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Unbelievable Facts About American History of Top 10 Black Authors




History has been the success of the future for all generations. Assets born in the history of the world are the gems for our future. It comprises many aspects like political, social, cultural, and many more. One of the wider aspects of all is the history of literature that has shaped American literature to become worldwide famous. The author’s history of Americans has inspired many authors to come forward. Talking about Americans, African Americans can never be forgotten. From legendry scholars like Martin Luther King, Jr to famous black author ralph Ellison, black lives have always mattered and in their memory of remarkable names, the black month is celebrated to honor the lost heroes of African Americans (Black Authors).

Black Author History

Black lives have given tremendous work for many centuries. The African American authors used autobiography as most of the subjects for their narratives. The narrative was famous due to the slave narrative from where most of the black lives escaped slavery and made initial steps towards their freedom. Although they still face difficulties being Nigro’s or red Indians but so far, the legends will never be forgotten, and yet many more to come. The biggest turn over that took place in New York was in theHarlem renaissance where literature and art grew wider and influenced by writers from the north and the immigrants.

Not forgetting the achievements of African American writers that included a Nobel prize awarded to the first female writer Toni Morrison. Over the period the narrative changed from slavery and biography by spreading awareness and fighting for the rights of black lives.  Racism was confronted in the United States. Due to the bold step and speaking about the rights of their own, it has now become an important part of American literature.

Recommended Black Authors Books to Read

Black authors can be divided gender-based because back women have equally contributed to the history of literature and received prestigious awards. We will discuss the top 10 black Authors in America, 5 males, and 5 females.

African American females used literature as an education awareness which was very famous in the 18 century and has gained renowned acknowledgments and achievements in the 21st century. The topics that have usually been highlighted are racism, sexism, and all the social issue involved in society.

Octavia Butler

The first science fiction author to receive MacArthur Fellowship was this lady that started writing science fiction as a teenager. She had contributed to research papers and one of the research papers are present in Huntington Library.

Barbara Christian

Barbara Christian was not only a famous artist she was a lecturer at the University of California. She was a lecturer of African American subjects and had published more of the 100 articles. Her work as an author was famous for her work in black women novelists. It was her first published book. This book demonstrated the work of black feminist’s work from an early age.

Samantha Irby

She is not only an author but a comedian and a blogger. She beautifully puts humor to entertain her readers and never get bored of reading her works. She has written the top book of 2017 ‘We Are Never Meeting in real life’

Jacqueline Woodson

She is an author who writes about children and teenagers with bold realistic topics that are associated with love or teenage pregnancy etc. Her book ‘The Brown Girl Dreaming’ where she has narrated her childhood story.

Alice walker

The national book winning author for her novel The Color Purple. She is an activist, poet, and story writer who has given gems in her career.

Colson Whitehead

An American author with 7 novels. He has won a National Book Award a two times Pulitzer Prize winner in 2017 and 2020.

Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates

He is a well-known author and journalist. He gained a lot of fame while he wrote about the issues addressing politics, socializing, and culture. Won National Book Award for Between ‘The World And Me’.

Gregory Pardlo

Gregory Pardlo is an author and professor by profession and an American poet as well. He has won awards for his poetry work. The book ‘Digest’ won the Pulitzer Prize in 2015.

James McBride

James McBride won a National Award for his book the ‘Good Lord Bird.’ He is also a musician by profession and of course a prestigious author.

Paul Beatty

Last but not least the author who won the Award National Book Critics Circle.His novel ‘The sellout’ received man booker price.

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