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Vengeance Has A Lot Going On: Things to be Excited in the New Batman Movie



When news broke out of Robert Pattinson’s portrayal as the shadow vigilante in the new Batman movie, many fans were not very convinced of the choice with many criticizing before even the production of the movie started. This was likely due to many people still having an image of the glossy, emo vampire for Pattinson, despite the fact that he has done some great work after The Twilight Saga that goes on to prove he is no longer under the shadow of that project. The new teaser trailer for Batman 2021 just continuos to prove people wrong on that initial criticism. Vengeance has a lot going on as we will breakdown things to be excited about in the New Batman Movie, here on The News Engine.

BatMan Trailer GCPD Investing Crime

Someone is stirring panic in the Gotham City. The trailer starts with the GCPD investigating a crime scene. Someone just hit a Gotham elite and covered his face in duct tape with “no more lies” written over it.

Jeffery Wright is playing Jim Gordon who likely has not become the commissioner of the GCPD just yet. Alex Ferns is set to play commissioner Pete Savage, a character solely invented for the film as he does not exist in the comics.

With Pete Savage leading the GCPD, Gordon seems to be rising through the ranks while currently working as just a detective. It is fairly easy to guess that the destruction in the opening scene is none other than Edward Nashton AKA the Riddler who will be played by Paul Dano in the movie.

Gordon narrates a note left at the scene which says, “from your secret friend. Who? Haven’t a clue. Let’s play a game! Just me and you”. In the panel, Matt Reeves explained that this will be the first emergence of the Riddler, meaning that the GCPD has never encountered a villain like this before.

Comic fans would know that a Riddler hallmark is leaving behind coded clues and messages and we get to see a few in the card he left behind indicating that the Riddler accuses victim of lying. This message is followed by a series of symbols. Another message at the crime scene is shown on a wall of newspaper clippings. Apparently, the man he has wipeout was named ‘Don’ who was some sort of judge or D.A.

From the clippings, it seems like Don was getting some quite good press recently but according to Eddie, it is all lies. Another scene shows a clipping that tells us the late Don was involved in some the bust of Gotham crime lord Sal Maroni.

It is important to remember that this movie is not an origin story of the dark knight. It is set in the second year of Batman’s time in Gotham and he has already established a working relationship with the GCPD.

While Pete Savage is briefing the press on the destruction, Bruce can be seen in a rough appearance with his eyes covered in black and face covered with a cloth. He leaves on his bike and rides to the Wayne Manor. This is where we get a very brief look at what is potentially the new Bat Cave.

It is certainly less cave-like than the other versions we have seen in the past. It looks like it has some pieces of Wayne manor stairs reaching down to it. Another amazing actor to have joined the team is Andy Serkis, who doesn’t make a physical appearance in the trailer but his voice can be heard in the cave scene.

Immediately after this, we see late Don’s burial. The huge gathering and arrangement show he was some kind of major public figure. Zoe Kravitz’s Selena Kyle is shrouded in shadows in her first appearance. She is doing what she does best; stealing from a museum or mansion.

Her costume seems to be in the early phases of her origin indicating that her story arc would focus on the beginning of her journey as the Catwoman. Similarly, Oswald Cobblepot played by Collen Farell is yet to become the Kingpin of crime in the Gotham City and according to Reeves, Cobblepot hates being called the Penguin in his early days. We also get a split-second look at a brief brawl between batman and the officers in an interrogation room indicating that although masked vigilante is working with the police force, things are not always smooth between the two.

New Batman Joker

Finally, what might be the most jaw-dropping moment of the teaser is when Batman severely beats and injures a thug from a gang wearing clown makeup. So far, we only know that there will be no Joker in this movie. So, either showing a clown gang hints at the establishment of the influence of Joker in the city or Reeves might surprise us with Joker’s appearance in this film.

Coming back to the Riddler, his costume looks much better than Jim Carry’s version and also indicates that he might be more like the Zodiac Killer in this version. Lastly, since this is still Batman’s early days, according to reeves, people are still afraid of him.

This is because the early ambitious Batman is eager to seek vengeance from anyone who does wrong through terror and brutality. We can see exactly how brutal he is in the scene where he beats up the supposed Joker thug.

With all these fine details, we are very excited to watch what Matt Reeves is bringing to the table for the Batman story. It certainly looks dark and filled with high stakes. If all goes well, the movie hits theaters in 2021.

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