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Upper Midwest Dreadfully Runs Out of Hospital Beds as Coronavirus Cases Escalate




From the list of Midwest States of the US, the Upper Midwest state is dreadfully in lack of hospital beds as coronavirus cases are escalating. If we look upon the coronavirus cases by country, then the USA has up to 70 percent increased coronavirus cases in the past two weeks. According to Washington Post data collected, specifically, the areas in Upper Midwest along with North and South Dakota are ahead in coronavirus cases and deaths per capita rate over the past 7 days.

Specialists say that as it gets colder, there is a huge increase in the ratio of people falling prey as well. It is verily consequences of Republic leading who didn’t ask remote areas to have masks mandatory and urge business closures. These regions can now only wait to watch what steps will be undertaken by the United States in upcoming colder weeks approaching ahead.

Doug Burgum says this week, that state will allow their doctors to work even if they are tested positive for the coronavirus test. However, the escalating cases of coronavirus pile the heaps of COVID cases in hospitals. The Upper Midwest States runs out of staff and beds for the patients piling daily.

This is an emotionally overwhelmed situation for everyone as they are miserable from their side. Griefly, this week the chief medical officer of a hospital in tiny Linton, Sarah Newton says that many hospitals in the states have failed to find an ‘intensive-care bed’ for the coronavirus patient that is making its last breaths yet require more facilities.

Newton also said these words;

“We have people we are not able to get to a higher level of care, and honestly, it’s a horrible feeling,” “We have failed to do the things that prevented us from being here.”

Another chief of pediatric of an infectious illness called upon the press on Wednesday and stated that it’s an “enormous surge” in Upper Midwest states. These areas are mountain states that lack advanced facilities.

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The overall view of coronavirus in the US is that approximately 202,000 cases are reported since the pandemic began and nearly 2,800 people lost their lives yet.

Those who have lost their loved ones say that “People are taking it seriously” and “Some just don’t care”.



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