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Top 10 best Cars of 1900s – Most Recognized and Rarest Cars of all Time




Looking at the luxurious cars of the 1900s, they really get the blood flowing at GP. If we’ve looked at the vintage racers to compacts to the latest supercar offering, got us to realize that there are myriad debates over which there are many memorable, most celebrated, and remarkable pieces. Therefore, to bring this inquisition to an end, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the 10 best cars of the 1900s. Cars are those objectives and everyone seems to have their own opinion from the cognoscenti to each other man. However, we have concluded this list of best cars of the 1900s based on design, popularity, exclusivity, performance, or all of the above. There are plenty of options that we might have missed in the list as everyone’s choice varies according to their liking and disliking. Thus sit back, hit the jump, and get to scrolling to explore.

Isotta Fraschini, 1900 – 1948:

Isotta-Fraschini have its origin from the combination of surnames of its two founders. They had found the model at the turn of the century, it concentrated exclusively on the top market after World War I, with the launching of the Tipo 8. This car model featured an aluminum-block straight-eight. It was sold as a bare chassis only; all of them were custom bodied. The branded car of the 1900s was the favorite of Hollywood stars in the roaring twenties. These popular Hollywood stars fan of best 1900s car included Rudolph Valentino and the fictional Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard (it was the classic movie which many have forgot now). You have the idea of Isottas Ferried royalty that it included the King of Egypt and the Queen of Romania. Besides the captains of industry are also worthy to mention here such as William Randolph Hearst.


Over time new cars were made in the 1900s, unfortunately, the demand for the grandiose Isotta-Fraschinis dried up specifically in the US. Moreover, automobile production effectively ended up in the mid of 1930s. Besides, a postwar attempt was made to restart the auto business that never got off the ground.

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic – 1936:

You can confidently say that Type 57 Atlantic is the kind of 1900s car that can never be copied, reproduced, or emulated without utterly ruining everyone’s memory. Having sight at the metal sheet alone will send your home drooling as just if you’ve seen the most sensuous woman in the world. The Type 57Atlantic still stands out over the generations with its curves galore and an elongated hood made it look like nothing else on the road in its day.


Do You Know? 

Which is the world’s most expensive car so far? Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic now auctions north of 30 million dollars making it one of the world’s most expensive cars so far.

Tucker Torpedo (1948):

Torpedo or Tucker Sedan was invented in response to the lack of innovative ideas from any of the other big three in the early 1940s. It was originally designed with innovations of four-wheeled independent suspension, along with a rear-mounted flat-six aluminum engine of the hydraulic drive system and four-wheel disc brakes. The sad of the story was that only 51 cars were made and Tucker Torpedo by Preston Tucker never got out of the starting gates. Taking the sight at the brighter side, a single iteration of this pioneering automobile car of the 1900s worth a sweet $1.2 million.


Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB:

One of the best most beautiful designs by Ferrari/Pininfarina – the 250GT Berlinetta SWB got the lead in the race ahead of 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans and secured the first four positions. It has a shorter wheelbase than the 250GT SWB boasted an improved cornering due to the wheelbase reduction. Moreover, it was a revised V12 parked under the hood, along with bigger carburetors. No other cars of the 1900s could crush the competition in racing circuits of 1959 and 1960. Today, you came across this luxurious 1900s car it would cost about $4 million to own a piece of racing history winner.


Ford GT 40:

The car model GT 40 was built by Ford not only to compete with Ferrari but to humiliate them at Le Mans. The 1900s car GT40 was racing dominant at its best, taking all the top positions at the grueling 24-hour race series 4 years in a single row. GT40 established by Ford takes place as the only American car built to ever take over Le Mans. GT40 was also found utilizing high displacement of Ford V8s. The feature that made the Ford GT spawned is the same kind of ferocious performance that made it an iconic piece of car history. As all the latest Ford car models have been pricey recently a 1966 Mk1 version was brought for $4 million at auction.


Aston Martin DB5:

Bond had made it famous in the Goldfinger, however; it satisfies all the merits of its own looks. The silky grand tourer – Aston Martin DB5 was built from 1963 – 1965. How does it stand as the most luxurious car of the 1900s? It was boasted a then-healthy 282 horsepower, making it powerful to reach 145 mph at the highest end and zero to sixty in around 7 seconds. Which is the most popular car of the 1900s still to stand the most demanding car in the world? The only answer to this DB5 which was instant panache for and give respect to anyone lucky enough to own this world’s rarest car.


BMW M1 (1978 – 1981):

BMW partnered with Lamborghini to empowered to build the sleep and unique supercars in the 1900s purely for homologation. Just before the production Lambo jumped ship and then BMW took over the whole project. Thus, BMW successfully came up with the rarest cars in the market in the period of 1978 to 1981. At this time more than 500 cars were built and today BMW still holds the M1 name sacred as another automotive world. Those who have seen this 1900s car in the flesh can admire how awesome it was in true words.

BMW-M1-(1978 – 1981)

Jaguar E-Type:

If you’ve got a look at any list of the top 10 most popular cars ever, this iconic beauty will stand somewhere on the top. This champ of Jaguar was gloriously long hooded and had the elegant power of the XKE that communicates turn heads anywhere you want to go. The features that made it the most desirable car were the burbling V12 power and the ridiculously low slung body. Therefore, people of that stopped doing up on Austin powers-styles and emblazon cars with the Union Jack. Riders enjoyed their driving gloves looking cool, not like the fool wearing them in his Trans Am.


Lamborghini Countach:

Lamborghini got its truly excessive supercar with a mailslot for a rear window, it’s impossible to park but cares. The reasons to make this 1900s car recognizable were wedge shape, scissor doors, massive engine vents, and pronounced angles made on it. Besides, it sported a monster Lambo V12 engine which was hellaciously fast. Thus, LP500S is the most remembered Big Bang required, however; Gold Chain and chest hair were not included.


Rolls – Royce Phantom:

The real British Luxury car holds the first position from all aspects. It started its run in 1925, The Rolls Royce Phantom moniker, and the heritage spread over seven model generations. Moreover, it was owned by the likes of John Lennon and Sultan Brunei. The person who drives it experiences equated to sitting in an executive boardroom on wheels. However, Rolls Royce got to suffer a bit in the fifth and sixth generations, but from the seventh to current generation the iteration proves to the perfect combination of power, performance, and sophistication. So, whether you like it for its power and size or ever-upright logo wheel hubs and its door retractable umbrella holders, Rolls Royce Phantom is the choice of every person next to the door.


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