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These 5 Instruments Can Teach Beginners Everything About Music – Orlando, Florida




Everyone is into music, and everyone has their own way of enjoying it. Some people listen to the songs while humming the lyrics, but others love music so much that they take it up a notch and try to make their own music, which is something incredible.

Creating your own music is easily one of the best things you can do in your life. It is like creating a piece of art for yourself and people to enjoy it – and the more it spreads, the more you grow and succeed.

However, not everyone is familiar with the art of creating music. Vocals are a different thing, you are born with it, or you can go through training to polish your vocals more. But composing music through instruments requires a certain set of skills and expertise. Of course, no one is born with this skill, people learn it. And so can you.

Whether you want music as a hobby, as a passion, or a career choice, you can take a step closer by learning even just a single instrument – if you have a favorite instrument, you can learn to play it first. That way, it can also be a stress-relieving technique for you – a lot of people use music composition as meditation.

If you are a beginner or a newbie, you should first go for the instruments that are easier to learn. And that’s what this article is about. We have listed 5 very easy and amazing instruments that you can learn from home and have a great time with.

1.     Keyboard

If you are mistaking keyboards for pianos, then you should know: keyboards are different than traditional pianos. Basically, a keyboard is an electronic piano with a wide variety of musical features than just black and white keys.

A keyboard has a synthesizer that can play a wide variety of complex musical sounds and effects. These keyboards are very popular in children because they are amazingly helpful for recording and performing, but they are also quite admired in adults who are just beginning to learn music.

A keyboard is recommended for newbies because it doesn’t require you to play every tone manually, unlike the piano. As opposed to the piano, a keyboard produces sounds electronic, and you can play two sounds at once to be creative.

Some may argue that a keyboard is making things too easy for you and is unprofessional, but let us remind you that learning a keyboard has the same benefits as learning a traditional piano. A keyboard doesn’t only familiarize you with different instrumental sounds, but also develops your skills and makes it easy for you to learn the next instrument because you are, in a way, is familiar with it.

Moreover, if you are taking virtual music lessons, which are recommended to music lovers who want to play, then a keyboard might be of big help to you.

2.     Recorder

The recorder is another easy wind instrument that you can play as a beginner. Since a recorder is a relatively “cheap” instrument that is usually used in small-time performances, it is overlooked by those who want to make it big in the music. However, a recorder has been the source of some of the great and most melodious music in classical and modern times. And we believe every newbie should make themselves familiar with the recorder.

In fact, there is a very interesting historical background attached to the recorder. Even though it is a very old instrument, the recorder was stopped developing for centuries until the 20th century when its development was resumed for good. It has been in the hands of beginners and professionals for centuries.

The reason why the recorder is recommended to beginners is that, unlike flute or harmonica, it doesn’t require coordination between fingers, breath, and tongue. It can be easily played and standardized music can be created without even guidance from a super-skilled trainer; however, significant practice would be required.

3.     Violin

You might question the inclusion of violin in this list – it seems incredibly hard to play, doesn’t it? Well, you’d be surprised. The violin is a string-based musical instrument. It is the smallest and the highest-pitched instrument in the family of string instruments.

A violin is typically made with four strings that are played with the violin bow. It seems hard, but once you familiarize yourself with its strings and learn the basic way to draw a bow on its string to create high-pitched sounds, it becomes easy.

In different genres of music, like jazz, country, folk, and metal music, the violin has been very significant for putting introspective and sensuous melody. Learning to play the violin has always been among the top items in the bucket lists of aspiring musicians.

If you start learning to play the violin at the beginning of your music journey, it will help you become more focused and coordinated. Although violins do come in small sizes, you still need to maintain strength, balance, and a perfect posture while playing, something that isn’t really “required” by any other instrument. That way, violin instills discipline in your style of playing.

4.     Piano

Once you’ve practiced enough on the keyboard – or even if you opted out of keyboard practice – a piano is among the instruments that you should set your hands on during the start of your music journey.

It is common among young kids to take piano lessons at home. And that is because of one very good reason: it is a fantastic method to dive deep into music. A piano is an instrument that is designed in the most strategic way – no other instrument is designed like that. Every key is laid out to provide a tone slightly higher-pitched than the previous key.

Also, unlike piano or guitar, a piano doesn’t require you to master your fingering skills to get the pleasing sound. You can just tap on a couple of random keys for the first time ever and you will still manage to make a good tune.

A piano is important for beginners because it teaches about the art of reading music than just playing it. It becomes easier to understand notes and choruses in the different instruments after you’ve learned the basic ways to play the piano.

A lot of aspiring musicians take piano classes before learning any other instrument because piano makes every other instrument look relatively more readable. If you’re based in Florida, we recommend taking piano lessons in Orlando to become a proficient pianist.

5.     Ukulele

Similar to the recorder, a ukulele is one of the most overlooked and underrated instruments, usually handed to kids as a hobby instrument. However, it is one of the most fun and creative instruments, and every newbie should at least try playing it once. It doesn’t even cost you much.

Having four strings made of nylon, a ukulele is usually referred to as a mini-guitar. However, unlike the guitar, chords in the ukulele are simple enough to be picked by kids. You can learn to cover your favorite songs within a few first weeks. Moreover, if you are planning to become a performing musician one day, you might imagine yourself on stage with a stylish guitar. A ukulele will help you in that journey – it becomes very easy to transform to guitar once you are familiar with playing a ukulele.

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