Top 10 Brands of Makeup in USA 2020

Makeup has become an essential element for every step to go out. From the time of Egyptians girls, every second girl is seen wearing makeup. Wearing makeup doesn’t mean to carry heavy layers put on. It can be only a strike of lipstick and a coat of mascara for a regular routine. Now it does not require standing long for hours in front of the mirror and getting ready. The top brands of USA have introduced such elements that are easy to apply and long-lasting as well. The latest makeup routines last for the whole day as well. Verily you need to be very careful and possessive when it is a matter of your skin. As our skin is the most sensitive and delicate organ of our body. So, be conscious and make the right selection of makeup. You have to check the quality, ingredients used in manufacturing etc. Moreover, you have to be careful if you have allergic from any kind of objects.

List of the Top 10 Brands of Makeup in USA in 2020:

Viewing this list once solves your lifetime problems. And to make a decision about purchasing the products. Let’s have the look at the best brands of makeup and reason they are on the top.

MAC- Makeup Art Cosmetics:

The most renowned brand of cosmetics for many years. It ahead in the race of being the top three best makeup brands in the world. The headquarters of the company is located in New York. Whereas, it was originally found in Toronto in 1984. Their annual yield is about $1 billion. It is a brand that is can be seen used by the most famous celebrities. Originally, this brand and its products were designed for the professional makeup artist. Thus, the offers the most unique products as well as the best of quality that anyone can avail. The bestselling brand of USA- Mac provides a wide range of products. However, some of the most selling products are nail polishes, blush, mascara, eyeshades, lipsticks, mate lip glosses etc.

NARS Cosmetics:

It is the brand whose blush “Orgasm” has won the votes of the best product of cosmetics for three consecutive years (2006, 2007 &2008). Initially, they start from a very small scale but today they compete with the best brands of the makeup. It can be stated that the first sale yield was 12 lipsticks sold to Barney. This brand was started in 1994 by a person named Francois Nars who was a makeup artist as well as a photographer. They are verily famous for their minimal packaging of products.

Urban Decay – Top 10 Brands of Makeup in USA:

It is an appendage of the world top 10 brand of makeup “L’Oreal”. It has a basis in Newport Beach in California. They provide a wide range to color your hairs, lips, nails, eyes etc. moreover, there are also many skincare products available. Urban Decay actually aims the audience of higher class. So, thus to reach most of the young creative women all around the world. As been a derivative of the top brand they maintain the quality and standard as well.

Benefit Cosmetics:

Benefits Cosmetics LLC is found by the collaboration of two sisters Jean and Jane Ford. Their headquarter is based in San Francisco. They are growing along 30 countries with 2000+ counters. Benefits Cosmetic have popular for providing the finest quality products. That verily gives natural look to a lady. They have also launched “Forehead Bar” boutique in 2003.

Bobbi Brown:

From the name itself, it can get that it the brand of the well-known makeup artist Bobbi Brown. she has written approximately 8 beauty and makeup books. Moreover, the owner of the company has also worked on making 10 natural shades of lipstick. These shades of lipsticks were collectively called as Bobbi Brown Essentials. She also offers learning courses for interested candidates. Verily for those you want to pursue in the specific career of a beautician.

Clinique – Top 10 Brands of Makeup in USA:

It is also a derivative of a primary company Estee Lauder Company. Their products and items are mainly available at higher level departmental stores. So, it is clear that their prices are not so low. In 1968, Dr Norman Orentreich and Carol Philips found it. They believe in the regular skincare for best results of looks. Furthermore, they have launched dermatologically approved products for the allergies. They offer cosmetics for the type of skins that is why they are quite well known in the world. Clinique is providing its products in 130 countries of the world. So, the maximum number of people can enjoy wonderful experience with cosmetics.

Too Faced Makeup Company:

It is also a secondary derivative of Estee Launder. It was found by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson found it from which Jerrod is the chief responsibility of this company. They provide easily applicable products that create a funky as well as natural look. Makeup is a powerful tool that empowers the feminine. This is the company is the one to give a turn in the makeup range by being first to introduce glittery eyeshades. Moreover, they also introduced 24 hours eyeshades and lip plumping lip gloss. Too Faced Makeup try to give people professional looks as celebrities glam on the screens.


It is highly professional based and brand for the experts of a fashion house. They have introduced ready-to-wear dresses and lush goodies too. You will find their makeup accessories in top leading stores of your state. Moreover, they are the latest trendsetters in the market. You get to have a chance to meet the latest products of Chanel in the world’s leading stores such as Galeries, Bergdorf Goodman, David Jones and Harrods. Thus, this is the evidence that Chanel is the one the best makeup brand in the world.


It was found by the entrepreneur Thomas Lyle Williams. If we look at the start of this brand, we will get to read a very interesting story. That is so once he noticed his younger sister named Mabel. She was applying a mixture of coal and Vaseline on her eyelashes. He observed that this gives a longer and denser look to lashes. This was the inspiration to explore the right ingredients to make mascara. So, thus, he named the company on the name of his younger sister Mabel as Maybelline. In addition, they also own many well-known models too. They have got appreciation from the 120 countries of the world. There eye makeups accessories are the most worthy that enhance the whole makeup glam look.

Christian Dior:

Christian Dior produces clothes, fashion goods, perfumes, skincare, makeup items etc. Being quite old in the market, they still have the modernized and trendy material too. They own a separate brand for men. And also a division for the children and babies as well. They due to their quality and standard yet include in the top makeup brands list.

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All the stores are providing their exclusive accessories in the stores as well as on their websites too. You can order one for you. Whereas, you can go to stores for having a test trial first. Thus, be very careful and conscious in the matter of cosmetics.


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