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This Is Why Maluma Is So Famous!



Being a celebrity and being famous are mutual things that go along only if you give so much to the fans and want to see their most often favourites news plus, the social media craze. The most trending artist would have millions of followers on the social media network. But why Maluma is so famous? Maluma is the first Latino artist who has reached 10 million followers on Instagram. Not any male Latino artists have achieved it so far. Pit Bull Latino artists still have fewer flowers then him.

He has several albums with famous American rappers and artists. Not only Instagram, but he has also taken over the followers on YouTube that is to be 20 million. His fame cannot be less counted by he has made his mark in many tops listed Latina artists. He has been ranked at number 6 at the top 10 Latin artists and number 5 for top artists with the best albums.

Reasons Maluma has made it so far.

Factors involving the hit of any artist is due to his fan following and his net worth. What is the net worth of Maluma?

Net worth

His first debt release on Sony Music and the second album got him number 1 and number 2 rank in the US Latin chart and Spain and Mexico. He has given singles that have reached number one in many countries and collaborated with celebrities like Shakira. He won the Columbian artists of the year MTV millennials award in 2014. His fame and number one trending have got him to be the worth of $12 million.

Little about his journey

Juan Luis Londono, the real name of Maluma, is a twenty-six-year-old Latino artist who has won a Latin Grammy for his album FAME. He has set the records for selling the highest number of tickets in his Maluma World tour. He broke the records of filling the entire garden in New York with his fans in his FAME world tour 11:11.


Latina singer has given tremendous tours of his career life. his second tour, THE FAME in Washington DC, where he supported his third album Fame. He has shown enormous performances in super bowl LIII. The popularity of Latin artists can also be considered by his collaboration with famous artists like Fifth Harmony and Jason Derulo.

Dating whom?

In his recent Milan tour postponing due to pandemic, he spent time with his girlfriend Vivien Rubin and was seen flaunting romantically in Athens. They were both caught with casual outfits, just enjoying the time together. His girlfriend, who is a Russian model, was seen in leather pants black in colors. They were first rumored to be together at the starting of January.


Controversies are common in any celerity’s life. He was let down by the gray Latin awards as not given any nominee. The artists himself spoke about it and shown sadness over not being a part of nominations as he didn’t have any idea why they had to struck him out. Moreover, he has also given backlash by using inappropriate language in his music videos.

He has been in a controversy where he had to shut down his Instagram account for one day. He shared a pic of a newly born cub petting him, but the fans made a huge spark on it, saying that it is an animal violation of keeping a lion cub as a pet.


Choosing his career as a music artist, Maluma still plans it big. He has been endorsing many brands. Maluma has collaborated with Dsquared2 for styling in his tour outfits. He is a brand ambassador of the famous sports brand Adidas which is being launched in Columbia, Mexico, brazil Peru with his nite joggers. He has created muse in the fashion world for men.

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