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What it’s like to Know about Shakira Personal Life?




Artist’s personal lives are no less famous then social media because people eagerly follow their favorite artists on social media. Similarly, a musician’s lifestyle is of major interest. Shakira personal life being a Latin artist has given breakthrough over her music career. She has been world-famous and earned millions of money working hard in the industry where it is hard for a local artist to earn their name.

About Shakira Personal Life

About Shakira’s personal life we have usually seen fewer controversies as regarding her love life she has been married to a famous soccer player of FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué. Shakira was born in the year 1977 in February. She met the soccer player while giving her career famous hit at FIFA World cup 2010. The song has also been sung in Spanish. The couple now has two beautiful grown children.

She was a famous Latin artist until and unless her music song whenever wherever hit the US in 2001. Fans have been curious about Shakira’s activities in 2020 as she released a new song ‘Me Gusta’ at the start of 2020. She has been hibernating since she hasn’t released any song in 2017s. But due to the initial 2020 song release fans are expecting a new album very soon.

It has been also revealed from a source that after her super hit performance of Super Bowl she will be going on a world tour next year 2021. Not much has been revealed from the sources. The date venue and cities have been kept confidential.

The phenomenal journey from beginning Till Shakira’s activities 2020

Shakira has won 3 Grammy’s in her music career and she has been on a world tour over in 3 years. She has also won 13 Latin Grammy awards making her name through her own country. The famous judge of the voice in season 4 and 6 in the year 2013 and 2014 where she was rumored to earn a whopping $12million salary.

She is the first Latin artist to lead a super bowl half time performance in Miami. Shakira performed with Jennifer Lopez and made history in the super bowl performance.”I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be, in a way, next to J.Lo, representing the Latino group in the United States,” Shakira said. They performed all their old hits and made the audience dance with it. Shakira performed on ‘She Wolf’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and many more to count.

Shakira has always been a surprising audience with her electrifying performance in tournaments. Before her super bowl performance, she performed in Madrid at the Davis Cup tennis tournament. This was the first time fans were seeing Shakira in the live performance in the year. She has always been devoted to her work that’s why in her just eight minutes of performance she spent a month rehearsing her performance.  It was probably a warm-up session for her Super Bowl performances.

In one of Shakira’s interview 2020, Bill Whitaker asks her: I’ve seen you running around.

Shakira: Oh yeah. I have a blast on stage. I feel that that’s my turf. It’s a comfortable place for me.

The net worth of Shakira in 2020

Hold your breath as your heart can skip a beat because the famous Latin singer Shakira’s net worth in 2020 is whooping $300 million! Yes, you heard it right. This amount sums up due to the hard work of the singer as she has given major hits and toured around the world. The lump-sum is added mainly by working as a judge in the voice for two seasons 4 and 6. She earned around $8.7 million from her album Oral Fixations Vol 1 & 2.

More surprisingly Shakira’s net worth is more than her husband Gerard Piqué and they have been married now for more than ten years.
Apart from all the money she has never forgotten to serve the needy people. She has found a charity the barefoot foundation where children can get a quality education. Which has led to building 4 schools and more than 4000 children are given education and food.

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