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The 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Outboard Motor




As you’re out enjoying a gorgeous day on the water and soaking up the sunshine, the last thing on your mind is an unexpected breakdown. This is especially true if you feel you’ve been consistent about maintaining your Yamaha outboard motor. However, there are many things you might be doing that are actually causing more harm than good to your engine. Fortunately, Southaven is here with some helpful tips to help you stay on track and provide boats for sale.

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1. Forget To Read The Manual

This probably seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be shocked to learn how many owners don’t read the manual. While it’s not the most exciting task on your to-do list, it will help you familiarize yourself with your Yamaha outboard motor. We don’t expect you to read it line by line, but knowing the basics will work wonders for you when it comes to learning about the outboard motors.

2. Buy Cheap Fuel

One of the main factors to keeping your engine running and performing well for as long as possible is to choose the right fuel. This means you should be avoiding the cheap options as they’re incredibly inefficient. You’ll burn through it much faster and have to fill your tank up more frequently. It’s also harmful to your engine and can destroy various key components, like fuel filters & pump injectors. As if these weren’t enough reasons to stay away from cheap fuel, it’ll also keep your boat from running the way it should. We recommend using REC90 fuel. You can check out a full list of ethanol-free gas stations here, or by downloading the PureGas app on your mobile device.

3. Buy Cheap Oil

On that note, cheap oil is just as problematic as a cheap fuel. It might save you money in the moment, but it will do the opposite in the long run. To put it simply, what you put into your engine is what you’re going to get out of it. We recommend that you always use Yamalube.

4. Neglect Corrosion

Corrosion is a very serious issue that you want to actively deter. Pay close attention to the surface of the paint on your outboard. This tends to be the first place where signs of corrosion appear. If you happen to notice blisters or bubbles are forming, there are steps you can take to prevent further corrosion to your outboard.


Saltwater is the leading cause of the corrosion, so be sure that you’re rinsing and flushing your engine with fresh, clean water after each boating trip. Another thing you can do is apply a corrosion inhibitor, which displaces water and leaves behind a protective coating to protect the surface from further corrosion.

5. Skipping Over Thrust Bearings

If you ever find yourself needing to replace the propeller, you should always remember to put the thrust bearing back on. If you forget to do this, it’ll grind into the gearcase and cause some major headaches. You don’t even want to think about how much a mistake like this will cost to fix, so it’s best to avoid it.

6. Disregard Engine Odor

In many cases, the first indicator that something isn’t right is a strange odour. Get familiar with what a healthy motor smells like so you’ll know when something is off. If you smell scents similar to burnt oil, burnt rubber, or possibly even a sweet aroma, this can mean your Yamaha outboard motor is in need of maintenance.

7. Forget To Flush The Engine

Whenever you put your boat away after a day out on the water, you absolutely must flush out the engine. If you skip this essential step, it might not result in an immediate issue, but it can pose problems over time. You’ll start noticing a nasty grime buildup that can become so damaging that you’ll need a replacement.

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