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Texas Gay Bar is the First to turn into a Presidential Polling Location




A Texas Gay Bar has transformed into a polling station for presidential election. The bar is called Buddies, it claims to be the first of its kind to hold presidential polling for the guy communities in Texas. This local LGBTQ+ bar is as diverse as the town in which it is situated.

It is a great achievement for them to take an active part in this historic election. All the registered voters in Harris County can go and place their votes at any of the fourteen voting booths. What’s more appreciable is that the poll workers are avid speakers of not only English but Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Spanish and Indonesian as well. In an interview with CNN, the owner Christopher Berry expressed how honoured he feels to create history in the LGBTQ+ status by supporting elections to this extent.


He has always believed in creating a community that is ‘a safe space’ for all people with no regards to their ethnic, racial and cultural background. Given that, it is a dream come true for him to welcome all who want to participate in voting. Voting for a democratic regime is the purest form of equity according to Mr. Berry as it allows everyone to make their voice. It is a passionate metaphor of the vision that the whole LGBTQ+ community shares therefore it is special in more than one way.

Bar Details

The Texas gay bar is located in Houston. They believe that their county is a cool county. It is not a regular county like others, so it is also natural for them to do something extra-ordinary. They did it by going one step ahead and setting up a polling station to facilitate the whole process of elections. There are also some other gay bars like The Eagle in San Francisco who have followed in similar footsteps. The Eagle decorated the ballot filling place with hanging chain from a dark ceiling, and a disco ball was also among them.

Christopher Berry has received a great response from community with a surprising turn-out. It has given a boost to his bar’s popularity and he is encouraged to continue using his space for polling needs in the future as well. Buddies is a very uplifting place for gay campground in Texas community, they also welcome non-LGBTQ+ because of the inclusive vision of the owner Berry. The news of presidential polling station at a gay bar is indeed a breath of fresh air amidst all the negativity of 2020. As Christopher Berry himself expressed, there is something great about utilizing presidential polls to promote diversity and equal rights for all at a gay bar.

It does not only ring a supportive narrative but also empowers people from all backgrounds to raise their voices while staying comfortable in their skin. Allowing gay rights is unfortunately still a piece political debates with varying schools of thought. While some struggle with their ideas, others are utilizing perfect opportunities to express them.

About the Election

Texas gay bar and others have contributed to the presidential elections with some awesome initiatives. With such positive response and high indulgence from everyone in the voting this year, we are already seeing some decent projections. At the time we are writing this article, Joe Biden stands at 238 electoral votes and Donald Trump has 213 votes.  Even though Trump is behind, we still have projected results from Swing States that lean towards Republican votes. States like Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania are totally leaning towards Donald Trump. We are not too far from the final results now but voting trend seems to be shaping like a repetition of 2016 election.

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