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What to expect from Apple 2020 event? iPhone 12 delayed till October?




  • Apple will be starting the event today, 15th September within 24hours, with no hopes of launching the iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 is expected to launch in October 2020. But will not be launching in Apple 2020 event.
  • The New Apple watch series is expected in the event along with innovations in iPad models
  • The event will be online at the Apple website due to pandemic and precautions.

Unexpected turn has been made by Apple, as it is not launching the new iPhone 12 series at the Apple 2020 event. The launch has been delayed until October? But will Apple process consecutive events?

The audience was expecting the launch of the iPhone12 in Apple event 2020 in September as it has been like previously in 2019 September when Apple released the new iPhone models in the Apple event in September 2019.

The audience eagerly waits for Apple news and are always striking for the latest news. USA news today has been engaging to give all the updated details. The event will be online and it will be 2 hours session and the recording will be available at Apple YouTube streaming and Apple app will also be streaming the event online.

If the event is broadcasting online will it still limit the audience in various countries? Usually, the event took place in countries like in the USA, but this time it’s big, if you are sitting in any country, the broadcasting will be live and you can see it anywhere in the world even being non-citizen of the USA.

This is a good sign though the situation was due to COVID-19, people will have easy access to online new Apple products live sessions which will stream from the headquarters of Apple Park, USA, California.

At what time the Apple 2020 event live session will start in your country? Apple event time is at 10:00 am PT, which is for the USA, while other countries Apple event live will be held at 10:00 pm, that means other countries like Pakistan and India could see the event at night timing

What will be the gigs of events? Apple watches and what’s new is the iPad?

This thing is crystal clear that there will be no Apple mobiles launching in the Apple 2020 event. But what will be the other center of attention? We know Apple is all about the iPhone, watches, iPad, it’s pretty clear what will be the center of attention.

The title of the event ‘time flies’ indicated the changes Apple will be announcing in their old products. The time flies somehow predict that time has flown rapidly and the product Apple launched years ago are now at a level where changes are being and innovation is introduced. Moreover, new products are also on way.

The whole session will take place within 2 hours showcasing the product details via online sites.

What’s new? Apple watch?

Apple 2020 event will be wholly packed with new watches. Series 6 Apple watch will be highlighting the event this time. What are we expecting new? The hardware innovation or the software?

Apple is all about software in 2020. According to research conclusions have made it clear that major changes are on the way with slightly less cost. Series 5 and series 3 were of $399 and @199 respectively, but this series would be replacing series with the lower end.

A new chip, with powerful performance that will highlight the key feature of health benefits. Blood oxygen level could be another main feature which was also found in the iOS14 upgraded system.

A more advanced heart rate detector will also be featured that would be more upgrading then the previous one. This means the Apple watch series 6 is a health beneficial watch keeping the pace of style and design. With innovation comes comfort and style. Finishes, colors, and outlook changes can occur.

Moreover, MacBook will have a new chip A14X in silicon mac. It will be for the first-time Apple would be designing silicon mac with such chip designs

iPad innovations

iPad Air 4 is expected to be somewhat similar to the iPad pro. The home button is no more on its place in new designs because due to rumors it will have an edge to edge display. No face ID, instead of touch ID is expected to pear on the sides. Once again, the pandemic has also been influenced here. The face id had caused much of a stir previously as one cannot go out without a mask. Do a face covered with a mask is hard to detect. So, the idea of touch is inspired to help the COVID-19 situation.

iPad OS14 will be increasing the abilities of the iPad. Making handwriting easy and use any font you want with the help pf scribble.

Redesigned widgets

What can be more fruitful then widgets just swirling making it easy for the technology world? iOS 14 will be making it more conveniently precis for the users. handle tasks easily by adding clips on the home screen.

Update to macOS

Apple event 2020 is not just about new series but an updated world with “time flies”. Empowering MAC with MacOS. the update provides more experience with personal and private browsing.  Maps and messages will also be upgraded with the latest user-friendly experience. Though this MacBook is expected to release in November.

Apple accessories

It has been much of attention that the iPhone 12 series would be without accessories. This statement will be justifying in Apple 2020 event because it will be introducing its new air pod studio. Which pretty much clears the air that iPhone 12 will no longer be sold out without air pods. Apple headphone is also a hot topic. As rumors were that Apple might launch the headphone as well. This will be packed with massive sound quality features that include customized sound equalizer and detection of head and neck.

This could be the chance to fill the event will all the essentials that will be accompanied by watches and iPad.

And besides what could be the best platform to introduce the new accessory.

AirTags had already been a hot topic in the release oh iPhone 11 but unfortunately, they weren’t launched that year. Probably this might be the year of AirTags, but no conclusion came so far whether it will be included in

Unfortunately, no iPhone this month!

There will be no iPhone 12 this month but November is the month of iPhone 12. You will experience the new iPhone soon n we would keep you updated.

This is planning by Apple company. Here is why! Launching the most awaiting iPhone would take a lot of responsibilities. Back then events took place where September has always been the lucky month but this time Apple has decided to proceed online due to which it has limited the launching of all the surprises in one day! Indeed, smart move by Apple.

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