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Turkey got Suspended from Global F-35 Joint Strike Partnership!




A piece of alarming news shared a few hours ago on U.S. embassy in Georgia websites states that the U.S. imposed sanctions on Turkey for ‘Knowingly engaging in a significant transaction’ with Russia’s powerful arm exporting body the Rososboronexport even when they have an alternative to consider. The news also stated that this purchase S-400 system is a clear threat to the U.S. as it would ‘endanger the security of U.S. military Technology’. It will also be powering Russia as it provided a huge sum of money to the Russian defense sector, along with the Russian access now available to the defense industry and Turkish forces. Under CAATSA 231, U.S. retaliated this intolerable action by imposing sanctions including a ‘ban on all U.S. export licenses and authorizations to SSB (Republic of Turkey’s Presidency of Defense Industries)’. This decision also leads to the suspension and removal of Turkey from the ‘global F-35 Joint Strike partnership’.

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Turkey got Suspended from Global F-35 Joint Strike Partnership!
Turkey got Suspended from Global F-35 Joint Strike Partnership!
For making a controversial transaction of the S-400 system with Rosoboronexport (Russian top arm exporting body), U.S. Sanctioned Turkey banning all the U.S Export Licenses to SSB and suspended Turkey from the global F-35 Joint Strike Partnership.
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