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US Cricket Team Adds New Talent – Jan Nisar Khan



The US is a land of opportunities for anyone who dreams of leaving a mark on the world. You can see people from all walks of life doing amazing things in this country. This welcome environment to diversity has created a blend of cultures that offer value and prosperity to all. Such is the tale of this Pakistani – American cricketer who is set to embark on a journey to represent the US around the world. JanNisar Khan is a talented young cricketer who has joined the US national cricket team for upcoming America’s sub-qualifier. It will be held in North Carolina in September. Read more about how the US cricket team adds new talent – Jan Nisar Khan son of Javed Akhtar here on The New Engine.

About Jan Nisar Khan

Jan Nisar Khan belongs to a place called ‘Nothia’ in Peshawar, Pakistan. All-rounder Jan Nisar Akhtar initially represented Under 15 Pakistan National Team in 1995 and Under 18 Pakistan National Team in 1998. Disappointed by not being able to make it to the national team of Pakistan, Khan moved to the USA to try his luck.

Upon his superior performance, Khan was selected on the national team of the United States. Janissar said in an interview, “I am the first Pakistani to have played first-class cricket in the US and representing the national team as well. It is a great owner for me to be part of the US cricket team and I reached this level”.

The United States has focused on baseball for a long time. Cricket has never been a strong suit for this country. There have been minimal achievements for the national team in the competitive game of cricket. In the month of February this year, the US cricket team hit the lowest-ever one-day international score against Nepal. It suffices to say that the ICC America needs to make an overhaul to the overall strategy on the team’s performance.

Incorporating talent from diverse backgrounds shows that we might finally see some change in the team’s record poor performance. This addition is also crucial from the representation point of view. The American cricket board is welcome to people of talent, regardless of the background. It shows ambition from their side. No doubt they have so much to prove yet, as other teams are way ahead of them. It opens new avenues for success for American cricket.

Jan Nisar Khan’s family is filled with joy back in Pakistan. His brother said in an interview with a local news channel, “Struggle always bears fruit. Jan has worked hard; he never stopped when he was held back in Pakistan. He has played both in the UK and the USA. Being a part of the first-class cricket in Pakistan, he made a lot of achievements”.

US Cricket Team T20 Selection

The selection for T20 squad started from 30 candidates in Houston Selection Camp, and Khan made it all the way to the final 15. Khan has an impressive record from his cricket career. He has played 83 matches, scored above 3000 runs and has taken 73 wickets, all while being a part of Smartchoice Sports Club. It is also a part of the Houston Cricket League, this is aside from his early cricket years in Pakistan. The record he made in Smartchoice Sports Club is remarkable and shows his talent is well-deserved to place him on the team for the upcoming qualifier for T20 World Cup 2020.

Jan Nisar’s journey is a light of hope and inspiration for those who are struggling to achieve their dreams. Khan was a bright talent who showed potential from a very young age. Unfortunately, he faced rejection in his own home country. After going through such disappointment, he could have easily left his passion behind and settled for less. Many people do that; they do not feel courageous enough to continue on a journey that goes through such lows. But Jan Nisar Khan is not that people and he proved it with this success.

This teaches us to never give up on things we are most passionate about. If we keep pushing ourselves, we can eventually reach our destination. We can even bend the shape of destiny if we are determined enough to get where we want. So, let nothing beat your talent, just like Jan Nisar Khan.

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