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The Ikea mobile home: 17 meters full of design to travel (or live)




17 meters doesn’t seem like much when it comes to putting all your belongings inside. However, if you have considered living on the road, they may be more than enough. Or maybe they are suitable for you to have a small refuge in the middle of nature.

In any case, that is the surface area of ​​the towable mini house that the tiny house company Escape, the furniture brand Ikea and the advertising agency Vox Creative have launched. The Vista Boho XL model, customized with solar panels, composting toilets, and hot water supply on demand, has been chosen for this collaboration. Right now, it is in production, and its price starts at 40,000 euros. “It has wheels, so theoretically, we can send it to any place where there is a road, ” says the company.

Ikea interior designer Abbey Stark designed the space as a typical Ikea ‘show house’, using sustainable and multifunctional products and pursuing space and energy savings. It has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and enough storage space considering its meters. Inside, it’s white, and outside, it features Japanese-inspired burnt wood paneling, a technique known as Shou Sugi Ban. you can buy this Ikea RV from the largest airstream dealer.

Life in a caravan, the better life


Do you see yourself already living inside? Would this house fulfill your dreams of being a digital nomad? Or you may be looking to take the step of living a more minimalist lifestyle. “When you own less, it generates greater gratitude for what you have. For me, that has meant no longer taking my things and my space for granted,” Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons, from the Tiny House Expedition project, explain to AD.

“What I have is essential to my daily life or to enjoy it. As a result, I live more in the present and have a greater awareness of the use of resources and what is truly important in life: relationships and experiences, not them. Things, “says the couple, who have been living in a 12-square-meter house with which they travel across the United States for five years.

Maybe, finding out if a tiny home is your thing will help you visit the virtual tour that Vox has prepared on the Curbed website. Through it, you can take a walk through the Ikea mobile home, getting an idea of ​​the space and observing every detail for as long as you want.

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