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Top 5 Reservoir Simulation Software




Petroleum engineers which work in oil and gas fields make use of simulation software to model their working conditions. This allows them to understand the nature of flow within the oil and gas field along with allowing them to predict the onset of potential problems. Below is a list of the best reservoir simulation software which can be used by workers.

  • Nexus Reservoir Simulation

Nexus Reservoir Simulation is open-source software that is free of cost and can be easily accessed. Unlike other reservoir simulation software, it is capable of producing 3D models of fluid flow, i.e, gas and oil flow from their point of origin (reservoir pores) to the location where they are sold. It can enhance efficiency and accuracy by showing the entire field as an integrated system with different components; therefore allowing it to detect potential problems. Furthermore, this software is capable of altering its simulation by how much progress the project is making.

  • BOAST (Black Oil Applied Simulation Tool)

Similar to the aforementioned software, BOAST can be installed by everyone. This software was developed by the United States department of energy and the last update was issued in 1986. Making use of an IMPES simulator, BOAST calculates the spread of pressure for specific operating conditions at a given point in time. Thereafter, it finds the spread of pressure using the same properties but by declaring the temperature as constant. This software aims to increase resource efficiency and is still largely used for educational purposes.

  • MRST (MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Tool)

Along with being open-source software, MRST is widely used by engineers and scientists around the globe. MRST makes use of rapid prototyping, which is a process that makes 3D models of physical objects using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Additionally, it employs the latest methods to carry out simulations. It features a workable, versatile, and easily adaptable grid structure which is bound to increase the effectiveness of the software especially when creating and testing mathematical models of various kinds along with inputting data regarding time-stepping methods. This software was created with the aid of a vectorized scripting language which speeds up the development process which is also user friendly.  MRST (MATLAB reservoir simulator tool) aims to integrate various features of commercial software in the hopes of making scientific knowledge more readily available for the masses.

  • Schlumberger Intersect

Established by two French brothers (Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger) in 1926, Schlumberger is a world-renowned oil company.  Schlumberger Intersect is designed and developed using great precision and finesse. It aims to get rid of the problems that arise while using other reservoir simulation software. With this software, engineers and other users can create comprehensive and elaborate models of the actual field and the various facilities present on the field. This software promises accurate output because it is constantly fed data with the aid of real-time sensors installed on the field. Furthermore, this software enables engineers and related professionals to solve tricky and complex problems that arise in oil fields using the Intersect simulator and Python. Schlumberger Intersect allows users to model intricately designed oil fields using IAM (Integrated Access Modelling). This module is designed to pair the simulator with other networks, equipment, and tools. On the whole, the Schlumberger Intersect is a reliable and advanced simulation software that is capable of creating high-resolution simulations and outputting accurate and precise results using real-time technology.

  • Meera Simulation

Meera simulation makes use of technologically advanced and conventional techniques to obtain data from oil and gas fields with the sole purpose of ensuring that assets and resources are used optimally and sustainably. To do so, data is acquired from the fields continuously. Then, the obtained data is tested by an adept professional. The final stage is to produce a step by step and systematic plan which lays out ways in which assets can be used sustainably. Meera simulation allows users to alter their production predictions to ensure that precise and accurate decision making is carried out. In conclusion, Meera stimulation enhances the effectiveness of workers and assets and produces results that are exact and unambiguous.

Top 5 Reservoir Simulation Software
Top 5 Reservoir Simulation Software
Here's the top 5 reservoir simulation software in the oil and gas industry that every oil and gas company must use to ensure better analysis.
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