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Top 20 Highest Paid Influencers – TikTok Stars Earning per Video




Ex-President Trump gave a shock to the whole nation once when ‘TikTok Ban’ was declared. TikTok is today the livelihood of millions of teens. Fairly, we can say the coming latest generation on digital platforms is also making some bank. There are many richest Tiktok stars who business more than $1 million through the previous year. Keeping aside all the downsides, TikTok has ranked as the most downloaded application through the year followed by Facebook, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Now, the trend has changed from richest YouTubers to richest TikTokers. But, the question arises from where do these top social media influencers take home so much money. The great fame TikTok stars won made them work with several highly reputed brands such as Sony, Chipotle, and Revlon. Whereas, they also own personally branded merchandise as a source of their earning. Moreover, all these highest paid influencers have appeared on the first-ever richest TikTok star list.

Don’t stop reading here, as we’re going to revealing the estimated earning TikTok stars behind every video and their net worth from last year.

Addison Rae – $10991.51 – $27478.77/Post

Addison Rae TikTok profile began with creatively choreographed TikTok videos. Meanwhile, in no time she got enormous fame at LSU. Having millions of followers on the TikTok account, Addison Rae posted her first sponsored content for Fashion Nova. Moreover, brands like Reebok and Daniel Wellington become revenue streams accounted for two-third of Addison Rae’s estimated earnings. Today, Addison Rae’s makeup line ‘Item Beauty’ is known worldwide.

Addison Rae net worth: $5 million


Charli D’ Amelio – $16835.81 – $42089.52/Post

After coming on the screen, Charli was invited by singer Bebe Rexha at the opening of Jonas Brothers speed up the chain of fame. Later on, she was invited as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Moreover, Charli’s sponsorship deals began with companies like EOS cosmetics. Besides, she also appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Sabra Hummus. Charli D’ Amelio on her birthday launched her branded merchandise presenting T-shirts, Hoodies, Kids Accessories, and the Iced Coffee Collection.

Charli D’Amelio Net worth: $4 million


Dixie D’Amelio – $7106.50 – $17766.25/Post

Dixie is the older sister of Charli D’Amelio, both the names are found intertwined. Both the sisters left home from Norwalk, Connecticut to live in LA. However, Dixie does not lack behind her sister. Dixie D’ Amelio TikTok account has over more than 48 million TikTok followers. In addition, both the sisters are also seen as new faces for the clothing company Hollister. Meanwhile, Dixie is found striking the world with her music career, after releasing her first single “Be Happy” in June. This video led the way of Kayne West-Travis Scott, with 58 million views on the launch day and becoming as No.1 trending on YouTube.

Dixie D’Amelio net worth: $2.9 Million


Loren Gray – $6020.28 – $15050.70/Post

In the early days, Loren gray was misguided resultantly faced in botched sponsorship deals from her. It was the time when she got determined to follow her own mind. By the year 2018, Loren got a deal with Virgin Records and released her eight singles. Whereas, by the spring of the year, she got successful making her great fanbase on TikTok. This huge fan following brought her sponsor deals like that of Skechers, Hyundai, and Burger King. Moreover, she also got the chance to collab with reputed companies like Revlon too.

Loren Gray Net Worth: $2.6 Million


Josh Richards – $3345.66 – $8364.15/Post

By the famous saying of Josh Richards, it seems that he knows well how to make money with his fame. As by the traditional means of earning money by all the famous highest paid influencers, Josh also made sponsored videos for brands such as Reebok, Houseparty, YouTube ad revenue, and a new song-making deal with Warner Record. However, he is the co-founder of the talent management company, TalentX and drinks business – Ani Energy. Josh Richards is a thoughtful media executive, completely different from the image he has on TikTok as a resident heartthrob and bad boy.

Josh Richards net worth: $1.5 Million


Michael Le – $4951.69 – 12379.22/Post

Michael Le never gets shy anywhere, as sprawled shirtless on the bed in LA mansion that along with him four others renting. You get to find many similar listings on the Michael Le TikTok account. He believes in doing something more than just putting the mobile and recording. However, Michael Le and his 5 years old brother’s video of dancing on a descending escalator – is among the most shared TikTok video ever on the app. This single dancing video of Michael Le got about 478 million views. Well, Le’s sponsorship deals also include his long year’s collaboration with Bang energy drinks, all these deals making him highest paid influencer. You might have also seen him posting videos for them several times in a week.

Michael Le Net Worth: $1.2 Million


Spencer X – $5434.52 – $13586.30/Post

Well, our TikTok beatbox longs to hear the magic words as “When Coachella is going to be ‘Her, Spencer, you’re the one headlining Coachella as a beatboxer.” If not this then he definitely wants this ‘You’re gonna be there on Saturday Night Live next week and host it as well”.

Spencer has served his whole life long in studying beatbox YouTube Clips and longs to be the first big-time celebrity beatboxer. After getting on the platform of TikTok, Spencer hopes to get water to be strengthened with the sponsorship deals with UNO, Oreo, and Sony.

Spencer X Net Worth: $1.1 Million


Zach King – $6719.47 – $16798.67/Post

Gaining over more than 50 million TikTok followers, Zach King has made his place in the list of highest paid Influencers TikTok stars. Every kid as well as elder people knew well Zach King for years. Before getting illusion videos viral on TikTok, Zach ended up going viral with this YouTube channel and website. However, Zach King with his ‘Digital Sleight of hand’ video editing gathered love from all digital platforms. Moreover, these video editing chops landed him wonderful deals like that of Tic Tacs making his spot in highest paid stars.

Zack King Net Worth: $4-$5 Million


Riyaz Afreen – $5396.67 – $13491.69/Post

Riyaz Afreen is the first Indian personality to enter a list of highest Paid TikTokers in the world. He’s an influencer, actor, and fashion blogger. He’s well known for his lip-syncing videos and duet videos on TikTok. Riyaz entertains his more than 35 million in different ways, at times with comedy videos too.

Riyaz Afreen Net Worth: $2 Million


Baby Ariel – $4033.39 – $10083.48/Post

Just like Gray, Baby Ariel is also a famous social media personality with more than 30 million followers. She got into the space of media with Her real name is Ariel Rebecca Martin, but widely known by her TikTok account name; Baby Ariel. Today, she’s known for creating entertaining acts and lip-syncing videos along with releasing her own music too. Baby Ariel also runs an emoji app.

Baby Ariel Net worth: $6 million


Gil Croes – $2931.87 – $7329.68/Post

Gil Croes is an Aruban Model and known over social media for its great acting skills and comedy content creation. Gil Croes along with his brother Jayden, have their own YouTube channel – CroesBros to entertain the fanbase. Gil got graduated from college and stepped into the ram of modeling in Aruba. Besides, his modeling career he had been also making comedy and sketch videos on his Facebook account. Being, a video creator already and having a good fan following aided a lot Croes to get over the fame of TikTok.

Gil Croes net worth: $100k


Arishfa Khan – $3373.69 – $8434.23/Post

She is another highest paid influencer from the eastern culture. Arishfa Khan a 17 years old teenager makes money by dancing, lip-sync videos, and other content. Fakhan fans have gone crazy behind her Fashion blogs making her the highest paid TikTok star and most famous young Indian Celebrity.

Arishfa Khan Net Worth: $1 Million


Will Smith – $6593.49 – $16483.72/Post

Will Smith’s net worth is well out from the line of other famous TikTokers and highest paid Influencers as he has a long career in Media. However, being a famous TikToker in the world, it’s necessary to mention Smith’s earnings behind a video. Well, 52-year-old Will Smith earns good behind each video as well.

Will Smith Net Worth: $350 Million


Jason Derulo – $4785.29 – $11963.23/Post

However, they’re not those celebrities who purely got their fan following through TikTok only. Derulo is already a famous and active social media personality. Moreover, getting over the board of TikTok helped widen the boundaries of music lovers fans to an overall kind of following.

Jason Derulo Net Worth: $16 million


Brent Rivera – $4269.24 – $10673.11/Post

Top Social media Influencer includes Brent Rivera, who was already famous among the people. Rivera already has its YouTube channel monetized bring him a good amount every month. Moreover, this good amount is brought home by funny dating pranks vlogs, and videos on TikTok.

Brent Rivera Net Worth: $4 million


Mr. Faisu – $4725.25 – $11813.13/Post

Originally Mr. Faisu’s name is Faisal Shaikh. He stands at the 15th position in the most followed TikTokers in the world, with more than 32 million followers. Moreover, you’ll get to find Mr. Faisu with another female famous TikToker in India – Jannat Zubair.

Mr. Faisu Net Worth: $2 Million


Kimberly Loaiza – $4941.18 – $12352.96/Post

Kimberly Loaiza TikTok account has added up to her fame she made with her sweet voice. By creating entertaining musical videos on TikTok, she could gain 34.8M TikTok followers. Having a pretty face along with creative content creation skills made her famous among not only Mexican fans but all over the world.

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth: $3 Million


JoJo Siwa – $3534.52 – $8836.30/Post

JoJo Siwa is a famous American dancer as well as a singer. When both dancing and singing skills combine, TikTok videos automatically attract bee’s to watch. Moreover, such content creators like JoJo Siwa not only earn from a single platform TikTok but takes sacks of dollars from other platforms like YouTube and Instagram too. However, this is the main reason for high paid Influencers having great net worths.

JoJo Siwa Net Worth: $14 Million


The Rock – $5850.40 – $14625.02/Post

The long career of Dwayne Johnson earned him the title ‘The Rock’. He has a long career in wrestling, acting, action films branding, social media, and lots more. Thus, people just loved to watch The Rock more on other platforms. However, the earning behind each video couldn’t sum up to complete worth as he has many other earning sources as well. Yet, earning behind a video and net worth makes The Rock as Highest Paid Influencers in the world.

The Rock Net worth: $320 million


Awez Darbar – $3029.13 – $7572.84/Post

Awez Darbar is another famous TikToker going to be a rock platform more in the future. He’s a choreographer, dancer, and top social media influencer. He has been seen getting sponsored by several reputed brands in India as well as all over the world.

Awez Darbar Net Worth: $1 million (approx)


Well, this is the earning of TikTok stars making them the highest paid influencers in the world. The enormous fame of the TikTok application has aided a lot to make its top personalities their make their worth.

Top 20 Highest Paid Influencers – TikTok Stars Earning per Video
Top 20 Highest Paid Influencers – TikTok Stars Earning per Video
Well, this is the earning of TikTok stars making them the highest paid influencers in the world. The enormous fame of the TikTok application has aided a lot to make its top personalities their make their worth.
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