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Top Thrillers To Watch On Netflix




Binge-watching seasons on Netflix is something every other Netflix user is doing in 2020. Locked down at homes, what could be more thrilling than watching thrillers on Netflix all day long. Top Netflix thrillers are countless on the list of best movies on Netflix.

Netflix movies have a lot of surprises this year including the best Netflix series. 2020 can not get over with the best series of money heist, although we are still missing a decade brilliant HBO series the game of thrones, but hope to see it soon on Netflix.

Top thrillers to watch on Netflix is a list that emphasizes 2020 releases but we cannot forget our old thrillers. As Netflix has got top old thriller in the list for their viewers. Let’s find out from the scratch.

The Devil All the Time – Thrillers on Netflix

One of the best thrillers on Netflix is this baby. This thriller revolves around an orphan boy, the character played by tom holland, and his father Charlotte who has loft his wife to cancer. The creepiest character is of Roy, who has encouraged charlotte that the dead can be brought back to life. Due to this hope, charlotte keeps killing couples and take photos of them, wishing that his dead wife will come back to life. the story has some thrilling scenes that the audience might not be able to digest easily. We will also see all-time favorite Robert Pattinson as Preston Teagarden.

A Fall from Grace

Netflix movies never disappoint and so does this Netflix thriller. It’s about a wife who had been ditched by her husband. As her miserable life, her friend advises her to look after herself now and start a new life but grace doesn’t know what she will end up with. The short-lived love story becomes a tragedy for her and she ends up in jail accused of murdering her husband. Brehsa Webb plays as a lawyer of grace who thinks there is someone else behind the murder.

The Occupant

2020 could not be more thrilling than watching the occupant and jumping out of your couch. The suspense is immense and every scene has heard throbbing storyline.

It is a Spanish film that first got released in us 2020.

The stalker almost gives the chills of a thrill movie and the stalker in this thriller is actually

Apostle (2018)

Mysterious things are about to happen on a remote island. Thomas Richardson is on the way to rescue his sister from this island. But creepy things happen, someone’s head is being screwed with the machine, dead bodies are hanged on trees. No one can save you from this island, not even your god can save you. The island is scared of a cult who performs all the sinister rituals.

Tau 2018

The Netflix movie that is about technology and how its ruling humans. The character is held captive by a technology riven guy who doesn’t think out of the technology world. He performs several tasks testing the capabilities. Julia is kept captive by Tau who is not letting her out of that house. She also meets two other subject’s captives played by Fiston Barek and Ivana Zivkovic at the same place. but will Julia be able to escape and achieve her freedom?

Blue ruin 2013

Revenge thriller on Netflix can not be better than this one. A guy who is in revenge for his parents’ murder. He an immature person and tries to prove himself a mature revenge taker but unfortunately while killing a guy with a knife he tangles himself into something more disturbing.

Macon Blair plays the character of Dwight and Wade Cleland is a killer of his parents.

When he gets out of jail, Dwight believes that it’s his time to take the revenge of his parents’ assassination. The story swirls around a man who has nothing to lose and he fears nothing ending up in revenge rage.

Uncut Gems- 2019

Howard Ratner is a character played by Adam Sandler who was once a successful dealer of gems. But due to his addiction to gambling, he got himself into big debt. He has a family who also gets fed up with his gambling addiction. The story thrills begin when he links himself with one of the successful high-profile buyers. Who tends to buy an Ethiopian gem from Howard, which he has recently discovered? All the trouble starts here.

Secret obsession 2019

Some secrets can be buried but can not be hidden for long. A thriller that revolves around a secret where the character Newlywed Jennifer loses g=her memory after recovering from a brutal accident.  But as Russell appears, it’s clear that she is married to him. But the story has some other turns. Seems like Russel has buried some secrets and he has plotted a whole attack to kill the real husband of Jennifer and while she losses her memory he takes over. The detective plays another role in solving the mystery played by Dennis Haysbert

Fractured 2019

a story that starts when a couple’s daughter fractures her arm while they are at a rest area on the highway. They rush t the nearest hospital and gets her a doctor. But the hospital has something strange going on. While exhausted, Ray, the father of the girl, wake up and finds his wife and daughter are missing and the most thrilling part comes here when the hospital shows no record of his family coming into the hospital.

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Parasite 2019

The best film award in 2019 is a mixture of many genres. It’s a thriller and comedy at the same time plus it shows the reality of the world capturing the poverty of a family who lives in a basement with their offspring. where ki-woo is among them who want to get wealthy. A twist takes part when he is offered a fake degree by his friend is asked to tutor a girl who is quite rich. He starts giving her tuition and during those scenes’ thrillers take place with turning story plots.

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