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What is a Mobile Home (RV’s)




There are many circumstances for which a person cannot afford to build a solid suburban home. Nevertheless, everyone experiences the need to periodically receive recharge from the earth, breathe clean air, relax and gain inspiration. A new type of housing for Russia – a mobile house – will help not get involved in long and expensive construction.

Modern construction technologies create the possibility of obtaining affordable housing with a high comfort level, corresponding to a dynamic lifestyle. In developed countries, Airstream RVs are widespread. The Western way of life does not provide for settling. Many families prefer not to stay in one place for a long time. There are many reasons for this – from changing jobs to striving for constant improvement of living conditions. This kind of “nomadism” is more characteristic of Americans, but the Airstream RV market has made significant progress in recent decades in Europe.

The Airstream RV is not built directly on site but is wholly manufactured in-house. It is delivered to the site in a finished form. Everything can be inside such a house – from furniture to plumbing fixtures and modern means of life support. However, the place is called mobile not only because it is delivered to the site but also because, if necessary, it, along with all the contents, can be transported and installed in another place.

Airstream RVs are often referred to as modular, but they are not quite the same thing. Airstream RVs can be transported, for which some of them even have their wheels. Others are transported on platforms. The area of ​​Airstream RVs (one-block), as a rule, does not exceed 45 m². Their shape is continuously elongated due to the road’s width (3-4 m).

The basis of an Airstream RV is a solid metal frame or truss that provides sufficient rigidity to the entire structure. Due to this, the frame plating and other elements do not experience deformation loads with four-point hooking with a crane. The bulk of the walls is made up of heat-insulating material. This makes the Airstream RV light and warm. It is installed on columnar supports, allowing you to save on establishing a buried foundation. Another advantage of a mobile design is that when installing a house, you can avoid violating the integrity of the site’s landscape. After removing the house and its several columnar supports, the landscape remains intact. An Airstream RV is not a permanent building and therefore requires much fewer permits to install.

All the necessary communications are pre-assembled inside the Airstream RV. After installation, it remains only to connect it to external communications. This work is done in one day.

Not all Airstream RVs are modular. The option of a modular Airstream RV involves expanding the area by attaching additional modules, for which these modules must have a particular design. In other words, an Airstream RV can consist of one or more modules, but it becomes modular only in the latter case. The modular design is theoretically unlimited in terms of area, up to 120 m² or more. An Airstream RV, consisting of one module, can have a place of ​​no more than 40-45 m².

Unlike simple mobile cabins, Airstream RVs are made with more attractive and expensive interior and exterior finishes. Elements of facade architecture and laconic interior solutions can be observed in them. The residential appearance of the building is emphasized by large windows and a pitched roof with overhangs. An Airstream RV may not look different from a stationary one, especially if you create an imitation of a basement for it. However, such houses often have box architecture, traditional for temporary dwellings, but in appearance, they are still very different from containers and trailers.

The layout of Airstream RVs is thought out to the smallest detail. Since such a house is usually small and subject to transportation, its ergonomics should be as rational as possible. I do not think that the premises of Airstream RVs are necessarily low. Optionally, you can purchase an option with a ceiling height of 2.5 or 2.8 m.

Modular buildings can have different areas and several stories (up to 3 floors). They are made up of ready-made block-rooms (block-containers) with different layouts and equipment corresponding to their function. The walls of the modules are made of traditional sandwich panels or expanded polystyrene concrete. Particular attention to the design of the blocks is given to docking. There are several basic systems for making joints. Each of them provides fastening strength, tightness, and

thermal insulation continuity. The blocks of a modular building always have a rectangular shape, but with an individual order, wishes regarding the internal layout, decoration, and equipment can be considered. But separate orders are rarely resorted to since usually companies engaged in the production of residential modules offer a wide selection of rooms thought out in detail.

Advantages of an Airstream RV:

  •  lack of construction work on the site; 
  •  quick installation (from the moment of ordering to settling, it takes no more than 10-45 days, depending on the readiness of the house kit at the enterprise); 
  •  Not exactingness to the hydrological features of the site. Installation is possible even on the water in the presence of piles; 
  •  the value of the house is determined at the time of ordering and remains fixed; 
  •  there is no need to obtain a building permit and register a property; 
  •  the possibility of installation on a leased site; 
  •  modular houses can have a large area; 
  •  the ability to assemble any form of projection of building buildings (modular houses); 
  •  original appearance (“box” architecture). 

Disadvantages :

  •  no basement; 
  •  limited area of ​​one-block Airstream RVs (solved by using a modular design); 
  •  little service life (the durability of Airstream RVs is comparable to other frame buildings and is 30-50 years.). 

Features of Airstream RVs and the scope of their operation

Airstream RVs are capable of attracting a broad consumer audience. These are young families who still cannot afford a capital house or do not have their plot, and older adults who wish to live in their own home but do not have enough strength and funds to build it. Airstream RVs are often the first housing on a development site. They live in it, at the same time, making a large capital cottage, and after that, the temporary house will become a guest house or a country office, a workshop, a studio, etc. The described homes are practically uncontested when building on a plot with a valuable landscape.

Airstream RV architecture

The elongated shape and modularity of Airstream RVs largely dictate their architecture and layout. Airstream RVs often have a flat or pitched roof, which makes it easier to block volumes. Single-block houses can also have a gable roof because they do not require splicing with additional blocks.

The convenience of planning and the attractive appearance of an Airstream RV depends entirely on the architect’s talent. Well-chosen colors, finishing materials, combinations, facade decoration details, general style – all this practice does not affect the house’s value, ultimately determining its perception.

The individual blocks of a modular house can be placed parallel to each other, with a shift, in the form of an L-shaped or U-shaped structure. A fantastic terrace can be arranged between the modules, which will serve as a summer living room and a winter garden.

The furnishing of an Airstream RV is subordinated to the peculiarities of its architecture. You can use ordinary furniture in it, but it is better if it is made to order, considering the specifics. They strive to use the area of ​​ an Airstream RV as efficiently as possible. The internal volume of a one-block house can be 8-12 m long and 3-4 m wide.

Airstream RV construction– wireframe. Both metal and timber frames are used. However, there are differences between the structure of an ordinary house and a mobile one. In the latter case, the frame is made so that the house can be lifted, and at the same time, it remains completely intact. Thermal insulation material is located inside the outer walls of Airstream RVs. Most often, it is mineral wool. In this case, the insulation is waterproofed on the outside, and on the inside, a

vapor barrier is provided. In the interior partitions, soundproofing material is laid, as a rule, mineral wool, but not polyurethane foam or expanded polystyrene. The outer cladding is made of plywood, metal, wood, siding, composite panels, etc. Internal cladding is often represented by OSB (OSB), the same plywood or drywall.

Airstream RV windows are made based on aluminum, wooden, or metal-plastic frame. Additionally, they are not reinforced since the power frame of the house excludes any deformations in the enclosing structures.

The roof covering depends on the roof structure. If it is pitched, then a popular metal tile, corrugated board, or folded metal roof is used. 

The cost of an Airstream RV largely depends on the cost of equipment and used finishing materials. Thus, a new one-block Airstream RV in a turnkey condition and a standard level costs about $ 500-600 / m². The maximum price per sq. m. from domestic manufacturers is $ 850-900. However, several manufacturers are offering economical options. Many companies provide transportation and installation of mobile housing.

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