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There are four benefits to polishing concrete floors




The benefits of concrete floor polishing are numerous, especially for certain industries. Industrial floors are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. The benefits of concrete floor polishing are great no matter whether it was caused by foot traffic, vehicular traffic, or a combination of both. A polished concrete floor can also benefit from epoxy coatings, but let’s take a look at the top 4 advantages of concrete floor polishing for industrial and commercial spaces.

Grinding concrete is the process of smoothing rough surfaces using equipment, resulting in smooth surfaces. As part of the process, heavy machinery and various discs that are similar to sandpaper are used. Shining the concrete floor is done by using these discs and a machine.

There are different stages to Concrete grinding in Perth, and polishing is the last one. A very fine disc is used during this stage to achieve excellent shine and smoothness. Additionally, some concrete floors need to be polished to remove any residue on the surface. For a concrete surface that looks like well-polished stone, concrete grinding and polishing are often used together.


Concrete floor polishing has four benefits

  1. Ease of Maintenance
  2. Low Cost
  3. Increased Cleanliness
  4. Improved Appearance

1. Ease of Maintenance

The shine and beauty of an epoxy coating can be maintained by sanding and recoating it. A regular cleaning and an occasional burnish will ensure that your polished floor looks good for years. During the course of time, an epoxy coating could become damaged if your floor is prone to scratching or heavy wear. Concrete polished to a high sheen resists scratches and has a harder surface than traditional concrete.

2. Low Cost

A low-cost option for businesses that do not want to sacrifice quality is epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete. This type of flooring is less expensive and requires less maintenance, so it lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as some other options.

3. Increased Cleanliness

Industrial spills and accidents are often common occurrences, so concrete floors should either be polished or coated with epoxy. Since concrete is a porous material, it does not naturally resist substances such as oils, chemicals, and other liquids. Liquid Floors provides a floor treatment that will leave your floor resistant to the chemicals or compounds it may come in contact with. As a result, your workspace will be cleaner, safer, and more productive.

4. Improved Appearance

In today’s business world, most companies want to look better. The environment in which employees work can affect their productivity. Concrete is not only available in a standard gray color – which looks gorgeous when polished – but today’s polished concrete flooring also comes in numerous shades and nuances. In a business or industrial setting, epoxy coatings can be color coordinated to designate where specific areas are located for a more productive flow.


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Are you unsure whether polished concrete or epoxy coatings are right for your business? Liquid Floors offers a free consultation and free quote to help you choose the best flooring option for your home.

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