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Top 25 Tricks and Tips in Minecraft that No One knows ever Before!




Minecraft is one of the most demanding video games in the world. Basically, it’s a game that gives you free rein to build architectural structures. Besides, you can explore an infinite world for exploring eye-popping biomes spread from snowy mountains to lush green jungles. However, every new player faces lots of problems in digging, building, and crafting in Minecraft. Whereas, even if you are playing Minecraft for years, still you always need to learn some of the latest tips to Minecraft the best masterpiece. Here we’ve some essential tips for those who are getting started with Minecraft: Pocket Edition and some Minecraft survival tips to excel in the game to great extent.

Tips to Get Started with Minecraft

Once you’ve purchased the Minecraft Pocket Edition it’s time to decide which type of and what level of the game you are good to play. Generally, there are two different modes in Minecraft Pocket Edition: Survival and Creative. In survival mode, the player enters into a randomly generated world without any kind of provisions and health limitations. In this mode, all you need to do for surviving is mining. Moreover, in this mode, you need to be clever and quick as the enemies who are greedy for your blood come out as soon as the sun goes down.

Another mode that is mostly preferred when you simply like to build, is the creative mode. There are no obstacles and distractions, the player can easily focus on building its desired architectural wonder masterpieces. Moreover, you enjoy unlimited resources in this mode, that even aren’t available in the Survival mode. One more interesting and amazing part guess what? You can fly free like birds in the sky.

Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy more control over the type of world you like to mine, then prefer checking out Seeds. Seeds are actually some sort of numbers or letter combination which can be considered as the foundation for Minecraft Worlds.

Tips in Minecraft for creating your skin

This tip is for the beginner who is not familiar with Minecraft features available. Minecraft lets the player customize their character by selecting from several ready-made skins available in the Minecraft setting. Besides, selecting one from these ready-made ones, you can now also create one on your own in recent updated versions of Minecraft. Tip in Minecraft for character customization; if you want to enjoy more fun then select an architecturally-inclined dinosaur.

Top 20 Tricks and Tips in Minecraft

No doubt, this list can never come to end as there is a lot always to cover in Minecraft. You can say that game is extremely expansive, however, can be limited only by the creativity of the players. Yet, for the most creative player too, there will be many things to discover. Here are some tricks and tips for Minecraft players to more and more.

  1. Recent Updates of Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villagers is just a recent update launched in Minecraft recently. It is kind of villagers with a disease that turns a normal human being into a zombie. However, you are up with some special skills to cure them as well as activate their trading post. For being successful in this task you need to use the trick of Minecraft curing Zombie Villagers. First of all, you need to inflict the weakness level of the Zombie villager which is done with a potion. Then you should give it a Golden Apple and wait for 2-5 minutes. Finally, after all these efforts you’ll find the Zombie Villager cured up from its disease.

  1. Go for Personalized Dog Collars

It’s a tip in Minecraft to go hunting with an army of dogs. This group of dogs in this game are great in combat and also helps you turn the tide in the player’s favor. Don’t forget to give them all different names and differentiate one from another. The best way to create a difference with the dogs of your group is the use different colored collars. You can color the collar of the dog by simplifying dying it with that specific color and there you have your customized dog collar in Minecraft.

  1. Go for Mooshrooms

In this game Mooshrooms are a special kind of cows that are exclusively just present in Mushroom Biome. You can consider them just the same like the normal cows and even you can milk them. The exceptional case here is the you won’t get that what you actually except to get from it. Here instead of milk, you get mushroom stew. These stews are quite useful as they can restore your hunger bar. So, remember this tip in Minecraft whenever you find yourself in Mushroom Biome, then never miss a chance to gather as many mooshrooms as you can.

  1. Prefer Walking on the Edge

Always remember that when you are crouching then there is a wide possibility for movements’ options.

While crouching actually you can walk off the edge of the block in the Minecraft. Crouching is best when you are building a bridge like structure. Moreover, you should be quite careful while handling the crouch button as it can let your character fall. Therefore, whenever you try to use this Minecraft trick high in the air, and then make sure you hold onto the crouch button.

  1. Don’t Forget to Use Bonemeal

Bonemeal in Minecraft is simply made from the skeleton bone. Basically, it is mainly used to grow plants and trees in the game. You will find this trick help when you are building a farm or need to grow some tree for wood. Though, they are quite easy to find as you can easily get from the skeletons. Mostly you can find them in the nighttime and aren’t hard to fight. Minecraft Bonemeal is considered the best tool for the farmers at the heart.

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