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Wearing Anti Eyebrow Piercing Will Let You Stand Out!




Anti eyebrow piercing and jewelry options is extremely popular technique getting common to see on the cheek of every next person. Typically done using a surface bar or barbell. That is placed above the cheekbone and below the orbit of eyes. Piercings take place in the form that two small balls are visible on the flat area and the bar with which they are connected goes under the skin. It is basically placing the surface bar at any flat surface of the skin such as that on the lip and earlobe. This art is also known as Teardrop piercings, butterfly kiss, or cow’s feet.


This attractive and trendy Wearing Anti Eyebrow Piercing addition to the beauty of your face makes you stand out. And be the special attention of a gathering. Here in this article, you will get to read information about the Anti-eyebrow piercing procedure. And more like its price, the pain it causes, and its removal.

What is the process of Anti procedure piercing?

Teardrop piercing is usually done by two methods “Punch and taper” and “Clamp and needle”. When going for professionals getting the piercing, they can best guide you about the procedure and if aftercare also. The method Punch and taper is just a mere dermal punch that just removes a piece of tissue. Thus, punch leaves behind minimum scars when piercing is removed. Whereas, the Clamp and needle merely remove the parts of the skin.

However, it’s very important to get the procedure carried out by a professional. As any small mistake or negligence can lead to damage to tissue or nerve. Moreover, they know the best way to carry out the procedure with minimum pain and rejection as well.

What does Anti eyebrow dermal piercing mean?

In the dermal sessions, a single anchor is placed beneath the skin. Thus, rather than using two beads fasten on a bar. You would use a single bead only. It is basically a category of the surface of the piercing. Besides, it is also known as “single point” surface piercing.

What are the jewelry types of anti eyebrow piercings?

There is a wide range of variety in designs and material of anti-eyebrow piercings. This selection depends upon a person’s personal choice as well the piercer would advise you the best option according to your skin type. However, you are free to opt for the color of the barbell, the design, and the type of the ball because you are going to carry it on your face!

Ø  Barbell Style:


It is a straight bar with two small beads at both the ends of the bar. It is placed on the skin in such a way that bar stays under the skin and beads are visible. When it is required to remove it, the bead is just unscrewed from one side.

There are variations in the sizes and shapes of the beads. Also, you can different colors too.

Ø  Curved Barbell Style:


It is very much similar to the barbell, the only difference is that you get the bar in a curved shape.

Ø  Surface bar style:


It is the choice of most of the people, it very much likely to staples. A straight bar with a right-angled bend on either side. And then same as a barbell, it also has beads screwed at the ends.

Ø  Captive Bead ring style:


As from the name you can get that ring style means circular shape. This type of jewels is very much popular for lips, ear, eyebrow, and nose. However, there are various options for the anti-eyebrow piercing also. Besides barbells are preferred more than rings. It is because there is more movement in the ring that slows down the healing process. And increases the exposure to germs also.

Ø  Dermal Anti Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Style:


The dermal anti eyebrow piercing jewelry style is not of getting two beads on the ends of the bar. This jewel actually consists of a top bead and an anchor that goes under the skin. The different colors, shapes, sizes open the door of the wide selection and find something suitable for your style.

How much does the anti eyebrow Surface piercing pain?

The pain factor of anti-eyebrow surface piercing verily depends on the different aspects. The first factor that determines is the tolerance level of pain. different parts of the body have their own sensitivity level. So, without experiencing it you cannot explain how pain full is it. No, doubt it is a painful procedure. As teardrop piercing is carried on the most sensitive part of the skin. So, thus it is considered the most painful piercing.

Another aspect that affects the pain factor of anti-eyebrow piercing is the professionalism and experience of the piercer. When you go for expert experienced professionals the piercing is done quickly and efficiently. Thus, it reduced the pain experiencing.

How much does the anti eyebrow piercing price?

Different studios offering piercing services have their own price list. If you cannot tolerate more pain, then approach professionals who are expensive but there is minimal pain. Whereas, if you can tolerate pain then you can get it done from local studios also. However, the average range of anti eyebrow piercing price cost from $40 to $60.

How do we take care of after getting the piercing done?

You will definitely receive recommended instructions from your piercer. It is very important to follow them as any negligence can cause more damage. It is preferred to wash the piercing twice a day with a saline solution. You can make your own saline water at your home by dissolving a small amount of sea salt dissolved in warm water.

The benefit of warm water promotes blood flow and sea salt mildly cleans the germs. Be careful, using salt, it should be sea salt only because table salt can cause irritation. Some piercers give suggestions to use diluted tree oil or emu oil. Also, ensure that your towels and bedsheets should be hygiene and clean as well.

How can you remove anti eyebrow piercing?

You can only get your piercing to remove once it is completely healed. You have to consult your piercer before removing it. But if once it is healed you can easily remove the jewel from it and do whatever to that area. Be sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep that area neat and clean and the material in contact with the area is also sanitized. However, you should not remove it for a longer period of time as well. If you are wearing a barbell, then it is very easy to remove by just unscrewing its bead and take it out.

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It is no bad to follow trendy fashion styles. The only thing one should consider their body and skin type while going to have an anti-eyebrow piercing. Moreover, anti-eyebrow piercing is not a permanent process. Whereas, you can different kinds of variations to the piercings. If you are planning to have teardrop piercing, then be aware of was to take care of it you need to take.

What are the Pros and Cons of Anti-eyebrow Piercing?

Piercing is one of the most famous and trend being followed by youngsters in the USA. If you are planning to get an anti-eyebrow dermal piercing, then definitely take a minute or two to acknowledge all about it. You’ll be quite impressed with different types of anti-eyebrow Jewlery seen people around you wearing it. Some of the most common types of anti-eyebrow jewelry are curved barbells, straight barbells, captive bead rings, and twister rings. Rather than these types of anti-eyebrow jewels, you might have seen people wearing just one single ball outside the skin.

Single Point Piercing

This kind of single-point piercing is also known as anti-eyebrow micro dermal piercing. The general anti-eyebrow piercing cost in the USA is in between the range of $30-$80. This anti-eyebrow piercing price very much depends on the type of jewel and material the jewel is made of. However, every artificial technology has a downside. View anti-eyebrow piercing from all angles and then decide whether your personality would go with anti-eyebrow piercing or not.

Pros and Cons of Anti-Eyebrow Piercing:


  • From the list of whole-body piercing, anti-eyebrow piercing is the least painful one.
  • Youngsters of 18+ age, both men and women can have an anti-eyebrow piercing.
  • Gives you a stylish and trendy look. Anti-eyebrow piecing draws everyone’s focus to your face at first glance.


  • Anti-eyebrow jewellery gets trapped that increases the risk of several issues.
  • Require an intense level of aftercare as it can cause severe irritation to the skin.
  • You get permanent face scars even after getting an anti-eyebrow piercing removed.
  • Infected eyebrow piercing is basically due to jewellery migration and rejection.
  • Officially at the Employability level, any kind of facial piercing is highly discouraged.

So, the decision is totally yours. If you don’t have any problem facing the cons of anti-eyebrow piercing then you can definitely get for it. Most people related to the artistic field get any kind of piercing. However, if you have set high goals for a successful professional career, then think even more than twice before booking an appointment at a piercing clinic.


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