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The Xbox Series X Review You Need




The design of the Xbox Series X is simplistic; it works both vertically and horizontally. It is the Xbox Series X review you need to read before you decide to get one for yourself. It is one solid unit; wherever you put it, you don’t have to worry about it.

It is also highly susceptible to fingerprints. It attracts fingerprints from miles away; trust me, I am thinking about separating a pair of gloves just to handle it. You get this console, remove the packaging, get the HDMI cable, and plug everything into a simple setup. It is merely a rectangular shape with no complications.

It has an eject button at the front for the 4K disc and a button for syncing your PS4 Xbox controller with the Bluetooth. At this point, we are all familiar with this kind of system on the Xbox consoles. There are two USBs on the back and one on the front; none of them are USB-type C; they are all normal USBs, so you can plug-in any normal external drive, and it will connect just fine.

Other than that, there is HDMI 2.0, a storage port for extra SSD cards, and a power plug. Once you turn the Xbox Series X, it takes about five minutes to set it all up.

The Xbox Series X Review 2020

You can take your old account and move it to the Xbox Series X. It is identical to what we have seen in the past. But I must mention in the Xbox series X review 2020 that Microsoft has made sure to make the on-board process pretty easy as you just pop-in, and there are no issues there.

Once you are in, you will get the chance to adjust a couple of other settings like privacy and internet connection. The wireless adaptor in this console is better than the one in the original X. Many people had problems with its sensitivity to any network interference, but none of those issues occur on the Xbox Series X.

I am definitely not recommending you to go wireless; having a stable LAN is still the best choice, but it is a huge improvement nevertheless.

After about 15 minutes, that is, if we really stretch it a bit, you are up and running with your new console. Let us discuss the user interface now because it is absolutely pivotal on a next-gen upgrade. Both the new systems have the same basic backbone that can be clearly seen in the Xbox Series X.

It is exactly the same as last-generation because they don’t want it to be any different. It is mainly because of the almost a decade long tweaking of the software to make it more efficient. It is also easier for users to navigate through a familiar user interface on multiple platforms. They have moved away from the horizontal layout to a vertical look.

Removing pins and adding pins on games is quite easy to do here, so let’s say you pick a game and say ‘add to the Home,’ it pops up, and now it is also filled up with other apps like entertainment and streaming services.

Nothing is more than three steps away at max, so finding the options is easy, and it works for me, at least. Also, there is some customization you can do on your background, take a screenshot, and instantly make it your background display; we have seen this before.

The tab here is also where you can look at your storage and sharing options. What I really wanted to check was how quick it was to transfer games with the new SSD, and it is mind-blowing how fast it is to do it. So, using your external SSD, even if it is a slower SSD or a normal hard drive, it is going to be at its top speed.

About the thermal status, I was using various parts of the Xbox Series X, and it didn’t get warm at all, and more importantly, the fan noise was almost inaudible. No more jet sounding fans as was the case with the last generation; in fact, it was super quiet.

Let us now talk about the most anticipated ‘Quick Resume’ feature of the Xbox Series X. To be honest, I was not super excited about this feature; I did not know what I was going to get out of it.

Now I had a lot of time with it, and I can confirm that there are some instances when ‘Quick Resume’ dazzled me. As fun of both single-player and multiplayer games, I have always found it tedious to jump between the two games when my friends come online or leave.

Previously, when my friends would come online while I was playing Witcher 3, I would have to close it and load Apex Legends. Similarly, when they would leave, I would close Apex Legends and load Witcher 3 all the way through the main menu. Now I can instantly change the game, and it would load where I left it in a matter of merely five seconds.

The next thing up is the auto-HDR; it is HDR up-scaling basically where you can make a game HDR supported. It works ok, there are one or two games where it is a little finicky, but overall it still works better than most HDR games. It primarily allows for the older games to have an enhanced look and color when HDR didn’t even exist back in those days.

The Xbox Series X also has backward compatible games that will run in the same form with slightly up-scaled looks. Then there are enhanced games that Microsoft and developers have especially targeted to bring out a better performance from the console. One of the great things about the Xbox Series X and S an now even your previous Xbox will have this as a filter, you go into the game, and you hit a button to see enhanced games for series X and S.

The Xbox Series X Reveal

The Xbox Series X reveal made it look like a huge console, but it is really not that huge. Looking at the box, you have a massive amount of power in a small amount of space, and it has really shown it by the loading times both going into games and fast-traveling inside the games. Even the external was so fast that reading the hints is almost impossible.

The only standing concern is the amount of next-gen videogames you can play at launch. It is not unusual for a launch day console, and 30 games may seem a lot, but none of them really require the Xbox Series X to play. Even Xbox One had exclusives like Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza Horizon 4, which were really impressive from a technological advancement point of view. Regardless, the Xbox Series X is a very impressive upgrade from last-gen, and it would be interesting to see what developers do with its potential.

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