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Ultimate Blog Post Ideas for More Traffic!




Stuck with finding out new ideas to start writing next? It is the most common issue that is faced by the majority of writers today. However, it’s a fleeting moment of writer’s block or an issue that is related to the fact that you’ve exhausted yourself with choosing topics. So, here comes a cheat sheet for you – an ultimate list of the latest blog post ideas which can be used when your ideas run dry. It’s impossible to conclude all the ideas on a single page, yet we’ve tried to categorize most of the Blog Post ideas for writers. You can randomly roll the die and grab a topic from or try to opt for one of your interests.

Funny Blog Post Ideas

If you like to write personal blogs, then funny blog posts are a good option for you to work upon. However, such kinds of blogs will do help you with business and professional blogs as well. Well, here is how can you create a worthy piece to read in the collection of funny blog posts.

  1. Start with sharing little-known facts about you and yourself, your business, or the type of blog niche you’re following.
  2. Discover and write a funny conspiracy theory behind an important moment of life or person.
  3. You can also make it the most hilarious by sharing your favorite jokes.
  4. Try presenting something funny about your bad, your fridge, your wardrobe, or anything such on your bookshelf.
  5. We all have a famous person or celebrity in our life, for whom we long the whole life to meet them once. You can talk about that famous person, why you like to meet and what you’d do after the meeting.
  6. You can write a comparison between your real-life and reel life as well.
  7. Share DIY ideas in your blog post that you usually use. Or any such DIY idea that is invented by you.
  8. Write a list of ways you use to surprise your spouse, parents, kids, and friends.
  9. Share your experience at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant.
  10. To grow your blog post traffic, you can also organize a viral giveaway event to engagement maximum audience as much as you can.

Useful Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

When you’re starting your blogging career need choose topics very carefully as they need to attract maximum as much as they can. These are some of those blog post ideas which will definitely increase engagement and traffic to your post.

  • Explore to find out the problems mostly the audience face. Presenting a solution to that will definitely attract them and will be interesting.
  • Explain the working and usage of any new tool or application in the market. When anything new is launched in the market people look for information about it.
  • Write for people how can they save few hours in a week and how should they spend their leisure time.
  • List the activities people should practice traveling on an airplane or train. In this type of travel blog idea, you can also mention things one should avoid and those that need to be considered at topmost heed.
  • What are the common questions that interviewers should ask? And what is the answer the interviewee should give? These types of blogs are highly searched by candidates before going to an interview for any new job.
  • Create a comparison between two things like product and services, online teaching and physical classes, etc.
  • Explain the changes you’ve gone through so far in multiple stages of life.

 Blog Post Ideas Lifestyle Niche:

It is really interesting to know about how others do their life tasks, what is their daily life routine, etc. Therefore, when it’s about what should my first blog post be? Well, with plenty of justifications it should be about lifestyle. However, you need to be quite careful while writing your first personal blog as there you need to consider several factors what information is right to publish and which is not. Here grab the ideas of how you can make blog post ideas of lifestyle strong and interesting.

  • Interesting facts about yourself, that others have never come across.
  • Which is your favorite movie or series? Why the specific reel is your favorite?
  • Share some best childhood memories that you remember.
  • If you have an embarrassing story then that be also quite interesting for the reader.
  • Be an inspiration for other and motivation to keep up their morals by quoting the greatest success story of life so far.
  • Besides, motivation you can also tell them your epic failures and the ways you used to overcome them.
  • Write about what does a typical normal day in your life look like
  • If you would like to have lunch or spend a whole day with your person? Also, write this with the name of that ideal person.
  • What is your fitness health routine?
  • What are your skincare and makeup routine?
  • What are things that can’t live without them?
  • Share your music playlist and what type of music is usually your preference.
  • What all books are there on your shelf?
  • What type of bags and shoes do you love?
  • Your morning and bedtime routine.
  • What makes you feel most relaxed after a long day?
  • Share the pictures and interesting information about your workplace and home.
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Which your favorite social media personality or what is your favorite channel on YouTube?

Here are the ultimate latest blog post ideas, to aid you in writing well and engaging. Now it’s your turn to choose the one that best suits your nature and writing style. Always be careful while choosing blog post them as it very depends upon on your interest and thinking level tool.

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