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What is better Geothermal or Aerothermal?




More and more people are considering the possibility of changing their heating system for other systems based on geothermal or aerothermal. This is mainly motivated by the increase that electricity rates have experienced in recent times, and even diesel, which pushes us to look for other alternatives that allow us to keep our home warm but without having to pay exorbitant bills.

Currently, there are various systems that allow us to keep our house comfortable, at the right temperature and without getting cold, which are based on renewable energy, or, what is the same, that have their origin in nature and that will get us to save on our bills considerably.

Among the various renewable energy systems that we can choose today are Geothermal and Aerothermal.

What are Geothermal and Aerothermal?

Geothermal is a technology that allows us to extract the energy that is stored inside the earth, that is, below the surface of the earth, where the temperature remains high and uniform during all months of the year. Provides heating, air conditioning, and hot water.

Aerothermal is a technology based on the use of accumulated energy in the air and by means of a heat pump, it can offer us the same heating as air conditioning and even hot water.

Which system is better to choose?

When deciding between geothermal or aerothermal we must take into account various factors to know with more certainty which is the most convenient for our personal circumstances.

Both systems are based on the same technology, the heat pump, which can provide us, at a much lower cost, as well as heating, air conditioning, and even hot water. Both geothermal and aerothermal are clean and renewable energies, and the reality is that both can be described as very efficient.

Aerothermal energy depends on the outside temperatures, if it is very cold or very hot it will not be as efficient as geothermal energy, which supports harsher climates much better since with geothermal the temperature is more constant throughout the year drawing energy from within the earth.

Among these factors, we can include the cost of maintaining the facilities, which we must take into account is very low in the case of geothermal energy. We must bear in mind that the buried part does not require any maintenance, which will only be required for the use of the heat pump.

Another factor to consider is the time it will take to amortize the facilities. Here it should be noted that such expenses are usually amortized much earlier in the case of aerothermal energy.

We must also know what the initial investment will be. Here it should be noted that aerothermal energy since it only needs a space in which to locate the outdoor unit, is usually more economical since geothermal energy requires earth movements, so it will depend largely on the characteristics of the terrain in which take place.

Possibly the most advisable thing is to put the issue in the hands of Geothermal Vertical, specialized in this type of facilities and with great experience, to be able to make a price study of the project in order to achieve the desired result with all the guarantees.

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