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Top 15 NASA Space Academies in USA produced Most Astronauts




What is NASA and where are NASA space academies? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an agency that is run by the United States. Everything happening in space is probably related to NASA. Millions of scientists are working in this agency to expand the exploration of space. Which helps them to discover new technologies and increase their knowledge outside the earth’s world. The headquarters of NASA is in Washington DC. But how to get there? If you want to a job at NASA, you need to have degrees in one of the following: engineering. Physics, math, or science degree. They also aviate students from the military. Pilots are usually at the benefit as they have already gone through pilot courses.

It was only possible by a human to reach high up to the moon. The first human to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, in 1969 with the help of Apollo 11 spaceflight. That was the time when NASA become hugely famous for its outstanding work and thus the US became the first country sending the first man on the moon. Since then the US has built an outstanding education system for new students to achieve the knowledge and merge in the latest world of technology producing most astronauts.

NASA Space Academies in the USA

  1. United States Naval Academy

One of the oldest establishments in the USA that was founded in 1845, has marked the world best services academy to produce the best officers in the USA, located in Maryland. It has produced almost 50 astronauts.

  1. United States Airforce academy

It is the academy that is for all the air force students and space force students. Located in Colorado, this academy has produced more than 20 astronauts. It attracts millions of tourists around the world to study here.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ranked in the top 10 National Universities, this university produces almost 30 astronauts. It is a top-ranked engineering university where you can get to be an engineer and ultimately go for NASA spaceship programs.

  1. Naval Postgraduate School

The United State navy public school. It offers more than space. you can complete doctorial studies or master degrees. It’s a great opportunity for military students to get admission and become the future of the space world.

  1. Space Camp – NASA space academies

An educational camp can also benefit you get into NASA. This pace was established under the state government agency. It has given opportunities for future astronauts to study abut robotics and explore space-related knowledge. This can also be your ticket to NASA if you are passionate enough to take the chance.

  1. NASA Schools – NASA space academies

NASA has started this initiative that helps to build the character of astronauts at a young age. It’s psychology when children are introduced into something from an early age, they can become masters of it. Similarly, NASA explorer schools give full exposure to students from about 4 grades to 12 grades.

  1. NASA Academy – NASA space academies

Academy that explores the astronauts from the scratch. Give them the full insight into what’s NASA about. It’s a graduate and undergraduate training program that was started in 1993. Students get to participate in the NASA center.

  1. United States Military Academy

The surveys tell us that there have been many astronauts passed out from the military academy and selected by NASA. It is located in New York, the first-class off to become an astronaut was in 1950.

  1. Artemis Program

Artemis was a Greek goddess of ancient times, with its name indication, NASA has started the program to send the first women to land on the moon. The program is expected to start in 2024 and is a government-funded program in the US.

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology

To be a part of NASA you have to an aeronautical engineer. Georgia Institute of Technology gives you the best degree to become an aeronautical engineer and some of the famous astronauts have completed their degree from this institution.

  1. Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology

If you cannot pursue your NASA journey by taking admission, you can opt for an online scholarship, Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars

  1. Harvard University

The world’s best universities can opt for you from your space dream. Number 2 best space science subject and 12th in mathematics can provide you with the best knowledge.

  1. Stanford University

To become a part of NASA, space department and aeronautics which is the number 1 department at Stanford university

  1. Purdue University

One of the famous universities OF USA that has produced more than 20 NASA astronauts.

  1. University of Texas

Become the best aeronautical engineer and book your slot at NASA.

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