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The WWE John Cena News You Wanted to Hear




Whether you can see him or not, John Cena news has continued to stick to our social media feeds either via championships, memes, or movies. He is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers to be alive on Earth right now. His attitude is unnerving, his style is distinct, and his fights are a sight to behold.

The wrestling icon started a legacy with blue jeans shorts and distinctive hats. As the star ruled people’s interest for a long time, can we truly compare him to the legendary stars like the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels? Is he comparable to the in-ring performance of these two? Is he really as good as the popularity he has acquired over time? The answer is both yes and no. His track record in the Wrestlemania has remained quite inconsistent as sometimes he ruled the ring, while other times, not so much.

Comparing him to the Undertaker is a little irrational as who can really compare to the supernatural fighter’s legacy. But this doesn’t indicate in any way that John Cena has not made a great career for himself. Let’s take a look at the legacy of wwe news John Cena, both on the ring and off the ring, and test our knowledge of the wrestler’s legacy.

John Cena family life is just as rocky road as his professional life. He married his first wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, in the year 2009 but got divorced and formed a bond with Nikki Bella, a fellow wrestler. It seemed like a promising new relationship as Cena proposed his new girlfriend in 2017, but sadly, the couple got separated before the marriage and went on their separate paths. John Cena’s new girlfriend in 2020 is Shay Shariatzadeh, but their long-term intentions are still unknown as the two haven’t publicly come out about their future.

The bond between Nikki Bella and John Cena was very appealing. People were so interested in the John Cena marriage as the moment he proposed Nikki in Wrestlemania 33, there was a massive boost in ratings. John Cena’s children related mindset was what is said to be the breaking point of this relationship. Nikki wanted to have kids but Cena didn’t. But after their breakup, it is said that he has now changed his mind about having kids. He is now more open to accepting the idea of having kids. Speaking of his personal life, did you know that John Cena’s full name is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.?

The wrestler is easily one of the most polarizing superstars. Some people consider him to be the champion of WWE while others just call him a pretty face. Despite all the dividing opinions, his appeal in the mainstream media is definitely unparalleled. Both wrestling and non-wrestling fans know him very well. He is among the richest wrestlers in the world. John Cena’s net worth is estimated to be $55 million in 2020.

His wealth makes him only second to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The wrestling icon has made big bucks through a variety of sources including professional wrestling of course, brand endorsements, and movies. He came in second after Brock Lesnar as a highest-earning pro-wrestler. The wrestler has also made his name in acting by starring in blockbusters such as Bumble Bee, Trainwreck, Dolittle, and Blockers.

What happened to John Cena?

The 16 times World Champion, 2 time Roll Rumble winner, former Money in the Bank, former everything… he has done EVERYTHING! He IS the WWE even though he never won the intercontinental championship. He was the poster face of WWE, but lately, Cena has been missing from the ring. When you put all of the fame he brought to himself and WWE, the idea of him leaving the ring feels unreal.

According to the latest news, the star has been noticing his age and has finally considered stepping away from the ring for good. It is hard to imagine John never being in a ring, retired. Though he is never going to step away from the company itself, he most certainly could from the ring. It is not unreasonable to choose this path as the wrestler has taken his bumps and made his money. Also, some days you look into the mirror and realize that you are not able to go anymore after a long-period of the limelight. But Cena is not at that point; he is far from it.

But it is better, much better to approach the future with that kind of attitude than to be looking at your past, wishing you would have hung up the boots. Another important question is, does John Cena never wrestling again sparks issues for WWE in the landscape that wrestling is in today? It is possible, but only the future can provide us with the best answer. John Cena is not so old, yet he is walking away.

We respect his decision, but it is also sad as he just began getting really great in the last 4 years in a total of 15 years of his career in the WWE, so this end feels anticlimactic at the same time. We hope to see more John Cena news in the WWE, he would still be appearing to host the matches, but it is unlikely to see him fight again. We will still get to see him in movies, and we hope Cena found his best interest in the form of acting. The upcoming John Cena movie is Fast & Furious 9, and we are very excited to see him.

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