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Tips to Choose a Life Partner in Arranged Marriage




Tips to Choose a Life Partner can be tricky. as it a decision that you will have to live with your whole life, so it requires to be made carefully. Here are some important tips you must consider while looking for a perfect partner.

  1. Listen to them carefully

Human personalities unfold with their words. Listening to your partner carefully will unfold many things. The way he/she talks acts, and most importantly what he/she talks about to reveal many things. Listening to your partner carefully will help you understand them quickly. The very first thing you can learn by just listening to them carefully is whether he/she has an optimistic nature or pessimistic. Also, you can have a real good idea of the complexities he/she may be suffering from. This tip to find the right partner will help you a lot in life.


  1. A long drive may reveal secrets

The best way to know about your partner is to travel with them. During traveling, people usually don’t fake themselves and you can have a really good idea of their personalities, their favorite locations, and what kind of music he/she love to listen to. Moreover, just two of you on a long drive will eliminate several distractions and both of you will listen to each other carefully and there is a great chance that your partner may pour their hearts out. this way you can have a deep understanding of their character and personality.


  1. Kind and loving are the attributes you should look for

While searching for the perfect partner, kind and loving must be the attributes you should look forward to. those with kind passionate warm hearts become the perfect life partners, he / she tend to understand life situations and will put you first before themselves.

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  1. Find someone who enjoys listening to you

Marrying someone who is more interested in your physical appearance and never pays heed to your emotions can be torturing and will have the worst possible consequences. Find someone who enjoys listening to you no matter how stupid you sound your partner must always cherish you and should provide the attention you deserve.

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  1. Look for similarities

Having a partner with the same goals for life as yours and the same interests that yours are can be fun. You both will understand and assist each other and you will love your life.


  1. Look for differences

We agree that similarities are important but there must be a few differences too or else life may get bored easily.  If your partner has a few differences, your partner may entertain you occasionally. Both of you will be able to explore and try things that one of you never had but the other one had. This can be fun and exciting.


  1. Must carefully evaluate physical compatibility

Evaluating physical compatibility is not how your partner is good at s*x, but how you feel your partner touches. The warmth of their touch, how peaceful you feel while holding hands, how your partners caress you, and how your partner’s gentle kisses refresh your mood. No matter how tired you are, if your partner’s warm hug lifts your mood then your partner and you are physically compatible.


  1. Do not rush for marriage

Beware of those who are pushing for marriage. Your partner forcing you rush to marry just after few meetings is bad news. It is found that those with a horrible past or who want to exploit want their partners to marry them as soon as possible. Give abundant time to your relationship, consider every aspect, discuss your plans, and see if your partner supports them, only then go for marriage.

  1. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is another key attribute you must look for while choosing a perfect life partner. Many times, in life there are situations when you are unable to explain yourself and you are looking towards your partner to have trust in you. It is like a leap of faith for your partner, only if he/she trust you mistake both can get through rough times.


  1. Know their past and tell yours honestly

Transparency is another key to a successful happy married life. know your partner completely, confidence in your partner so he/she could tell you everything about their past, previous relations, happy and sad moments, also their bad experiences he / she want to come over. Tell everything about yourself own self too, especially those things that may damage your relationship with your partner comes to know about years later. This way, your partner may decide to be with you or leave you before you two get deeply engaged in each other.


  1. Priorities

Learn about your partner’s priorities, know your partner’s goals, and if he / she prioritize other things before you then this is a piece of bad news. If keeping you happy and staying with you always and forever is your partner’s top priority then you have found a perfect one.


  1. Value yourself

Another most important tip, value yourself no matter what. It is okay to fall into a toxic relation, people do mistake all the time but lingering in shadows and mourning the rest of your life is self-inflicted pain. you don’t need to suffer for the few mistakes you make. Give it another chance to learn from your mistakes and find someone willing to hold you up.

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