoyu’s pet Panda.

Kuma’s mother had participated in Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 competitions, and at that time had a relationship with Paul. Kuma seems to have inherited his mother’s genes, and he also regards Paul as his opponent, and successfully defeated Paul in the Tekken 4 tournament. When it learned that Mishima Heihachi died in pain, Kuma decided to save the chaotic situation of the Mishima chaebol to repay the nurturing, so he participated in the Tekken 5 contest. But in the Tekken 5, this stupid bear was unlucky enough. First, he was defeated by his old rival Paul, and Panda still ignored him. When the Mishima chaebol survived the crisis, Kuma was exiled to a deserted island by the new owner of the Mishima chaebol, Kazama Ren.

Unexpectedly after that… Kuma survived with amazing physical strength and spirit. To defeat Kazama and become the successor of the orthodox Mishima chaebol, Kuma fled the deserted island and participated in the Tekken 6 tournament.


Feng Wei

  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Age: 26
  • Genre: Chinese Boxing

Character background:

Feng Wei, who has mastered the extreme meaning of Chinese boxing and is known as the strongest fighter, made his appearance in Tekken 5.

Feng Wei has been practicing rigorously under the sect of the Chinese boxing master “Shenquan” since he was a child. After becoming an adult, he was recognized as the strongest disciple of Shenquan, and he was highly regarded. But Feng Wei is a martial idiot who is competitive and has a strong desire to make himself stronger, so he made his proposal to compete with other martial arts martial artists. Although Feng Wei did not meet his opponents, he did this. It is strictly forbidden by door regulations. In the dispute with the master, Feng Wei missed the master and beat him to death, for which he regretted it.

Before his death, the master told him that if he wanted to become a master of boxing, he must get a martial arts cheat-the “Book of the Profound Fist” that was taken away by the Mishima family, so Feng Wei decided to participate in the Tekken 5 competition. During the game, Feng Wei was looking for the martial arts secrets, while also dealing with Lei Wulong who captured him, and Kazama Asuka who came to seek revenge.

During the competition, Feng Wei broke into the treasure house of the Mishima chaebol alone and successfully regained the “Book of Divine Fist and Profound Righteousness”. However, the above content does not record a specific secret…but it records such content: “The genre of defeating others and taking it as one’s own thing, the ultimate warrior beyond the mortal, that is, the Dragon God!” So Feng Wei wanted to defeat all kinds of Genre and participated in the Tekken 6 contest…


Paul Phoenix

  • Nationality: United States
  • Age: 48
  • Genre: Mixed martial arts based on improved judo

Character background:

Claiming to be the “No. 1 Fighter in the Universe”, the veteran of the Six Dynasties of the Iron Fist series, he has not missed any Tekken competition.

In Tekken 1, I played against Mishima Ichiba, so I always hope to have a real confrontation, but every time I participate in a Tekken competition, there is always an old opponent in front of him, Mishima Heihachi’s pet-Kuma the bear. Paul has been entangled with this non-human in every competition. In Tekken 4, he was even defeated by Kuma. In Tekken 5, he fought hard to defeat Kuma, but he fainted exhaustedly. The closest Paul was to the championship was in Tekken 3. Paul defeated God of Fighting. He thought he won the championship and went back to brag. Unexpectedly, God of Fighting evolved into a true God of Fighting. Paul passed the champion in this way and became a laughing stock.

Paul is an avid big motorcycle enthusiast and loves drag racing. For this, he caused a lot of trouble, but every time he went to ask his best friend Marshall Lowe, these two are a pair of live treasures in the Iron Fist series. But when faced with the cruel reality of carrying huge debts, Paul had to win bonuses through constant fighting. Tekken 6 was held, and Paul arrived as scheduled. This time Paul concluded that he could not participate in the competition alone. If you team up with other people to participate in the competition, then the rate of winning the bonus will naturally increase significantly. In addition to his friend Luo, the strongest candidate for the team is the world boxing champion, Steve.


Marshall Law

  • Nationality: United States (Chinese American)
  • Age: 48
  • Genre: Jeet Kune Do

Character background:

Marshall Lowe is not only an outstanding martial artist but also an outstanding chef. He runs a restaurant in Chinatown in the United States, but his business acumen is limited. Also, Paul, his best friend, eats for nothing in the restaurant all day long, and his son Forest, who makes trouble at every turn, appears in Tekken 3. It was cheated by Paul), Marshall Lowe is always on the verge of bankruptcy.

Luo participated in almost all Tekken competitions, only in Tekken 3 was replaced by his son Forest. In Tekken 5, the son who caused a traffic accident while riding Paul’s motorcycle was even reduced to work in a Japanese restaurant. After the Tekken 5 competition, the restaurant completely closed down to pay for his son’s traffic accident compensation. Luo once again decided to participate in the Tekken 6 Contest, teaming up with his friend Paul and world champion Steve.

The prototype of Marshall Lowe is of course Mr. Bruce Lee.


Steve Fox

  • Nationality: British
  • Age: 21
  • Genre: Boxing

Character background:

The world-famous middleweight boxing champion was born after Nina was a clone of her mother, and she is considered Miss Nina’s “son” (really a tiger mother has no dogs). Since he was a child, he is a graduate of Oxford University who has skipped a grade.

To understand the mystery of his life experience, Steve participated in the Tekken 4 Contest, but he was hunted down by the Syndicate Group because he refused to fight fake punches before. He almost died in the Tekken 4 Contest. With the help of Lei Wulong, he finally learned the secret of his birth. It turned out that he was a product created by the Mishima chaebol (using Nina’s genes). Angrily, he decided not to let the Mishima chaebol recreate like him. People, thus participating in the Tekken 5 contest.

In the end, Steve destroyed the research institute of the Mishima chaebol, and Steve, who solved the mystery of his life experience, returned to boxing, but at this time the world war broke out and the boxing match was almost suspended. When Steve, who has no financial resources, was at a loss, Paul and Marshall Lowdenmen visited and invited him to form a team to participate in the Tekken 6 competition. Of course, Steve would not miss this opportunity, so the trio team went to the competitive stage (it seems that the famous live treasure of these two iron fists is about to pull the hot-blooded youth into the water).


Rio (Leo Kliesen)

  • Nationality: German
  • Age: 19
  • Genre: Bajiquan

Background information:

Leo’s father is a world-renowned cave explorer (Spelunker), and his mother is a senior official of the G company.

But Leo encountered misfortune when he was young because his respected father disappeared during a cave exploration. After that, Leo aimed to become an explorer like his father. Under the care and kindness of his mother, Leo became a person of very upright character.

But every day of such happiness, the happy time stopped suddenly because the mother didn’t know who was killed by him. Leo was heartbroken because of this sudden change, but the police stopped the search without any explanation. Leo decided to find out the truth in person.

During the ongoing investigation, Leo found out from G company that Mishima Ichihad was the key person in the murder of his mother. But because G Company is now a hero who can save the world, it is almost impossible to get close to Mishima 18.

At this time, it was reported in the news that the Mishima chaebol would hold the Iron Fist 6 Contest. Leo, who learned that Mishima 18 would also participate in the conference personally, judged that this was a unique opportunity for revenge, so he decided to participate in this fighting competition.



  • Nationality: South Korea
  • Age: 21
  • Genre: Taekwondo


Character background:

A first-rate Taekwondo master from South Korea, Kazama Ren’s rival, and a proud student of Baektu Mountain.

In the Tekken 3 competition, the fledgling Hwarang was rebellious. He had never met an opponent before, but in the end, he was defeated by the same newly debuted Kazama Hitoshi. Hwarang, who has always been worried, has been looking forward to encountering Kazama Hitachi again. Fight against each other. For this reason, Hwarang even fled the army privately during his military service to participate in the Tekken 4 contest, but at the final moments of the contest, when he was about to fight his long-awaited rival, Kazama Jin, he was detained by the Korean Military Court. . Facing the disaster of jail, Hwarang was finally pardoned by the military, and it was his master who saved him, Baektousan, who was then the Taekwondo instructor of the Korean army. Two months later, Hwarang ended his military service. Unfettered, he participated in the Tekken 5 Tournament accompanied by his master, with only one goal, which is to defeat Kazama Ren.

In Tekken 5, Hwarang defeated Kazama Ren but was later severely injured by Ren who became a demon. After returning to Korea, he gradually recovered under the careful care of Master. After being discharged from the hospital, Hua Lang did not practice seriously in the past, to defeat the distant existence of Kazama Ren. After the Tekken 6 contest was held, Hwarang and Master embarked on the journey again…

“HWOARANG” means young and promising Taekwondo masters in Korean.


Leopard King 

  • Nationality: Mexico
  • Age: 30
  • Genre: Professional Wrestling (Wrestling)

Character background:

Mexican wrestler, wearing a panther head mask, dean of a local orphanage.

Speaking of him, we must also start with his adoptive father, the real King. King was a priest during the day and the head of an orphanage. But at night, he turned into a wrestler wearing a leopard head and fought blood in the ring to earn more bonuses to run an orphanage and accommodate more orphans. King participated in the first two Tekken competitions as a contestant but was killed by God of Fighting afterward. All of this was seen by his adopted son, King Jr. He vowed to avenge his adoptive father, so he put on a leopard head mask, replaced his master, became a new generation of King, and voted for his adoptive father’s younger brother. Armor King, who is also a mortal enemy, learns wrestling.

When King successfully participated in the Tekken 3 competition for the first time, Armor King became seriously ill due to alcoholism all day long. Two years later, Armor King was beaten to death by Marduk in a bar. This incident made King grief and indignation. Subsequently, the young King who inherited the souls of the two wrestling kings defeated his mentor’s enemy Marduk in the Tekken 4 conference. King who wanted to give Marduk the final blow in the hospital saw Marduk the moment before he started. Realizing that revenge is quite a stupid act for his family portrait, he lets Marduk a way out. Soon after returning to China, King saw Marduk wearing a Master’s mask provoking him on TV, determined to defend Master’s reputation in the Tekken 5 Competition. In the final battle with Marduk, the two unexpectedly formed a friendship of sympathy. After the battle, Marduk was attacked by a mysterious man wearing an Armor King robe. To find out the truth of the facts, King and Marduk are determined to meet the fake Armor King again in the Tekken 6 competition.

King’s character prototype is the famous Mexican wrestler “Father Hurricane”. He is a wrestler at night, and a kind priest Benitez during the day, as well as the dean of an orphanage.


Sergei Dragunov

  • Nationality: Russian
  • Age: 26
  • Genre: Command Sambo Wrestling

Character background:

The head of the secret special forces from Russia, nicknamed “White Reaper”, a taciturn terror man, has a new role in Tekken 5DR.

In the cold Siberia is covered by large coniferous forests. During a geological survey operation, the survey team found strange objects under the ice. The military immediately dispatched Dragunov’s special forces to completely blockade the scene and moved this unknown thing to the research institute. A month later, the army headquarters intercepted an investigation report on the object. The photo showed a figure resembling a “demon”. And learned that this object is related to the Mishima chaebol. To investigate the true face of this “devil”, Dragunov was ordered to go to the Tekken 5 tournament…

However, Dragunov did not find a “demon” in the competition. Soon after, Russia also plunged into chaos due to the declaration of war by the Mishima chaebol against the world. Dragunov had to restrain the chaos in the country, so he led the special forces to fight fiercely in various places without stopping.

Soon after, the upper level of the Russian military issued a special order to Dragunov, asking him to sneak into the Tekken 6 tournament and investigate the unknown life form (AZAZEL), so Dragunov returned.

Sambo wrestling is different from ordinary wrestling, Sambo is mainly offensive. Dragunov is the name of a gun. The character prototype is MJ, the god of pop.


Bryan Fury

  • Nationality: United States
  • Age: 31
  • Genre: Kick Boxing based on Muay Thai

Character background:

Just by looking at the face of this monarch, you know that it is not a good species. This person does no evil, makes his first appearance in Tekken 3, and is Lei Wulong’s mortal enemy.

Brian originally belonged to the International Criminal Police and was a partner with Lei Wulong, but because of his many evil acts against Lei Wulong, his body was converted into a human being by Dr. Abel, who belonged to the Mishima chaebol after he was killed. The purpose of this person’s participation in the Iron Fist competition is only to satisfy his never-ending desire to kill. In Tekken 4, the original body can no longer withstand the impact. After being rescued by Yoshimitsu and returning to the Swastika Institute, Dr. B installed a “permanent mechanism” for him. Brian, who had obtained the permanent organ, suddenly ran away, wounded the doctor, killed several ninjas of the Swastika Party who had come to stop him, and escaped from the Swastika Party base.

To test the performance of the permanent mechanism, Brian participated in the Tekken 5 contest but was blocked by Jiguang in every possible way. Brian, who failed to succeed, set his sights on Tekken 6 again.

Blaine’s last name Fury means “angry” in English. Kick Boxing means kickboxing, which is a variant of Muay Thai abroad.


Jin Kazama

  • Nationality: Japan
  • Age: 21
  • Genre: Mishima Style Noisy Karate + Karate

Character background:

The son of Ichihachi Mishima and Jun Kazama. In Tekken 3, he appeared as the protagonist when he first appeared. He has the usual anger and crown hairstyle of the Mishima family, and of course, he inherited the devil gene. After the death of his mother, Ren took refuge in his only family grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. To avenge the murder of his mother, Ren Kazama devoted himself to practicing karate and the ancient martial arts of Mishima Ryuu noisy school! In Tekken 3, he successfully defeated the god of war. And its evolutionary form-True God of Fighting, but he did not expect Heihachi to secretly attack him despite his flesh and blood. It turns out that Heihachi did not regard him as his grandson, but was a pawn in his hand to capture the God of Fighting…

Kazama Ren survived because of inheriting the demonized gene of 18, the angry Ren spread his wings under the poignant moonlight, and left! After that, he hated and abandoned Mishima-Ryu Karate, and devoted himself to the practice of tradition under the guidance of an old man in Australia. Karate, and vowed to overthrow the Mishima chaebol! In Tekken 4, Hitoshi Kazama hides his name. In the final battle, he defeats his father and grandfather, but his demonized genes are activated again. The demonized benevolence can hardly control himself, but he Just as he was about to put a poisonous hand on his relatives, but was influenced by the spirit of his mother in the sky, the painful Ren flew into the air and disappeared into the sky!

In Tekken 5, Ren, who was plagued by demon genes, embarked on the journey again. This time, the demonized Ren appeared as the second boss and defeated the organizer of the contest, his great-grandfather Renhachi Mishima. At this time, Hitoshi Kazama has been completely demonized. After he successfully seized the power of the Mishima chaebol, Hitoshi Kazama instructed the special forces iron fists to secretly carry out various work activities and plunge the whole world into chaos: the military power of various countries was weakened and occupied the oil field. Bases, space colonies, and other energy-supply facilities. Then issued a declaration of the war of independence to the world. And announced the 6th Iron Fist Competition…


Devil Jin

  • Nationality: Japan
  • Age: 21
  • Genre: Mishima Style Noisy Karate + Karate

Character background:

The son of Ichihachi Mishima and Jun Kazama. In Tekken 3, he appeared as the protagonist when he first appeared. He has the usual anger and crown hairstyle of the Mishima family, and of course, he inherited the devil gene. After the death of his mother, Ren took refuge in his only family grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. To avenge the murder of his mother, Ren Kazama devoted himself to practicing karate and the ancient martial arts of Mishima Ryuu noisy school! In Tekken 3, he successfully defeated the god of war. And its evolutionary form-True God of Fighting, but he did not expect Heihachi to secretly attack him despite his flesh and blood. It turns out that Heihachi did not regard him as his grandson, but was a pawn in his hand to capture the God of Fighting…

Kazama Ren survived because of inheriting the demonized gene of 18, the angry Ren spread his wings under the poignant moonlight, and left! After that, he hated and abandoned Mishima-Ryu Karate, and devoted himself to the practice of tradition under the guidance of an old man in Australia. Karate, and vowed to overthrow the Mishima chaebol! In Tekken 4, Hitoshi Kazama hides his name. In the final battle, he defeats his father and grandfather, but his demonized genes are activated again. The demonized benevolence can hardly control himself, but he Just as he was about to put a poisonous hand on his relatives, but was influenced by the spirit of his mother in the sky, the painful Ren flew into the air and disappeared into the sky!

In Tekken 5, Ren, who was plagued by demon genes, embarked on the journey again. This time, the demonized Ren appeared as the second boss and defeated the organizer of the contest, his great-grandfather Renhachi Mishima. At this time, Hitoshi Kazama has been completely demonized. After he successfully seized the power of the Mishima chaebol, Hitoshi Kazama instructed the special forces iron fists to secretly carry out various work activities and plunge the whole world into chaos: the military power of various countries was weakened and occupied the oil field. Bases, space colonies, and other energy-supply facilities. Then issued a declaration of the war of independence to the world. And announced the 6th Iron Fist Competition…



  • Nationality: Unknown (formerly Japan)
  • Age: unknown
  • Genre: Swastika Ninjutsu Evolution Type (Manji)

Character background:

Ji Guang is the leader of the Swastika Party. The Swastika Party is a group of righteous thieves whose purpose is to save the poor in the world. Therefore, the purpose of Jiguang’s participation in the previous Tekken competitions was basically for the wealth of the Mishima chaebol. To be able to rob the rich and help the poor, Ji Guang wears different gorgeous armors, masks, and a soul-absorbing demon sword to participate in the iron fist competition time after time. No one knows his true face, nor knows whether he is the same person behind the mask in each competition.

In Tekken 2, Ji Guang almost died, but was rescued by Dr. B and transformed into a half-human, half-machine body. In the Tekken 4 competition, Yoshihikari led the 4D ninja to blast the underground vault of the Mishima chaebol. At the same time, he also found the dying Brian. Yoshihikari rescued him back to the research institute and handed it to Dr. B (Dr. Swastika Party, a close associate of the Swastika Party). Boskonovitch played as a hidden character in Tekken 3, is a deadly enemy with Dr. A, and is a full drunkard).

One month later, Yoshimitsu received the doctor’s distress signal. When he arrived, all he saw was the destroyed research institute and the bodies of the Swastika Party members. It was learned from the wounded doctor that Brian had run wild. To find revenge for Brian, who was revenge, Ji Guang participated in the Tekken 5 contest, but after letting Brian escape, Ji Guang’s demon sword and demon aura became heavier and heavier, Ji Guang had to suppress the power of the demon sword by killing evil spirits. So he came to the Tekken 6 Contest with countless evil powers…



The Jack series model is a humanized robot developed by female scientist Jane. The Jack-1 and Jack-2 robots have participated in the Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 competitions as contestants.


Claudio Serafino

Archers of Sirius is a mysterious exorcism group that has existed since ancient times. Its leader is Claudio Serafy. They once had a close relationship with the “Three Islands Chaebol”, but in the end, the two sides failed to join forces. Later, Claudio Serafy also began a secret investigation of the “Mishima Chaebol”.

In the story mode of the game, players have to promote the development of the game through hours of game time and gradually unlocked side stories.

During this period, you can choose to play the role of the Mishima family, or you can choose to play the Archers of Sirius camp.


Katarina Alves

Katarina is an orphan who lost her parents and was later adopted by a man. In the beginning, their relationship was not good, but after some time, their relationship seemed to be a biological father and daughter.

One day Katarina’s adoptive father mysteriously disappeared, and she had no money to find him. One day Katarina saw the flyer of the Tekken Contest on the street. She believed that her Savate fighting skills could help her to win and win the contest prizes to find her adoptive father.


Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe’s character setting was inspired by cats, who also wore cat ear headdresses.

The golden hair color and the innocent childlike face make people can’t bear to treat him as an opponent. Although Lucky Chloe has a cute appearance and a cute voice, his strength in fighting is not inferior. Its moves are particularly agile, and the characters are like dancing during the fight, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy through tossing and leaping. Also, it can say that the opponent continuously kicks and flips in the air like a cat playing with a ball, and the fighting posture is simply cute.



Shaheen is a new Arab-style character added to the Tekken series.

Shaheen’s private military bodyguard company often undertakes the task of protecting various big men in the world. It is said that under the protection of his bodyguard company, no one has successfully attacked.

But Shaheen’s friend, a businessman who is ranked number one in the oil industry in the world, died mysteriously. Although this incident was regarded as accidental death, Shaheen felt that there was something wrong with it. Later, G company acquired Shaheen’s company, and Shaheen’s old colleagues resigned after being acquired.

Shaheen didn’t think all this was a coincidence, so he started investigating the truth.


Josie Rizal

Jose Rizal is a sexy girl from the Philippines. According to the introduction of the series producer Harada Katsuhiro, this role is based on the name of the father of the Philippines Jose Rizal (Jose Rizal). At the same time, Josie Rizal’s clothing is composed of red, blue, white, and yellow, symbolizing the national flag of the Philippines. Her attacking style is a fusion of Kali martial arts and Taekwondo, among which Kali martial arts is a traditional martial art in the Philippines.



Although this big guy Gigas looks like a robot, he is half-human, but he became like this after being used for experiments. Gigas’s playing style can also be seen from his size, simple and direct violence is enough to defeat any opponent.

Mishima One Beauty/Devil One Beauty


Kazumi Mishima

Mishima Kazumi is Mishima Heihachi’s wife and Mishima Kazuha’s mother.

This is her first appearance in the Iron Fist series, and she also can demonize. She is a BOSS-level character in this work. Some of her skills can also summon tigers to help.


Lee Chaolan

  • Nationality: Japan
  • Age: 48
  • Genre: Jeet Kune Do (which also softens the noise of Mishima Ryu)

Character background:

Mishima Heihachi’s adopted son, but also one of the deadly rivals, also wanted to take the Mishima chaebol. In Tekken 1, he betrayed Pingpachi, but he was not yet Mishima’s opponent; in Tekken 2, Pingpachi regained power and expelled him from the Mishima chaebol. Li Chaolang has since been incognito and ran a robot company in Panama in an attempt to fight the Mishima chaebol. In Tekken 4, he changed his name to “Violet” to participate in the competition, hoping to defeat Pingpachi and fulfill his dream but was defeated by Iba on the way… After learning of Pingpachi’s death in Tekken 5, Li Chaolang wanted to take advantage of the chaos to seize power, but still failed. . When he was discouraged, the world situation changed, and the Mishima chaebol and G company fought against each other. As one of the shareholders of G company, the robot company led by Li Chaolang was not to be outdone. To gain power, Li Chaolang once again participated in the iron fist competition. It can be said that people die for money, and birds die for food.


Nina Williams

  • Nationality: Irish
  • Age: 24+19 (Have been refrigerated for 19 years)
  • Genre: Killer fighting skills based on Aikido and Bone Art

Character background:

The female killer from Ireland, Anna’s sister and the enemy, Steve’s “mother”, has never missed a Tekken contest. A cold heart is buried under the beautiful appearance.

Legend has it that the sisters’ father was also a killer. Nina received the assassination technique taught by her father when she was a child, and the aikido technique she learned from her mother (Nina’s father was a first-rate assassin while her mother was The champion of the domestic female Aikido competition), Nina eventually became a top killer.

In the Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 competitions, the Syndicate was sent to Japan to assassinate Mishima Heihachi and Mishima 18, but her real fateful opponent was her twin sister Anna. Due to the death of their father, the sisters accused each other and turned against each other. Due to a contest with Anna, her assassination failed, and was captured by the iron fists led by Anna, and later by Dr. Abel (also known as Dr. A, and Dr. B) who belonged to the Mishima chaebol. As a test product of frozen sleep technology, one sleep lasts for 19 years. After waking up, he lost his memory. To retrieve his memory, he participated in the Tekken 3 competition. At the same time, he also accepted the order of the god of war: kill Kazama Ren.

In Tekken 4, she was hired by the syndicate to assassinate boxing champion, Steve. When he and she learned that Steve was cloned from her as a mother when she was frozen, her natural motherhood forced her to stop. Then the syndicate group was destroyed by Lei Wulong, Nina put down her identity as a killer and determined to fight Anna in Tekken 5. After successfully defeating Anna, Nina was hired by the Mishima chaebol and became Kazama’s bodyguard, and accompanied the Iron Fist to wreak havoc all over the world, while also preparing to deal with Anna who came for revenge.

Nina has a separate action game “Nina: Death by Degree”. In the game, Nina and Anna are still rivals.


Eddy Gordo

  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Age: 29
  • Genre: Capoeira

Character background:

The apprentice of the famous Master Kapuweiler (a rival of Mishima Hitachi, who was framed and imprisoned by Mishima Heihachi), has a relationship of teacher and friend with Master’s granddaughter, and Mishima 18 is his murdered father and enemy.

A few years ago, Eddie’s father was assassinated by the syndicate, and he was imprisoned. He received the training of Master Kapweiler in prison and became a master Kapweiler. After breaking out of prison with the help of Master, Eddie participated in the Tekken 3 competition. Then Eddie found Master’s only granddaughter, Christie, and taught her the Kappwiller technique. In the Tekken 4 competition, Eddie learned from the Syndicate that the man behind the killing of his father was Mishima 18, so Eddie participated in the Tekken 4 competition to find Mishima 18 to avenge his father.

On the day Master was released from prison, Eddie found that the years of prison life made Master seriously ill. Eddie was extremely sad when he learned that Master had only six months of life. But the silver lining is that only the advanced technology of the Mishima chaebol can save Master. To repay his favor, Eddie and Christie participated in the Tekken 5 tournament together, but in the end, they fell short.

In desperation, Eddie had no choice but to petition the new Mishima chaebol chief Kazama Ren to lend his strength to assist him, as long as Kazama Ren could save Master’s life. Hitoshi Kazama agreed to his request, and Eddie later became a member of the Iron Fist. Involuntarily Eddie could only carry out sabotage work all over the world. In the Tekken 6 competition, Eddie also appeared as the bodyguard of Hitoshi Kazama. But in the end, the master still couldn’t survive the catastrophe and passed away, and Eddie also left the Iron Fists.

Capoeira is a martial art created by slaves. At that time, slaves secretly practiced martial arts to resist the oppression of slave owners. In order not to be noticed by the slave owners, the slaves evolved this martial art into a dance-like technique.



  • Nationality: United States
  • Age: 27
  • Genre: Fighting skills based on karate

Character background:

Bob was a genius in fighting skills when he was young. Because of his solid body and handsome appearance, he was quite popular and attracted many fans. But when facing those huge opponents, he couldn’t win in any way, and he disappeared from the official stage to embark on the extremely difficult physical transformation of “increasing weight and strength without reducing speed.”

Bob returned a few years later. But people who knew Bob could not conceal their amazement at the drastic changes in his appearance. In addition to disappointment, he also laughed. Because Bob’s upright figure is gone, he sees the blessed look.

Bob is completely indifferent to the reactions around him, “speed, strength, weight, all are perfect, this is the ultimate physical form!” In this way, Bob is very satisfied with his body…

He believed that the time was ripe, and to try his perfect body, he decided to participate in the Tekken 6 competition.



  • Nationality: Spain
  • Age: 26
  • Genre: Free Fight

Background information:

A handsome bullfighter from Spain.

Miguel, who hates being dominated by a “wolf,” was born in a strict family. Because of his active, fighting, trouble-making, and maverick personality, he is often alienated and squeezed out by the people around him. Also because of suspicion and friction with his parents, when he was 15 years old, he ran out of his own house and ran away. After that, Miguel stayed in a bar he knew well.

Miguel has a kind-hearted sister, and she is worried about Miguel’s parents who are doing well, so she often asks Miguel’s sister to find him. So in Miguel’s heart, his sister is the pillar of his life and spirit. Because of this, Miguel wanted to kill his sister’s marriage partner when the sister told her about the marriage without concealing it.

The parents were present on the day of the sister’s wedding, and Miguel was never seen, but Miguel was watching the wedding from a distance from the outside of the church. Under the clear blue sky, the couple strolled on the holy aisle of the church to receive everyone’s blessings. At this time, a formation of planes whizzed past the sky, followed by a burst of fierce hot wind blowing through it immediately. The huge plane flew by, and the intense pain that penetrated the whole body seemed to be lost.

Miguel rushed to the church madly in search of her sister… But there was a sister who had already been stained with bright red blood on her wedding dress and died of anger. In the rubble surrounded by flames and black smoke, Miguel was heartbroken and wailed and yelled constantly…

After that, Miguel, who knew that it was the Mishima chaebol who caused all these critical strikes, swore with a body full of strong hatred that he would take revenge on the president of the Mishima chaebol, Hitoshi Kazama!



The vampire was born 1,000 years ago and the place of birth is unknown.

A female vampire who has great power and has always lived by sucking blood. Hundreds of years ago, I intended to enter the coffin dormant to store power, but the dormant coffin was missing and now I cannot control my sleep at all, and sometimes I suddenly fall asleep.


Master Raven

Affiliated to the secret intelligence service of the United Nations, her code name is “Master Raven”. She is a senior official of the intelligence service, responsible for handling various dangerous tasks.

With Heihachi Mishima regaining the Mishima chaebol and declaring war on Company G, she joined the task of monitoring the Mishima chaeha.


Quick hit the whirlwind into the role: Akuma the ghost

Quickly beat the whirlwind into the character

Haogui is an important figure in the series of fighting games “Quick Whirlwind”, a representative of Japan’s CAPCOM company. He is known as “the ultimate fighter” and “the fist of ghosts and gods”.

When cultivating under the guidance of Master Hong Tie, the ghosts revealed their talents and their almost unprincipled pursuit of the apex of martial arts. He is obsessed with the brutal art of assassination fist fighting and has nothing to do with such a crazy brother. Driven by the desire to slaughter due to the wave of killing intent, Haogui kills the brother (Gangquan has officially come back from the corpse in Komatsu 4, but the killing of the brother is correct, but he did not kill); Long witnessed his teacher being killed. He Ken vowed to avenge his master. However, in the eyes of Haogui, only the world’s strongest fighter is worthy to fight him.

After killing Gangquan, Haogui continued to find the strongest warrior in the world to duel, to constantly challenge his limits.

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