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Top US 15 Foods That Every Single Vacation Lover LIKES to Eat




Food picks are an integral part of the overall tourist experience in the US. A country as big as this one is not only diverse in its landscapes, people and cultures, there is also a huge variety of foods that are offered in the US that you must try once on your visit to the land of opportunities. The 50 states reflect socio-cultural values in their dishes as each one of these food items is unique, equally delicious, and enriched with nutrition. The News Engine brings you the top US 15 foods that every single USA vacation lover LIKES to eat. So, if you are visiting soon, here is your ultimate guide.

There is a lot of taqueria on the streets of Los Angeles. There are many Spanish speakers and therefore, foods like Michoacán style goat and nachos are to be found as the local speciality. When you happen to be around, make sure to go and visit El Huarache Azteca. It is the humblest yet delightful eatery in the area of Highland Park. Our best recommendations on the menu are fried crisp taquitos stuffed with chicken and fajitas.

  • The Hamburger:

In the present day, Hamburgers are like national food in the US. They can be found in every state and every taste making it difficult to prioritize one over the other. Despite the wide availability today, The Library of Congress recognizes New Haven, Connecticut as the place of origin of the famous food in the US. It was in 1900 that Louis Lassen started serving Hamburgers and his great-grandson named Jeff Lassen still runs the place serving people Hamburgers cooked in a cast iron grill that is over a century old.

  • Bagels:

Bagels from New York are world-famous for their taste. Scientific studies have not yet figured out why New York beats any other place in the US when it comes to the quality and taste of Bagels. It is an average New Yorker’s go-to staple food for years. Whenever you visit New York, don’t forget to head over to Russ and Daughters and you will understand what we are trying to tell you here.

  • Texas Barbecue:

Barbecue is a routine in the life of an average Texan. There most common obsessions are Mesquite smoked meats and tender rubs. Do not be surprised if you go to a football game and encounter barbecue sessions in the parking lot. These ranges can easily worth up to five to ten thousand dollars. If you want to have a good brisket, we suggest you visit Dallas Farmers Market’s, Pecan Lodge. You can try delicious beef ribs, pork links, and pulled pork there.

  • Apple Pie:

American Pie has become a national institution today. All due to its delicious and sweet taste that is quite impossible to beat anywhere else in the world. People have spent their whole lives perfecting the simple recipe of tart sliced apples, sugar, and pastry mixed with butter. For a great experience, visit Kathy Knapp’s place the Pie Town of New Mexico.

  • Clam Chowder:

If you are visiting Boston, we have one piece of advice. Do not leave the place without trying the delicious Clam Chowder. In appearance, it looks kind of hideous. A soup that is all white and lump-filled. But you just need to taste it once to become an eternal lover of this American food. Atlantic Fish Co., is the most famous for serving great-tasting Clam Chowder. So, be sure to check out this item when you visit Boston.

  • Deep – Dish Pizza:

Chicago has a unique taste in pizza that just hits different. As the name suggests, this is not your everyday pizza. This is a high crust loaded with deep layers of cheese and tomato sauce. It is called a ‘Pie’ due to the nature of its design. If you plan to eat it on your visit, be sure to wear dark-colored clothes and take lots of napkins with you. The best place to eat Deep – Dish Pizza is Uno Pizzeria.

  • Hominy Grits:

Hominy grits are made out of corn, butter, and bacon grease. It is delicious food that is offered as a specialty in the southern domain. If you are inclined to get a taste of this treat, visit Blossom Restaurant in South Carolina.

  • Thanksgiving:

Well, this one is not a food technically. But thanksgiving is the most legendary annual event that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Americans get together as friends and family to celebrate this holiday with a wide variety of lavish food items. The most popular must-have table items include pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, turkey, and green bean casserole. Anyone who is in the US around this time should take part in this beautiful tradition to celebrate the tasty food and say thanks for what they have.

  • Sausage Gravy and Drop Biscuits:

Biscuits covered in delicious white sauce in Montana’s horse ranches as a breakfast. Locals love to restore their energy after working hard on ranches. This is not limited to locals, however; it will be a great experience to have for a tourist. The delicious food gives you a taste of local culture.

  • Crab Cakes:

Maryland is the home for the great tasting crab cake. It is basically a fishcake that is mixed with crab meat, bread crumbs, eggs, mayonnaise, milk, and various seasonings. The most ideal crab used in cakes is the blue crab. Usually served with French fries and a bun, crab cakes are a must-have for your visit to Maryland.

  • Jell – O:

If you follow US media, you must have heard the name Jell – O at least once. It is among the most popular American fruit desserts that were invented way back in 1897. The inventor pearl Wait experimented with Gelatin; a substance obtained by boiling animal bones. Heavily marketed by Woodward, who was a friend of Wait, jell – O got a lot of fame in the history of the United States of America.

  • Cheese Sandwich with Bacon and Egg:

The famous American sandwich has a combination of buttered or toasted bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese. However, there are many variations available in the market today. Commercially, McDonald’s Egg McMuffin has gained a lot of fame for its great taste.

  • Chili Dog:

This is a variation of a standard hot dog. Chili dog contains sausage in a bun, chili sauce placed on top, and other ingredients that are based on your preference. These hot dogs are famous for their unique sauce. Write this down on your list for a visit to the Chili capital.

  • Breakfast Burrito:

A great twist in burritos is the inclusion of ingredients of a breakfast. These burritos have bacon, eggs, and potatoes. It was an idea first attempted in 1975. This recipe gained a lot of popularity and was soon being used by giants like Taco Bell and McDonald’s with their variations. The breakfast burrito is a must eat if you go to the US on a visit.

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