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What does it mean to have a Good Workout?




A good workout, what does it mean to you? Is it hitting the highest bench? Lifting weights while listening to good workout songs can make an excellent workout for you. Or maybe following one of those good workout apps is helping you. Don’t worry; I am not here to tell you that you are wrong; in fact, I am here to contradict those who believe otherwise.

People have a firm belief in the idea that a perfect workout is the one by the end of which you must feel worn out. Going to the gym every day, putting maximum effort into getting the best results is the general conception. Although it is true that you should put maximum effort each day you hit the gym, there is mighty wrong in how most gym-goers perceive it.

An average person would go to the gym and try to lift the highest weight they can than the previous day. When they fail to lift more, they feel discouraged and weak. As an effect, they would increase the number of exercises to push themselves to point their muscles worn out. Now they have achieved an intense workout, woohoo! Success! Right? Nope. Following a routine like this will make you tired more often, and your consistency will suffer.  A good workout can be anything except the time to suffer if you look after these few points.

More than Last Month Approach:

A big mistake that I used to make for a long time was comparing my lifts today to yesterday. Please don’t fall into this trap because it will bring you disappointment very often. Compare your current progress to what you were doing weeks, months, and even years ago. Why must you go behind that much? Why not the previous day, you must ask? Well, your daily strength varies depending on your sleep, food, and mood.

The daily variation in the factors mentioned above is much greater than over a long period of time. You may feel great one day and lift 70 pounds, comes the next day when you are barely lifting 65. It doesn’t mean you have gotten weak; it is just because your energy levels are not the same as they were a day before. It is still a good workout.

Compare your progress to last month instead. Are you lifting more this month? If you were lifting 55 pounds last month, you have made great progress, and it is a good workout routine that you are following. The same goes for the cardio sessions; if you no longer need breaks as you did a month ago, you made progress.


I can’t stress this enough! Perhaps the key quality I needed the most in my life is consistency. Still not perfect myself, but I have realized that I struggle with most things and not just a good workout because I lack consistency. Our muscles get sore after a workout because they are not used to the movement. If you get sore, you will feel like your workouts are hell to go through. A good workout should not leave you with a sense of dread.

The only way to make it easy is to do it more often. Think about it; we don’t think twice before brushing our teeth in the morning, then why do we feel the need to drag ourselves to the gym in a routine? Thus, make workouts a part of your daily life with fitness coach goals that are long-term. Aim for transformations that are five years away instead of months away. Because whether you believe it or not, progress only truly comes over a significant period.

A Better Form

Having a good workout doesn’t only mean putting in maximum effort; it also means working out with the right form. Weight-lifting is just as much about technique as it is about strength. The way you are holding your arms while doing the biceps curl matters, even more than how many plates you are lifting. Your form only improves when your muscles are more accustomed to balancing weights. It also comes from consistent workouts over long periods of time. Keep a watch on your form; don’t ignore if there is room for improvement. You will see great improvements even if you make little tweaks.

That Great Feeling

A good workout is the one that makes you feel great at the end of it. Trust me; you can feel even more powered up after a workout instead of fatigue. All you need to do is to understand when you are pushing yourself too hard, and when do you need to push more. Go for slow progress instead of immediate improvements. Make workouts a part of your routine, and you will save yourself from a lot of frustration.

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