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The Worlds Best Electric Cars – All Tesla Electric Models




Tesla Electric Models have spread a huge impact on automobiles industries. Automobiles have been helping people since ages. The year 1886 was a time where automobiles were initiated. It was the birth initiative for vehicles.

The first-ever car was produced by Karl Benz a German automobile engineer in 1886. Over the years, automobile companies have taken remarkable changes. Early cars were not so complicated with a simple controlling system. Everything has changed upside down, the aerodynamics, the software, engine types and much to be added. Similarly, the costs have gone high with innovative design and systems.

Tesla Inc, automobiles famous for its manufacturing techniques purely based on electrical methods is Located in the world’s largest car-producing places in California. Elon Musk, the CEO of the company is a famous technology entrepreneur has been trending with the net worth of 83.6 billion. He has been working to reshape the car industries for many years. His main motto is to create something affordable by huge masses and that can create a less polluted technology environment. Cars are used excessively by every citizen though threatening our environment. Musk has tried using cheap raw material that can help to build low-cost cars.

What’s new with tesla?

Before going into the latest models and their features, let’s dig out into its main features that every model possesses and for what tesla is famous for

  • It’s an all-electric brand vehicle designed that none other companies have come up with before.
  • One of the largest central touch screens that you can only experience in tesla models
  • A fastest accelerating vehicle with its stranding aerodynamics completing it to be the fastest cars
  • The most interesting one comes here with the front trunks. creating extra space for your cargo system
  • Operated with a smartphone application. Convenient to use from all other big brands.
  • Little twist to the parking brakes, the parking brake initiative with a click away without any ado!
  • Save your time and after few taps, automatically gauge from ac to temperature set up.

Though there are few features that other vehicles have tesla avoids it giving strong reasons for not adding them in their features.

Latest electrical models

Tesla as always coming with the latest innovations in vehicle industries never fails to surprise its audience. Users will be experiencing larger spaces that can take up to 7 passengers in one car. Designing the door has been the most stylish feature of iconic cars. The exceptions can be found in all tesla electric models some of the models are discussed here.

Model X – tesla

  • Winged doors equipped with sensors. Easily opened in tightest spaces.
  • Safest and quickest SUV vehicle
  • More cargo coverage
  • Rechargeable system, that can take you up to 351 miles
  • Maximum visibility range of mirrors sides
  • Parking assistance with detecting nearby ultrasound sensor system\
  • designed with minimum torque experience in any weather condition
  • Experience 17 inches touch screen one of the largest screens

Model S– tesla

  • This model has a high standard of protection. From front impact protection to side impact protection
  • Strong architecture with the battery mounted to the floor.
  • Top gear aerodynamics making it the fastest vehicle juts in 60mph in seconds
  • Convenient charging for nay route you want to drive through in just 15 minutes
  • radar activated forward-facing cameras providing the widest range of visibility
  • outstanding ultrasonic sensors
  • remarkable interior design with a glass roof

Model 3– tesla

  • latest Transmission Description automatic system
  • electrical engine system and a dual Ac induction
  • linear gear with rotational motion gives the smoothest steering control
  • aluminum designed rear wheel material
  • music system supported by 15 speakers

Model Y – tesla

it is similar to model 3 in many features but it has got some new trending ones too.

  • Giving a huge room to occupy that gives 7 seated passenger space along with the third row.
  • A fastest accelerating car that gives 315 miles range of EPA
  • It comes with a significantly changed taillight design
  • With the advancement of 2 hitch receivers makes it stand out.

Ecofriendly vehicles

Tesla has worked hard to give an eco-friendly environment controlling the sir pollution with their advanced designed vehicles that are economically and environmentally supporting our nature

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