If You Think Cheetah Is The Fastest Animal Then you Are Wrong

Peregrine Falcon

When it hunts dive, the stoop that soars the wonderful height and then dives steeply Peregrine Falcon fastest speed recorded is 322 km per hour.

Golden Eagle

With a huge range of dive stops of 240-320 km per hour, Golden Eagle speed makes it the second fastest animals in the world.

Spine Tailed Swift

A White-Throated Needletail size can be estimated by its weight that ranges between 110 and 120 grams. White-throated needletail speed of powered flight is recorded to 171 km per hour.

Eurasian Hobby

Eurasian Hobby Falco Subbuteo’s speed in flight is about 160 km per hour. Eurasian Hobby is very much similar to the group of Falcons that falls in the subgenus.

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