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Wholeheartedly welcome to the News Engine!

Here the phrase terms and conditions mean the rules and regulations for the user of The News Engine’s Website, available for us news

When accessing the website, we are supposed to take that you are agreed with the terms and conditions of the website. Thus, you are pleased not to continue with the website of News Hunt until and unless you accept all the terms and conditions.

There are some terms that are mentioned on the site, and you should take its meaning. So, you can get to the meaning that we are meant to you. You have agreed with the privacy statements and all other agreements. “You,” “Your,” and “Clients” refer you, the person who is visiting or log on to the website. “The company,” “Ourselves,” “We,” ‘Our,” and “Us” is meant by our Company. All these terms are explained in the clearest meaning so that you can get through all the meanings and agreements in the most accurate manner to hold the respect of thoughts and expressions of the clients.


We require cookies from the users. This clears that if you are accessing The News Engine, you have agreed with all the terms and conditions that include saving your information also. Interactive websites usually save details of the visitors. The visit to the users can be made easy for further visits. Besides our, some advertising partners also access the cookies for safe and secure browsing.


Unless a statement to the contrary is made, The New Engine or its licensors own the analytical property right for all the material on The News Engine. All these analytical rights are reserved. The information you are getting from The News Engine is for you and depends on your personal intention to use it. You can do all of them just staying in the limitations set by the terms and conditions of the site.

The limitations for you are:

  • You cannot republish the material from The News Engine.
  • Sell, rent, or sub-license material from The News Engine.
  • Copy, duplicate or reuse the material of The News Engine.
  • Distribute the content of The News Engine somewhere else.

This is an agreement that begins on the date hereof.

Our website facilitates a platform for you to share your reviews and ideas with the rest of the world. The News Engine does not alter, broadcast, or sort the comments present to already on the website. Comments have not effected the reviews because they are your personal thoughts and ideas. There is a certain extent to a level that you can comment on and share your reviews about the News Engine. There would not be any kind of action until and unless there is any kind of violation or damaging words from your side. Thus, the security team of the News Engine has the right to remove or delete any kind of comment. That is considered not appropriate and does not suit the allegations of the website.

  • You assure and present that:
  • You should only post those comments on our website that are vital and consent to do so.
  • The comment should not violet any kind of copyright act or trademark of any third party.
  • The comments should not contain any illegal or unlawful content that would go against privacy.
  • The comments you are posting should not be advertising or promoting any business. And also, it should not be any commercial activity.

Hyperlinking to our Content:

Only the following organization can link our website content without any kind of notice:

  • Search Engines New Organizations.
  • Government agencies.
  • System-wide Accredited Business.

These are some certain organizations that can link the content from our website for legal access only. Moreover, if you wish to get your request to link the content would be approved if you belong to any of the following organizations:

  • Our known and regular consumers.
  • com community sites;
  • Institutions that represent charities.
  • Internet directory distributors
  • Finance and accounting departments.
  • Educational institutions.

iFrames Restriction:

Without any kind approval and hardcopy prove, you are not allowed to create any kind of frame to the Web pages. Or change the visible appearance of our website.

Reservation of Rights:

The rights and regulations of the website should be held on in every condition. You have to make a request in a formal way. And get it to approve as it is in the tactics. Therefore, you can request for the linking of your website in our content. Moreover, you have to obey the requests coming in return from the side of us also.

Thus, until and unless our website is providing the service free of cost. We will not be responsible for any kind of loss and damage that you may face.