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Uncharted Movie Tom Holland




After many creative changes and twelve years of the announcement, an Uncharted movie Tom Holland first look has finally surfaced on the internet.  Tom Holland himself posted the first look of his on-set appearance as Nathan Drake. Uncharted series is among the top PlayStation first-party exclusive games by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

People quickly became fans due to the cinematic roots of the Uncharted games and the fantastic action set-pieces. Due to the quality of writing and execution, the series soon became a strong competition for Tomb Raider. Uncharted series has received a lot of success in all of its four instalments.

The developer company Naughty Dog was previously known for Crash Bandicoot, which was a hit platformer on PS1. Today, the studio is cashing big on smashing hit IPs like Uncharted and The Last of Us series.

The Last of Us was also just confirmed for an HBO TV-series adaptation, and the project is being led by Chernobyl Director Craig Mazin and co-created by Neil Druckmann. Neil Druckmann is also the Creative Director of The Last of Us games.

Uncharted Movie Poster Tom Holland

The lead actor of Uncharted movie Tom Holland posted a picture of himself on the movie set dressed up as Nathan Drake on Twitter yesterday. His caption reads, “It’s nice to meet you; I’m Nate.” The initial reaction to the picture is just as divisive as the announcement that Tom Holland was to play Nathan Drake.

Many Tom Holland fans are loving the look, while many Nathan Drake fans are disappointed, claiming that Holland looks nothing like the character from the game series. While the shot itself is pretty impressive, fans of the videogame are not happy with the casting.

Also, it was initially revealed by Sony that Tom Holland would play as young Nathan Drake as the movie will be a prequel to the games instead of an adaptation originally planned. But the dress worn by the actor in this shot looks like it is taken directly out of Uncharted 3 where Nathan Drake is in his 30s.

We don’t know the exact timeline of the movie plot but from this picture, it looks nothing like a young Drake would wear. Young Nathan Drake wears a simple long sleeves shirt and jeans; Tom Holland’s Nathan looks like he is dress ready for a dangerous treasure hunt.

Uncharted Movie Project History

The Uncharted movie now starring Tom Holland was announced in 2008, but it has faced so many creative difficulties ever since that fans now even call it a cursed film. It has replaced six directors.

The first one was David O. Russell, who started it, and Mark Walberg was going to play Nathan Drake, even then many fans did not like the casting choice. Now he is playing as Sully, maybe without the mustache, because his picture was revealed on set as well, and he had no classic Sully mustache on his face.

They also posted a picture of Nolan North, voice actor of Nathan Drake in the videogames; people were speculating how he can be a good Sully. But that is not happening because Nolan North is not in the official cast, and he was just there to visit the set for brand synergy.

Tom Holland also met with Neil Druckmann a few days ago and both complimented each other on Twitter post-meeting. We can see these meetings as a blessing from original creators. We also got a picture of a book with a picture of Magellan in it, along with a nice quote about exploration and dangers.

There is also a picture of the mysterious relic that looks like a key that you would get in an Uncharted game to unlock a tomb or a temple. Again, it is an early look, but it is much more concrete than anything we have got so far; it is nice to be excited about it.

Actor Tom Holland revealed that they were beginning the shoot this summer, back on the red carpet for Onwards. But Covid-19 happened soon after, and everything got kicked down the road, and it felt like maybe this movie would remain stuck in production hell forever. Now finally, they are actually doing it.

Uncharted Movie Trailer and Release

The Uncharted movie is slated for release in 2021, and I sincerely hope that we can actually see it. The movie has just started production so there is no Uncharted movie release date. They went through a series of directors very quickly; it was Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy, Dan Trachtenberg, and Travis Knight. Trachtenberg had good knowledge of video games as he displayed by his Portal adaptation, but he left because of creative differences.

Travis Knight, the director of Bumblebee and Kubo. The Two Strings, also had great potential as he is very good at working with massive set-pieces on a small scale. It is currently being directed by Ruben Fleischer. who has directed Venom and Zombieland, so there is still some hope there.

It is fair to be a little bit skeptical because we have never seen great movie adaptations of videogames anyway. We are finally seeing good videogame movies like Sonic and Detective. Pikachu that feel like a step in the right direction.

Uncharted game series has a very cinematic legacy to it. So it should not feel like that big a leap to make this transition. But only time will tell what awaits for the Uncharted Movie Tom Holland in the future. An Uncharted movie trailer will definitely give us a better idea when it comes out.

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