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The Undertaker Returns for One Last Match?




The more familiar you get into the world of WWE superstars, the better you realise that it is a crazy roller-coaster ride. The unprecedented amount of ruggedness in all the professional wrestlers is what spices things up to unimaginable heights. Many contenders have come into the ring to take the glory, but none could ever imagine the same greatness as the Undertaker. The famous star has gained immense fame due to his supernatural personality and grandiose screen presence. His fan following is so huge that even today’s younger audience is familiar with him despite how he doesn’t appear so often on our televisions any more but they wait for Undertaker Returns. People show interest in all aspects of the star’s life. Do you also frequently asks yourself questions like what is the Undertaker’s height, the Undertaker’s net worth in 2020 or the Undertaker’s retirement? What is the Undertaker’s real name? We got you covered in this article.

What is the Undertaker’s Real Name?

The name ‘The Undertaker’ is one of the most popular celebrity names. It is so widely used that only the most dedicated fans know the famous wrestler’s real full name. The Undertaker’s real name is Mark William Callaway. This 6 feet 10-inch superstar was born in Austin, Texas, in the year 1965. His married life has seen the same highs and lows as his wrestling career. After two failed marriages, Callaway is finally living happily with Michelle McCool.

What is Undertaker’s Net Worth?

His grotesque personality and fear tactics have grossed him big bucks. The Undertaker’s net worth in 2020 is an estimated $17 million. He deserves this much wealth as the founder of the Attitude Era. The star has been featured in many storylines and won the title of Heavyweight Champion three times. He also won WWF/E Champion title over four times. He is among the top-most pay-per-view wrestler in WWE’s history. By the present day, he has played a total of 172 wrestling matches.

Is Undertake Retired?

The 55-year old wrestler finally announced his retirement back in June of 2020. It was just after he won his last match called the ‘Boneyard’ against AJ Styles. He first started his career with the WWE in 1990 and quickly rose to fame in his early years. The seven-times World Champion and six times Tag Team Winner has been accredited with unmatched glory. WWE said goodbye to its popular star with a documentary titled “Undertaker: The Last Ride.” In the documentary’s last chapter, The Undertaker expressed that Boneyard was the departing match of his career.

He also added that he has no plan to come back and said that there was a lot of emotion attached to the last moment in his final match with AJ when he was leaving on his bike. It brought a perfect climax to his journey in wrestling. Not many get to say goodbye as he did, that is true for sure.

The supernatural fighter is among the most decorated wrestlers of all time. His best performances are in the Wrestlemania, where he won 21 matches consecutively. The streak came to an end, finally at Wrestlemania 30 at the hands of Brock Lesner. His last match in 2020 with AJ Styles was WWE’s annual highlight.  Fans were delighted by his long-awaited appearance and sad as he left the screen.

Is Undertaker coming back in 2020?

With the announcement of his departure and a documentary on the subject of his retirement, it is quite unlikely we see the Undertaker making a surprise return anytime soon, let alone this same year. But given the nature of dramatical events that have the tendency to make their way into the wild universe of WWE, no speculation is out of the window. AJ Styles has told BTSport about laying out a stipulation that will lead to another match between him and the Undertaker in a desperate attempt on revenge. The Undertaker has also expressed a desire to have one last match next to a live audience instead of a closed-door cinematic experience. We will only know in time if we get to see the big guy back in the ring, our fingers are crossed for now.

Meanwhile, the wrestling world of WWE continues to entice us with brutal conflicts and chaotic fights. The unique genre of entertainment doesn’t seem ever to lose our interest.

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