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Try to Get Long and Thick Eyelashes




Long and powerful eyelashes are the results of multi-directional activities. Home methods of eyelash growth include proper eyelash care combined with the utilization of excellent quality cosmetics. There are many nutrients available on the market that accelerate the expansion of eyelashes, among which preparations within the variety of serums deserve special attention. Their selection should be dictated by the effect of lengthened eyelashes and the security of use.

Loss of eyelashes – what’s bad for eyelashes?

In addition to the aesthetic function, eyelashes also play another vital role for the body. They protect eyeballs against the harmful effects of radiation, water, environmental pollution, and tiny insects.

The growth of eyelashes, their density, and general condition are influenced by many factors, in particular: genetic disorders, age (with the aging of the organism, the expansion potential of eyelashes decreases, hair becomes brittle and brittle), and diet.

However, weakness leading to eyelash loss can have a variety of other reasons, including:

  1. improper way of removing eye makeup,
  2. using the incorrect eye makeup cosmetics,
  3. frequent use of waterproof mascaras and an eyelash curler,
  4. long-term eyelash extensions,
  5. unfavorable climatic conditions, e.g., temperature fluctuations, frost, wind, sun.

Also, excessively rupture eyelashes may indicate rather more severe health problems: allergy, hormonal disorders, infections, or inflammation of the hair follicles or the perimeters of the eyelids.

How to take care of eyelashes? What to try and do to form eyelashes grow faster?

Proper maintenance is crucial within the fight for naturally thick and long eyelashes. The premise is that the excellent and thorough eye area makeup removal employing a cotton pad soaked in a watch makeup remover or a micellar liquid.

To properly clean the eyelashes from the remnants of makeup and other impurities, gently put a cotton swab to the eyelid, hold it for a flash, lightly pressing along with your fingers, then carefully, not breaking or pull out the hair, pull it down.

To accelerate eyelashes’ expansion, it’s also essential to comb them daily with a thoroughly washed brush leftover from used mascara or a specially designed brush.

The massage around the eyes is also helpful because it improves microcirculation and improves the hair follicles’ functioning, nourishes the hair follicles, and thus – faster growth of eyelashes. It will be performed independently or in the same salon.

It is essential to use eyelash care products within balms, conditioners, or eyelash serums daily.

Eyelash serum – an answer for solid and long eyelashes

Eyelashes, rather like hair on the pinnacle, require nourishment and regeneration, provided by a specially designed preparation. We’ve various kinds of agents at our disposal, but the most straightforward eyelash serum is considered the most straightforward eyelash serum.

Compared to other cosmetics, they’re distinguished not only by the convenient method of application but specifically by the very best concentration of active ingredients, which translates into high efficiency.

The serum spread right next to the lash line effectively stimulates the hair follicles to figure, accelerating the expansion of eyelashes. At the same time, when applied along their entire length – it perfectly moisturizes them and increases their elasticity. Because of these preparations’ regular use, it’s possible to realize spectacular effects within the more robust, thicker, and lengthened eyelashes.

A good eyelash serum not only allows you to attain the specified visual effect but is additionally entirely safe for health. The way to choose a good and safe eyelash growth preparation?

The best eyelash serum – what should it contain?

What are the ingredients of the eyelash serum worth listening to form sure that its use will bring satisfactory results? The formula of this kind of cosmetics should include:

  • Lipooligopeptides – stimulate the lash bulbs to provide keratin;
  • Matrilines, provitamin B 5 – are accountable for the expansion and reduction of eyelash loss ;
  • Aloe, antioxidant – perfectly moisturize and strengthen the eyelashes, also as soothing and regenerate the skin of the eyelids;
  • Skylight extract – soothes and soothes irritations of the eyelid skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid – ensures the correct level of hair hydration;
  • Glycoproteins – have a remarkable effect on the hair follicles;
  • Biotin and water-soluble vitamin 12 – prevent eyelash loss;
  • Nano peptides – accelerate and extend the eyelash growth phase.

Careprost – is it harmful?

In addition to the above ingredients, the cosmetics market is conquered by preparations containing Careprost. It’s a compound utilized in ophthalmology as a component of eye drops used to treat glaucoma or increased force per unit area.

On the opposite hand, the eyelash conditioners use their side effects to stimulate the excessive growth of eyelash length, increase their number and thickness, strengthen their condition, and deepen the natural color.

However, it should be remembered that Buy Careprost, like many other drugs, includes several side effects, which have in particular:

Conjunctival redness, itchy eyes

Conjunctivitis and corneal inflammation,

A feeling of burning and irritation within the eyes, watery eyes.

Preparations containing Careprost might also cause deterioration of vision, pain within the eye and head, enhancement or change within the color of the iris and therefore the skin around the cavity, resulting from the rise in melanin content in melanocytes. Consequently, it’s best to settle on preparations without this dangerous ingredient.

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