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Top Reasons the Public has Lost Trust in Doctors




When was the last time you visited the physician? Did he prescribe you the medicine? Let have read about Reasons why the Public has Lost Trust in Doctors.

Are you sure the prescription was a pick of the bunch?

Hospital Bills Cheat List

Hospital bills are the number one cause for personal bankruptcy in the US. If we are to believe a study published in Feb 2019. In the United States alone, 530,000 bankruptcies filed. Medical bills showing the big picture of trust.

Medical Insurance is just an illusion in our country; they are not going to assist you in the face of more significant health challenges.

Why did this situation arise in the country? Who to Blame?

Should your government or the insurance company be charged for this heart-rending ball game?

Or is the collusion between physicians and the pharma industry worsening the order of our healthcare system?


Let’s find who to BLAME?

The Greed-Care System

If you think your physician is near to god, this is the time to realign your thinking. There are hundreds of studies which are pointing to financial relationships between the two primary pillars of our healthcare system. Your physicians are being bribed by the pharmaceutical industry to write prescriptions to meet the requirements of the industry.

They are prescribing you the costliest medicine possible to gain financial advantages from those drug makers.

Irrational medical prescriptions showing bigger picture. That runs behind the backdoor. The physicians don’t care for their patient irrespective of their financial and social status; what only makes a difference is the money.

Has you lost trust in Doctor?

They receive handsome money, luxury cruises, exorbitant meals, alcohol & further education. Even women from evil pharma companies to facilitate the business model more easily.

One case that we specifically want to talk about is the whistleblower case which is in the spotlight these days.

Novartis is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world that has agreed to pay $678 million to settle the corruption charges against them. It is being alleged that this company has spent billions of dollars in kickbacks to thousands of doctors across the US to influence the prescription behavior of doctors.

Your physician may hold back life-saving medical care. You must need to put amount in their mouth.

Herps Outbreaks

Jim Makichuk is a herpes patient, and he has to buy cold sores ointment very often to manage herpes outbreaks. A few years ago, the cost of the Zovirax cream purchased from a Canadian drug store was $34.65 without insurance.

The same ointment he bought from a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy in Los Angeles cost him $2600. This time the insurance was into play & Jim Makichuk had to pay only $95 while the insurance company bore the rest of his cost.

This is how the industry and physicians work for mutual interest. In their business model, medic ethics and patients lack way behind.


We are not saying every physician is corrupt. You should not hand-over your medical decision to someone with a crooked hand. Take your step and ask your physician to prescribe medicine which is best suited for your existing condition.

Generic drugs are the best way to decrease financial burden; you can ask your doctor to help you with the prescription of generic medicine. Try to be yourself healthy, eat healthy foods. Avoid taking on too much stress, this will help you click the better disease-free life.

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