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The Routines that were not stopped in the US during Lockdown 2020




Lockdown has halted so many daily activities that it felt unreal and static at first when the virus started taking its toll in the US. Almost all businesses including corporations, restaurants, bars, clubs, and even educational institutes were immediately shut down due to the pandemic. Socializing went down from absolute fun to unhealthy and dangerous. As people were forced to confine to be stuck in their homes, streets were abandoned as we have only seen in those ‘end of the world ‘movies. Amidst the panic and uncertainty of what awaits next, there were still some routines that were not stopped in the US during lockdown 2020. Some of these were purely harmless, to begin with, some even saw a rise while others were a downright violation of social distancing protocols. Here is the list of some such routines:

7) Going to Beaches:

Agonizing over the cabin fever? What if I tell you that while you were stuck at home all paranoid, there were still many Americans out there who were flouting the guidelines for that ‘oh so sweet’ tan. On Memorial Day, people of Florida gathered in hundreds at Daytona Beach when the same number was dying in New York. Despite heavy dispersion by state police, people were ignoring social distancing and arranged gatherings in beach bars and lakes. Of course, the consequences that followed afterward were not as pleasant as those party times. The US soon became the most affected country by the pandemic with the highest dying’s and millions infected with the virus.

6) Online Shopping:

Streaming movies was one of those industries that bloomed rather than die during the lockdown. As millions were stuck at home, shopping online seemed a delightful escape for whoever could afford it. Retailers in the US reported a sharp rise in online sales. Many economists like Michael Englund emphasized on a massive shift in consumer behavior regarding e-commerce due to the virus. This also includes elder people of the country who might have not had switched to online shopping ever, if the situation was normal.

5) Streaming Movies:

An estimate of the first quarter at Netflix reported the creation of almost about 16 million new accounts with most coming from within the country. This immediate surge can be easily explained by the elimination of almost all other recreational activities like dining, partying, traveling, and even going to the theaters. Streaming movies and tv shows online were the best and safest option to watch media and kill the seemingly everlasting time at home.

4) Walking the pet dogs:

As most activities outdoor is more than often questioned by the regulatory authorities, dog walking has become a new escape for Americans. It is one of those activities that haven’t been stopped due to the pandemic in the US. Walking is a great way to expend energy for dogs and lack of it is associated with many health problems like anxiety, depression, and stress. Thus, pet owners have a very legitimate excuse to leave their house if they develop cabin fever. Many people can be seen outside, wearing masks and gloves, treading along as they walk their dogs. There is of course an entire set of safety instructions for these people like avoiding busy areas, changing routes, and making sure the dog remains in the lead so a large walking space can be created for you to walk and avoid contact with other humans.

3) Cycling:

Like all other public gathering places, gyms were shut down too early this year. Fitness enthusiasts had to resort to exercising at home. But not all types of outdoor exercises were halted due to the lockdown. Those who like cycling are precisely the lucky bunch we are talking about. Evidence from some recent observations in Philadelphia suggests a 150% increase in cycling during the lockdown period along with the rise in demand for bikes. It is no doubt a delightful way to let some steam off from the panic-inducing lockdown where one has to stay indoors all the time. So, if you have a bike, grab it and head out to have a healthy adventure.

2) Food Delivery:

Americans love food of course so this was bound to be on the list. Initially, the concerns associated with the spread of the virus were largely unknown so people avoided any form of contact via it was through meeting another person or coming into contact with contaminated surfaces. But as further studies are being conducted, the WHO (World Health Organization) has claimed that there is very little risk of contracting the virus from surfaces like the packaging of frozen food items during covid. On top of that, many delivery services in America like UberEATS, Just Eat and Deliveroo have introduced a completely contactless delivery system. As a result, food delivery not only continues during lockdown but has seen an increase by the end of the first quarter.

1) Buying Groceries:

Shopping for daily necessities got the number one position on this list and rightfully so. All other routines could have been easily skipped and the world would do just alright as much as a pandemic allows. But the purchase of groceries, it is just another story. In a very early duration, hoarders started fighting over stuff like toilet papers and the panic outside grocery stores was terrifying. Note that this was when the stores were still open, imagine if that wasn’t the case. Going to grocery stores was, therefore, not banned by the government. However, timings were restricted with severe precautions imposed. After some while, people even made grocery store trips a recreational activity to go outside once or twice daily.


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