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The Rise of Aliyah Boston American basketball player with Shirt No-4




Aliyah Boston is a rising basketball star from the Virgin Islands. She was born in Saint Thomas and went to Massachusetts to attend Worcester Academy. Boston has earned numerous accolades in a very small time. It goes to show the rising talent in her that will lead her to very far places in her basketball career. Born in 2001, Boston lived with her parents in her early years in the Virgin Islands, but then she and her sister moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, to live with their aunt. Her interest in basketball was instilled into her by her sister. Boston once described in an interview that she would do everything her elder sister would do when they were kids. Her sister was the one who got her into playing basketball in the first place.

As a kid, Aliyah Boston played basketball just for the fun of it, but she gradually learned how much one can get out of playing. It was her dream to go to college on a scholarship, and she utilized her talent in basketball to achieve her dream. Whether her drive to study on a scholarship made her realize her potential or her talent & skill in the game led her to dream for a scholarship and successfully avail it, why don’t know yet. But time will give us a clearer picture on this matter.

Aliyah Boston was never close to her parents; she lived most of her life growing up with her sister at their aunt’s house. She describes her struggling years to be hard years without her parents around. They still taught her the importance of work ethics as the responsible manager and bartender back on the Island. She also likes to believe that God has made her capable of achieving her goal for scholarship, and she will achieve more success by His grace in the future.

Aliyah Boston recently earned her second team-all-America title while also pushing the Gamecocks to the first position in the ranking. She is the first player in the history of NCAA Division 1 to score a triple-double in her very first career game. She also matched Alaina Coates and A’ja Wilson in stats like blocked shots, rebounding, and field goal percentages as a freshman. She was already titled ‘nation’s top center’ last year, so now, will she continue to get even better or suffer from a sophomore slump like many other young players?

We are not sure but looking at her skills and confidence; we can only expect Aliyah Boston to get even better and go beyond the division level. A great quality of hers is the awareness she has of her flaws. She is continuously working on her conditioning training and runs. She has already improved her form a lot, and the key to this trait is her consistency. Boston gives credit to her coach Walter Welsh and Sherry Levin, who keep her motivated and guide her at every step.

We are looking forward to seeing Aliyah Boston stepping up the competitive ladder of women basket ball.

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